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Spring has sprung! 
5th and 6th classes have been celebrating the arrival of Spring!

ummer's nearly here,
Pretty flowers appearing,
Robins are around more,
I see lambs playing,
Nice long days,
Going on walks
Katie Mulhearne

Spring is here again this year
Spring is here with no snow only snowdrops
Spring is nice with new baby animals
Spring is here again this year.
Stephanie Power

nowdrops flourish during Springtime,
People evacuate rubbish from their homes
Rain has disappeared Spring has appeared,
I love looking at little baby lambs prancing, dancing, and frolicking,
Nice bright and yellow daffodils appear,
Going on the best holiday ever!
Leanne Casey

Spring is, nice picnic times,
                Days out,
                Chicks hatching,
                Lambs being born, 
                Lovely sunny days,
                Primroses and snowdrops paying a visit,
                and green fresh grass swaying in the breeze.
 Kirsty Blundell.

pring cleaning will start
laying lambs around the field
olling with the chicks in the flowers
love the Spring
earer Easter comes
etting ready for Confirmation
Orlaith Mc Grath

Spring is a nice sunny day
Where pretty primroses grow   
Sometimes it rains somtimes it doesn't
Some  mothers spring clean and some mothers don't
So that's why I like Spring.
Katy Power.

Spring is gentle with a cool breeze,
A warm glow of sun rays,
And lambs jumping and hopping,
Ice-creams are licked,
Or birds and their poor little chicks.
Sharon Casey

Spring comes and goes
the air is dry,
the sky is clear,
fresh new lambs bounce around everywhere,
frolicking around the place,
licking the fresh dew as they play,
the machinery clanging
in the early morning.
Rachael Keane.

pring brings lovely flowers.
Petals on flowers, leaves on trees.
Rivers run to the birds' song.
In the trees the spring breeze.
Now that spring is almost gone.
Growing plants and trees are almost done.
Roisin Foley.

Sun is out shining so bright,
Pretty flowers growing around like
Roses, daffodils and snowdrops too,
Insects and butterflies are going about,
Nests in the trees the birds are busy
Galloping jumping all about, the foals are out at play.
Shannon Weldon.

is for a lovely sunny day;
P is for a pretty primrose;
R is for a horribly rainy day;
I is for ice so we could skate on;
N is for nice coloured butterflies
G is for buds  starting to grow.
Lisa Power.

nowdrops growing to give us cheery smiles,
Primroses dancing about and purple crocuses,
Raindrops falling from time to time.
Inside doors if it rains,
Now the sunshine is coming through.
Gardens glowing with lovely flowers.
Eleanor Lawlor.

un shining high in the sky.
Pansies blowing in the gentle breeze.
Reading lazily in the sun.
Irises poking their heads through the soil.
New lambs being born.
Grass that needs cutting.
Deirdre Morrissey.

Did you notice in Spring,
You can always hear the birds sing?
And see all the flowers that are appearing?
Soon you will say,
"Here comes St. Patricks Day"
Here comes the warm weather,
And the wind is as gentle as a feather.
Rebecca Power.

I look out my window what do I see?
Lambs running, flowers, foals, and bumble bees,
The flowers are lovely
The purple and red crocuses
The foals are galloping with their mother
And bumble bees coming near.
Chloe Power

Spring is fun and usually is full of sun,
The lambs are prancing and everyone's dancing,
And the leaves have gone away.

The snowdrops are here,
The snow is gone,
So there's no time for bed you lazy-head.
The robins are flying high in the sky,
And the butterflies are passing by,
The smell of flowers are sweet and everything is neat.                   
Deirdre Flynn.

I love when spring time comes around,
I love to listen to the different sounds of
birds while nesting in the trees, the bleating
of lambs, the buzzing of the bees
longer days for us to play, the Easter bunny
is on his way with chocolate eggs for us to eat
Spring time is such a treat.
Mandy Veale.

Spring is in the air
Spring brings butterflies
Spring brings everything beautiful
Spring brings buds that soon will turn to beautiful leaves.
Spring brings good times
   Spring is here !
Jennifer Murphy

My Spring Poem
unny days everyday
People going for a walk.
Red robin singing in the tree.
I see all the flowers growing.
Never stay inside.
Getting something to bless for St. Bridget's day.
Paula Dee
Springtime is here
Springtime is here which is nice to see
The bird is whistling in the tree
Primrose and daffodil come from the ground
Crocus and snowdrops all around.
Aisling Coffey

pring is hear let's all cheer
Pretty snowdrops and flowers everywhere
Really, I think spring is lovely!
I love the sunrise in the mornings and when they set.
New growth coming from everywhere.
Gardening to get out all the weeds.
Emma Power.

Spring , spring , spring 
Spring is so sunny with
sheep and lambs playing
and jumping around on
the hill tops with
beautiful flowers  
growing around in the warm
sun shine. Daffodils are always
out first and then the snowdrops.
Flowers are so pretty all year 
through but except for winter
because of the cold.
Deborah Margaret Kelly