Mountmellick Community School

In our school, we have a large variety of sports and are timetabled for P.E. class.  All students can partake in these sports if they wish and each week a training session is held either in the sports complex, which is situated on the school grounds, or on the hard court area which consists of three tennis courts, two basketball courts and a soccer court.  The school also has a large green area which is located at the back of the school.

Some of the sports which our school has to offer are: Football (this is for both boys and girls), Hurling, Camogie, Volleyball and soccer.  These are the sports that the school partakes in competitively, however, the school also offers a wide range of other indoor sports such as : Netball, Badminton, Tennis, Hockey, Indoor hurling and basketball.

Over the years our school has done extremely well with regarding to sporting activities.  Last year, our school won both the Senior and Junior Leinster finals in ladies football and the senior boys brought home a cup for winning the senior A volleyball All-Ireland. These are just examples of  sports associated prizes won by our school.  This year, we have won Junior Boys All-Ireland Volleyball and Leinster Senior C Camogie titles.

Written by third year students

Mountmellick Community School offers a wide range of sports to our students.  These include:

Hurling Camogie
Indoor Hurling Indoor Camogie
Gaelic Football Gaelic Football
Volleyball Volleyball

In 1999, we held the titles of:

In 2000, we held the titles of In 2001, we are currently the holders of