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We have been very busy sending messages back and forth to our new friends in Galesburg, Illinois. In the beginning we only had one computer on which the internet was set up. This made replying to messages very slow as most classes involved in projects had numbers over thirty.

Here are some of our emails which we sent to Galesburg --:

Hi Jessica. My name is Kevin Daly. I am eight years old. I have brown eyes and brown hair. My bithday is on April the 10th 1989. My favourite food is chips. My favourite sport is hurling,It is an Irish game It is played with a stick and a ball. The stick is like a hockey stick.Theball is hit on the ground and can be hit from the hand. My favourite hobby is stamp collecting. My favourite programmeis 3rd rock from the sun. My favourite singer is Michael Jackson. My best freinds are Christopher Conroy and Kilien & Christopher Walsh. I have a bad temper. My teacher is Mr.O Neachtain, he bring you lots of places,he is the best teacher in the school.
We have to where a school uniform. It is navy and blue.
You will see it when we send you a photograph.

Hi my name Edward A. Battye. I am 9 years old. I have brown eyes and brown hair. My birthday is on 25th of August .My favourite food is burger and ice-cream. My favourite TV programme is Batman. My favourite team Manchester United. My favourite film is Matilda. I like tomatoes, carrots, potatoes. I like pineapples, apples or bananas or grapes or strawberries. I don't like mushrooms or spinach.
I like marmalade and jam and I love sweets!.

Hi, my name is Luke King. I am eight years of old. I am in third class. I like it in third class. I live in Tramore.I like living in Tramore.
I go to Edmund Rice Primary School. I got a new cousin yesterday at six o clock.  My favourite sport is football. I have grey eyes and blonde hair. I like playing football with my friends and my Daddy.
I go to football matches every weekend with my Mum and Dad. I have lots of friends and cousin. I have a gold fish he died yesterday.
I am getting a new gold fish Tomorrow. I have a dog. He is one year and five months old. He got lost last night. I have a gold fish.He is six years old. He died last year the same day as my nanny did. My bird laid six eggs.I have six cats and five kittens. My favourite animals are a dog ,a bird and a cat. My best friends are Wayne and Michael.
I support Manchester United Football team. There are eight gold fish living with me and Mum and Dad and GranDad and Nanny.Please write back and tell me all about yourself. We have made a scrap book of your class in America. We have the photographs in it already.
When you write to us about yourself,we will photocopy your e-mail and stick it into the book. We will then have a picture and story about each one in the class. So keep writing. Have a nice Christmas.
Write soon.See ye.Your Keypal --:Luke

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