Neptune arrives

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Neptune arrives safely

Crowds greet arrival of new ship

By Cassie Ross and Sarah Jane Phelan


Huge crowds turned out to greet the safe arrival from Waterford of the new ship "The Neptune" which arrived in kronstadt in Russia. This was the first ship built by the Malcolmson family at the Neptune Ironworks

Tsar Nicholas himself met her on the River Neva in his state barge and forts and warships fired salutes for the memorable occasion. Joseph Malcolmson, owner of the St. Petersburg Steam Co. has agreed with the Russian Government to set up a line between London and St. Petersburg. The Malcolmson workers in Portlaw shared in the launch of this great ship. All workers were given a free day to go to Waterford to witness this famous day.

Their hard-earned money, probably leather money, was welcomed in the city shops and taverns as they spent generously. Cromwell's Rock was covered with people. Loud cheering broke out on the Waterford side and was answered in full volume from the Ferrybank side as the ship entered the water.

The shipping in the harbour had all their colours flying, the river steamers gave their passengers close up view and crafts of all shape and size took to the river. This was another great day for the Malcolmson Brothers.


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