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Book Reviews





Book Reviews

The  Three Sillies
Publisher: Geddes and Grosset
Booktype - novel
Review; I thought it was funny because the whole village was silly except the traveller. Because there was a woman trying to get a cow up the ladder.And the man who hung his pants on the dresser and tried to jump into them.And the village who thought the moon had fallen into the lake. Rating 8/10
By Rachael Keane 5th class.        

Strongbow by Morgan Llywelyn
Publisher ; O' Brien Press
         Strongbow is a warrior who went off fighting in different countries.  Dermot Mac Murrough had no friends in Ireland who would help him to get back his kingdom.The King of England at that time was King Henry II.  Dermot Mac Murrough had a lovely daughter called Aoife.  After Dermot spending a lot of time travelling through France Dermot finally met Henry. Henry was too busy to help Dermot. But he gave him a letter in which he gave permission to Norman Lords to go to Ireland and help Dermot Mac Murrough to win back his Kingdom.
Rating 10/10
By Deborah Margaret Kelly. 5th Class

The Saddle Club, Horse Show by Bonnie Bryant
Publisher: The Saddle Club
Booktype: Novel
Stevie Carole and Lisa are thrilled when they get a chance to enter the American Horseshow. However everything doesn't  go as smoothly as planned, read on and find out what happens next in this thrilling and exciting novel.
Leanne Casey,10.

Beth's Brilliant Birthday by Portia Dalby
Publisher: Star Girl
Booktype: Novel
Beth ,Tilly and Susie would do anything to meet the Candy Girls. So when they hear about a competition and the first prize is a chanceto meet the coolest popstars in the whole world, they decide not just to enter but to win. But will they learn a cool dance in time? Will Tilly make it to competition in time? And where has Susies outfit gone?
Shannon Weldon,Age 10

Up to Patch by Jane Kelly
Publisher; Michael Morse
Booktype: novel
Beth Patch was a dog. His job was to look after the kids like if they were going to mess. Their names are Shane and Sharon they are twins. Dad was watching baby Kerry she is 2 years old. Sharon and Shane are 8 years old. Mum went out for while. Dad gave Kerry her breakfast. Dad said to Patch it's up to you and Shane said where are you going. Dad said I won't be long. They went up stairs and they messed Mum's room and messed Kerry's room and Patch did not know what to do. I enjoyed this book.
By Sinead Power 5th class.

The Twits by Roald Dahl 
Publisher : Puffin Books
Type of Book : Funny
There are two people who are very foolish called Mr. and Mrs. Twit. They  are both extremely nasty. So the Muggle - Wump monkeys and Roly - Poly bird hatch a clever plan to give them just the ghastly  surprise they deserve.
By Jennifer Murphy Aged 10  5th Class.

Strongbow by Morgan Llywelyn
Publisher; O'Brien
Book Type ; All about Strongbow's wedding and the coming of the Normans.
Reviews; It tells you about how Strongbow died and Aoife. Her father thought she was the the best of them all .She got a pony .And her father was the king of Leinster as well.
Chloe Power, 5th class

Dawsons Creek :Long hot Summer by K.S. Rodriguez
Publisher: Kevin Williamson
Book Type: Fiction
Review :Dawson meets a girl called Sheila and falls in love with her.
Joey his friend gets very very jealous because she is Dawson's best friend. Jen then thinks that she would like to join a lifeguard club       for her summer holidays. One day at the club Jen meets Pacey their other friend. Jen goes over to him and says hello and what are you doing here? I'm here for the club ,No your not you liller you are only here for the hot chicks. And in the end Pacey ends up saving a life and is very very proud. 10/10          
Stephanie Power, 5th class.

Snake alarm by Tessa Krailing
Book type: Adventurous
Review: Ginger Tutt had a snake called Gertie and he was going on holidays so he wanted the petsitters to mind Gertie. So he gave it to Matthew one of the petsitters to mind him. But Matthew didn't have time so he gave it to Jovan. He was working on 

Sheltie Finds a Friend  

Sheltie finds a friend is a brilliant story,when a donkey called Mudlark goes missing and Emma is supposed to be looking after him. Sheltie and Emma find clues that match a mysterious man that is new in the neighbourhood.Sheltie goes exploring and finds out that the man has got Mudlark and has covered Mudlark in white flour. Sheltie tries to tell Emma but then she doesn't know what has got in to Shelte. Then one day Emma was riding Sheltie and Sheltie bolted off and took Emma to Mudlark when the man had gone to the market. Emma went home as fast as she could and phoned the police. The police arrested the man and they got Mudlark. So Sheltie saved the day,again!

by:Kirsty Blundell 10

Horrid Henry and the secret club.
Author:Franisca Simson
Publisher: Dolphins
Book type: funny
Review: This book is a brillant. Horrid Henry tries to stop Moody Margaret and Sour Susan from getting into his camp. Moody Margaret and Sour Susan try to stop Horrid Henry from getting into their camp.
By Katie Mulhearne.


Head-less Halloween

Name of book : Head -less Halloween
Date: 26;9:2000
Auther: R.L Stine
Publisher: Scholastic
Book Type : Brilliant

Review :
            It was Brilliant

Because it was Hallowe'en Branden and Cal were going out
for Hallowe'en. One night Branden was baby sitting. Branden really frightened the children. Branden brought over a scary mask. Branden ran up stairs for it he got it and put it on ran back down stairs and frightened the two children. They started to cry. Then their parents came home branden ran home and went up stairs.
The children's mother rang Branden's mother and told her what happened. Branden was grounded his punishment was to bring his sister out for Hallowe'en, but he couldn't because he already had plans with Cal. So it was Hallowe'en night Cal came  over so he went out with his sister and her friends he went to the second house with them and left them and went off with Cal.
By Lisa Power.
5th class .