Chronology of Portlaw

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Chronology of Portlaw

1.AD Birth of Christ

563. Otteran went with St Columba to Iona

570. St Ita

637. Death of St Carthage.

        Roger first Baron

1169. Sir Robert le Poer joint Governor of Ireland
"Robertís son became baronet of Dunhill and Lord Kilmeaden
"It was from the younger son of Sir Robert that the Curraghmore line decended."

1185. St Johnís Bridge built.

1197. John eldest son of Roger.

1212. Erection of Rocketís Castle

1324. Sir Arnold defence of Dame Alice Kyteler who was prosecuted by Bishop de Ledrede of Kilkenny for being a witch

1327. Robert who was treasurer of Ireland

1345. Eustace hanged as a traitor and his estate confiscated

1483. Death of Richard Poer Lord of Curraghmore and Sheriff of the county

1535 Sept 13th. Sir Richard created Barron de le Power and Coroghmore by Henry VIII.
Member of the Irish House of Lords

1538. Richard was slain while on service for the crown by the "Traytor" Connogher Oí Callaghan

1545. Death of Piers Power 2nd Lord.

?       John 3rd Lord

1607. Death of Sir Richard 4th Lord

?       The Hon. John Power (oge) was killed by Edmund Firtzibbon, the White Knight.

1649 Aug 15. Cromwell`s campaign

1650 May 26 End of Cromwellís Campaign in Ireland.

1654- 56 Civil Survey

1661  Succession of Richard 6th Lord

1673  Richard , 6th Lord became Earl of Tyrone 

1679 Oct   Richard 6th Lord created Viscount of Decies and Earl of Tyrone. Being in the service of James the 2nd , he died a Oct 14th 1690.

1662 Subsidy roles

1690 Oct 14th Richard 6th Lord died a prisoner in the Tower of London

1690  Beheading of Tyrone in Tower of London.

1693  Death of John 7th Lord

1700  Current Curraghmore House built by James 8th Lord

1704  Death of James Poer 8th Lord and 3rd Earl of Tyrone

1717 Marriage of Lady Catherine Power + Sir Marcus Beresford

1735  Birth of George 1st Marquis

1741  Clonegam church built

1746   Sir Marcus created Earl of Tyrone

1750ís John Roberts, constructed the forecourt

1750   Construction of the shell house

1763   Death of Sir Marcus

1783   Death at the age of 13 of Marcus the eldest son of George the 1st Marquis

1785   Erection of the Tower to commemorate Marcus's death

1798 Aug. 19th George created Marquis in Aug

1800 Dec 2nd Death of George de la Poer Beresford 1st Marquis

1811 April 26th Birth of Henry 3rd Marquis

1814 April 27th Birth of John 4th Marquis

1825 April 12th Malcomson takes over flour mill in Portlaw that had previously been an Iron Foundry

1826 July 16th death of Henry de la Poer Beresford 2nd. Marquis 

1826   Election of Villiar Stuart

1835 Jan 5th Dr James Martin appointed resident surgeon to Factory

1844 May 21st Birth of John Henry de la Poer Beresford 5th Marquis

1845      Presbyterian church built

1840's   There was an agricultural society in Portlaw

1845 Nov.  Waterford board of guardians were informed that Portlaw area was not badly affected by the famine

1846 Oct.   Quaker relief - Joseph Malcomson
                  Immigration from Kilmacthomas to Portlaw
                  Rise in population of Portlaw town despite decline in the rest of the parish

1848   Malcomson's sold cotton to the workhouses

1848    Attack on Portlaw police barracks

1851 Feb. 7th   Guilcagh church consecrated

1852 Sept. 6th    Holy Trinity church consecrated

1855 July    Mayfield female and Mayfield male schools started

1858 March 28th   Foundation stone layed of St. Patrick's church

1859   Henry 3rd Marquis killed

1861   American civil war

1866 Nov. 6th.  Death of John 4th. Marquis

1867   Battalion of Fenians was marching and drilling at Henebry's, Mount Bolton

1874    Last election when the Marquis of Waterford provided a candidate for the county was the parliamentary election of 1874.  This was Lord Charles Beresford.  

1875 April 28th   Henry de la Poer  6th Marquis
                           Birth of Lady Clodagh

1882   Death of Rev. J McGrath P.P. who bequeathed his entire property towards the establishment of the foundation of the Mercy convent in Portlaw 

1883 June 9th.  Arrival of five Mercy sisters from Cahir
         Aug 27th.  Initial application to government to found Mercy convent 


1884 Aug. 6th.  Birth of Nicholas Wall who was elected TD for Farmers Party, son of Ellen Power of Ballycahane and William Wall of Mount Bolton moved to Kilowen.  Later elected for Fine Gael 1927, and died Dec. 3rd 1939

!896 July 4th   Marriage of Mary Hearne and William Organ in Portlaw Church.
                        These are the parents of Little Nellie of Holy God  

1896   Alms Houses built 

1903 Aug. 24th.   Birth of Little Nellie of Holy God 

1904  Last bobbin of Portlaw Spinning Co. ceased

1908 Feb. 2nd   Death of Little Nellie

1909 April     Woodlock Nursing home opened by Sisters of Cluny

1910     Building of convent school in Flemings field

1916   Death of Rev. Michael Hickey at Coolfin
March 17th.    Death of Prof. Richard Henebry

1932   Boys national School built on its present site

1935 Sept. 26th.   Official opening of Tannery by SeŠn Lemass

1945   Construction of new Tannery factory 45,000 sq. ft.

1950's   Milford House ( St. Philomena's ) destroyed by fire

1954 Dec. 8th.   Blessing of the Grotto

1969   Closure of Vocational school

1984   Closure of Tannery

1991   Amalgamation of Boys National school and Convent girls school

1993   Opening of Michel Irl. Tannery      


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