31st May


High Heath in the morning and Bog in the afternoon.


Bright and sunny. Updated lichen definitions on May 23rd, 24th and 28th. One Small Copper.

I was hunting for Small Heath butterflies when this Small Copper stopped me in my tracks.

The grey underside is typical of Irish specimens.


I also saw this rather speckled moth, and it turns out that's what I've been following for a week or so, now. It's very well camouflaged on the dead Brambles. A Carpet Moth, I think.

I've been showing the adults and eggs of the Orange Tip butterfly. This is the larva. As a caterpillar it eats the seedpods which contain bitter-tasting mustard oils. They retain this as a defence right through their adult life as a butterfly. The specimen shown is about 3mm long.

There is a theory that the glandular hairs attract ants which protect the caterpillar, but it's not generally agreed.


I love the resilience and sheer persistence of some plants. This Brooklime was growing on a dry path instead of in water. The entire plant shown is about 15mm tall.


I think this is the Common Vetch. I haven't seen it before, but it looks right.


Growing on a verge to the north of town.

I paid a very quick trip to the bog on the way back from a customer. The Sundew is only just developing, but as you can see, it has started catching little insects already. Leaf on left specimen about 1 cm across.



Also in the bog, I found this tiny (1cm. cap) mushroom. Spores rust and almond-shaped, so maybe Galerina sphagnorum.

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