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On Friday October 20th, 2000, we went to Waterford for a very interesting outing.

First we went to The Garter Lane Arts Centre to see a play called Earwigs. It was about a family and their son Eddy who is questioned at the Police Station !
Eddy is doing a project on Earwigs and his friend Lisa Duggan has lent him a book on Earwigs.
Tony their other son comes home late one night,Bernie Tony's Mother
tries to talk to Joe Tony's Father about it,but he says Tony's alright.
After a while their neighbour Mrs. Farrell starts to stick her nose in to their family problems !

Next we went to Waterford Treasures.
Here we learned about Strongbow & Aoife and how they married and that they married in Reginald's Tower in Waterford !
We saw swords, chalices, old weaponry and even a list of Laws.
One of the Laws were no Irish dancing !
We also went into a room where there were rows of seats when you sit on the seats the doors close and the lights go off you will have to go to see what happens yourself !

After that we went to SuperMacs we had a choice of foods & a drink.
SuperMacs food is delicious.We all enjoyed it.

Last of all we went to Reginald's Tower.
This is where Aoife and Strongbow were married. We saw a model of Waterford back then.The tower was beautiful but very high and up top it was really cold. We saw pottery, old minted coins, and the old bathroom! It was a hole in the wall with a piece of fence over it.Their were other holes in the wall like makeshift cupboards.

Then we left Reginald's Tower and sat outside the City Hall and waited for the bus. When the bus arrived we started our trip home.
The Trip was Excellent !   

On Monday the 15th January, 2001, we went to the Regal Theatre in Clonmel to hear the RTE Concert Orchestra play for the Music in the Classroom concert. We had to prepare for the songs and we had to learn actions to some of the songs. It was great fun ! There were 6 girls from a ballet school they were very good. They did acts to go with the songs.

On Wednesday the 17th January, 2001, we went to the Holy Cross School, Tramore, for a Spraoicheist Quiz in Irish organised by Gael-Linn. Deirdre Morrissey,Mandy Veale, Paula Dee and Debbie Kelly who are in our school won some posters,they came 5th in the quiz. 

Deirdre Morrissey.