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In classes in Galesburg the pupils have the use of Alpha Smart Boards, which they use on their desks. This means that all the pupils in a class can be working on their own machine. In our school there is usually a wait as there are not enough machines.

Over the past two years we have received a lot of old computers which offices were throwing out. Sir calls them names like Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, and Dino after people in the Flintstones. He says our classroom should be a museum, as they machines are so old. But they do us fine for our e-mail projects. We write our messages using the old machines, save our work to our floppy disks and then paste them into our e-mail messages on the good machine. This way we do not have too  long to wait to reply.

Here are some of our first  messages which we received on Wed, 29th., Oct 1997.

Hi Liam and class from Raymond Marquith Elementary School in East Galesburg, IL (USA)  My third graders are going to each write you a short note; so here we go:

Hello, my name is Brad Fones.  What is your name?  I am going to be a
vampire for Halloween. What are you going to be?  I like Halloween because I like to go trick or treating.  Do you like to go trick or treating?  I was a white power ranger last year.  I'm eight this year. Write back real soon. Brad

Hi, my name is Michael Knox. How are you doing?  I have a girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend?  I'm going to be a vampire for Halloween.  What are you  going to be for Halloween? Our theme country is Ireland. We hope to learn a lot about Ireland from you. What's the weather like over there. Is it always raining? Write back real soon. Michael.

My name is Eric Mackey.  I am from Raymond Marquith Elementary School.  I play football.  I play for the JETS.  Do you play sports?  I have a go-cart. Someday I want to race it. Do you have many computers ? What do you watch on TV. Do you have a tv in your bedroom? Eric

Hi, my name is Kevin Higgins. My Dad tells me it is an Irish name. Do you know if it is or not? This year I'm going to be a goblin.  What are you going to be for Halloween?  My birthday is on January 7.  Did you  have snow on Sunday?  It snowed  here on Sunday.  On Monday the snow melted.  Do you know anybody  in America?  I was going to be a Ninja for Halloween. Have you ever had pizza before?

Hi, my name is Chasity Sloan.  This year I'm going to be Minnie Mouse.  How do you celebrate Halloween?  My birthday is on September 1.  When is your birthday?  Do you have good work slips?  Is your teacher's name Mrs. Nicholas?  Do you say the alphabet like us?  What is Kilkenny mean?  My dad had a snake.  He draped it around his neck.  Have you ever play with a computer?

Hi, my name is Trisha Leonard. This year for Halloween I'm going to be a  leopard. When is your birthday? My birthday is April 25. I've been to Ireland. Have you ever been over this side? What street do you live on? What is your house like ? Do you have paint in Ireland? How do you come to school? Do you have a pet? Do you like Art?  How many girls and boys do you have in your class? I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. We have 5 girls and 13 boys.

We'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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