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Meet Sally Nelson --:
Sally Nelson is the Third Grade teacher in Raymond Marquith School and has been teaching for the past 29 years. She hopes to retire in the year 2000,after 30 years service. She has taught grade school, junior high language arts, Special
education, and at the Junior College and
also at Monmouth College.

She lives on a farm near Galva, with her
husband Harlan. Both like to travel and they plan to do a lot more
traveling  when she retires. Maybe a visit to Ireland is on the cards, as
her first husband Bob, who passed away ten years ago, was an Irish
American. His mother was a Rice from Waterford. We are still trying to find out if there is a connection with Edmund Rice, founder of the Irish Christian Brothers and patron of the school and her late husband's family.

Sally lives 29 miles from where she teaches in East Galesburg. She has a son Mark, who lives in Chicago and got married to Mindy on Sept. 6th.1998. Sally has many interests. 

She is very involved in the
Galva Historical Society and
does research for people
about the area. She is also
President of the Galva Arts
Council which sponsors many fine arts activities in Galva. She has been spending a lot of time lately doing genealogy of her family. She also enjoys playing the keyboard after the stresses and strains of a day in the classroom. She has been working with information technology for a number of years and enjoyed a joint internet project last year with Edmund Rice Primary School, through the World Wide Classroom. Since getting the Internet at home she has become more confident with technology .She was delighted to be involved in this "Information Age Project" and loves to receive messages from across the Atlantic. Without her enthusiasm and hard work the project would never have been finished. She was up long hours into the night trying different ways to send information across to Tramore. Thanks for everything Sally.

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