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1. Did you know that Newgrange in Co. Meath is older than the pyramids of Egypt?

2. Did you know the human body contains 4.5 litres of blood?

3. Did you know that Cadburys Chocolate Company wanted to build their factory here in Portlaw Co. Waterford?

4. Did you know that there used to be one of two Copper Lodges in Portlaw Co. Waterford but it has been knocked down, now there is only one left in the whole world?

5. Did you know that Curraghmore Estate in Portlaw Co. Waterford has the tallest tree in Ireland?

6. Did you know a French electric TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) holds the absolute rail speed record with a speed of no less than 380 kilometres per hour. The TGV’s now run on the Paris to Lyons line specially built flat and straight for maximum speed?

7. Did you know the Worlds richest businessperson is Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft? Last year alone he earned $30 Million a day!

8. Did you know the worlds first duty free shop opened in Shannon Airport in Ireland in 1947?

9. There is a coral reef the size of County Dublin off the south-west coast of Ireland

10. Did you know that Saint Valentine is buried in Dublin, his bones lie under the altar of Whitefriars Church in Dublin?

11. Did you know that the worlds smallest violin is only 37 millimetres long and is small enough to fit in a matchbox?

12. Did you know that Doberman dogs are named after the German tax collector called Ludwig Doberman who bred them as his personnel guard dogs?

13. Did you know that the first tractor used in the five-year plan was housed in the Portlaw Co. Waterford?

14. Did you know that the longest car in the world has 26 wheels, a fridge, a cooker, a microwave, a sink and a 3.6m swimming pool?

15. Did you know that Robert Wadlow is the tallest person in the world and his height is 2.72m?

16. Did you know that hailstones up to 20cm in diameter have fallen on Kansas in the USA?

17. Did you know the seahorse is a very special creature? It is the male seahorse not the female that gives birth to its young!

18. Did you know that the population of France is 54,032,000?

19. Did you know that bony armour of a Dinosaur is like a fish?

20. Did you know Irish women on average live longer than Irish men do? The life expectancy for women here is 78 years compared to 72 years for men!


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