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Raymond Marquith Elementary School --: was built in 1964, after the East Galesburg School was condemned due to old age. It is situated in  Knox County, East Galesburg, Illinois, USA. The school is called after Raymond Marquith, a minister and school board member, who fought to have a new school built in the area, after the first school was demolished. The school is part of the Knoxville Community School District 202.

The school is  a  Kindergarten. through 5th grade school situated in a rural community. It is a small school of 140 students. There are 14 teachers and 9 fulltime  staff members, with a number of part-time specialist teachers, for specific areas like art and music. 

The school serves approximately 142 students in grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade. The school serves children in East Galesburg, a town of about 100, the north side of Knoxville, Country Elm Estates, and the country students. There are 6 regular classroom teachers. It has many characteristics which affect education in a positive way. The school is known for its "family-type atmosphere" and is highly thought of in its community. Like most schools all over the world , they are struggling to bring the pupils into the "Information Age" and enjoy the opportunities the internet provides their pupils to communicate with other children in all parts of the world. They particularly enjoyed working with pupils from Ireland. 


Principal --: Mr. John Shelly.     Kindergarden --: Pam Brown 

First Grade --: Vicki Nalley      Second Grade --: Anita Fillman 

Third Grade --: Mrs. Nelson    Fourth Grade--: Marge Olzsweski

Fifth Grade --: Minda Rodriquez Special Needs --: Jackie Miller 

School Facilities 
There are other part time members of staff who have expertise in such areas as art, music and physical education. There are 6 classrooms and three small conference size rooms for the special classes. There is an all purpose room which is used for music, P.E. and lunch. The  library is on the stage. There are 147 students at present on rolls in the school. The  school year consists of 185 days--this required by the State of Illinois.  They  select a country for the entire school to study on an annual basis and it was Ireland's turn in 1997, and they linked up with our school. In 1998 they studied Sweden.

Last year was Ireland. .They learn a little of the language, the culture and traditions of the link country and they decorate their Christmas tree like that country does, we bring outside speakers, and the students help the cooks prepare an ethnic meal each year. On St. Patrick's day in 1997 they served a traditional Irish dinner of bacon and cabbage in the school hall. They also had an Irish night where they experienced an Irish storyteller and Irish music and dance. They sent us an Irish quilt which was hand sewn by the students, parents and staff of the school and sent to Tramore as a souvenir of our years work. we were to link up again in 1998, when we communicated in the "Information Age Project". 
You can view this project by clicking here

They won the Governor of Illinois Environmental Award in 1996 for their major recycling program--they recycled 20 tons of paper, plastic, tin etc. They were the first elementary school in the State of Illinois to win.

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