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Galesburg,Illinois,U.S.A --:              

mapgalesburg2.gif (25650 bytes)East Galesburg was originally named Randall and traces its origin to Nov. 15, 1890 when C. B. Randall sold several lots to a Mr. Sward and he came to East Galeburg with Mr. Purington from Indiana.  On November 12, l892 residents in the area held an election and voted in favour of incorporating the lots into one community. The population was 450 at the time.  It rapidly increased.  It was known as Randall until Dec. 6, 1893 when the residents voted to change the name to East Galesburg. 

The village has vast deposits of shale which is used in brick-making
. In 1892 there were two brickyards and 2 more under construction. There was a park, Highland Park where band concerts, picnics, boating, skating and an outdoor Chautauqua was held annually. In 1925 there was also a  coal mine.  Out of the Illinois prairie over 100 years ago East Galesburg emerged a small town made vibrant by the growth of railroads, brickyards, mining, and agriculture.  Then its sons and daughters joined the exodus from rural America.

At one time the brick yards churned out 3000,000 bricks a day.  East Galesburg at one time was the prominent brick producing industry in Illinois, producing several million bricks per year. The brick yards closed in 1970.  You can still see the stacks, kilns etc. in the area among grown up vegetation.  Purington Brick supplied bricks for the Panama Canal. Also bricks paved many streets in the area. They still have a few brick streets.  The brick yards today is owned by the owner of the Cinncinati Red Baseball team, and it isn't well taken care of.

When the brickyards were prospering there was a grist mill, grocery store, meat market, pool hall, barber shop, gas station, small hotels, tavern, and a doctors office.  Now there is only two taverns, a recreational vehicle sales business, bait shop, used car sales, and a post office.  They do have  a small commuity church, a volunteer fire department, and a city hall.  

The school is the focus of the community. There are approximately
800 in the community. The school was built in 1967 after the old Highland School was condemned.  This is a community unit school district, with us being part of the Knoxville School District.  Knoxville is about 5 miles Southeast of East Galesburg.  That is where most of the students from Raymond Marquith School go after they finish fifth grade. 

Knoxville dates back to 1830. It was the county seat in 1831,
Galesburg is now the county seat.  E. Galesburg joins Galesburg.  Knoxville has gas stations, restaurants, stores, library etc.  Galesburg is the home of Knox College and Carl Sandburg Junior College. Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg.  It is where the hospitals, large supermarkets, large restaurants and the shopping mall is located.

This information compiled by Mrs Sally Nelson

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