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Galway Gemstones is a small company based in County Galway, Ireland, trading since 1984 and  specialising in affordable gemstone jewellery from contemporary designers.

Our stock consists of one off or custom made pieces but we can usually make jewellery in the gemstone or combination of gemstones you would like. We trade at the famous Galway Market on Saturdays and some Sundays only where you can pick up online orders and see a large range of Connemara Marble jewellery.

All our loose stones and jewellery use natural, made in the earth gemstones with only minimal permitted enhancements (such as oiling for emeralds)

On the rock pages you can read comprehensive information about the healing and geological properties of Rocks and Crystals.

We also can source many hard to find rough and tumbled crystal and mineral specimens so contact us if you want a particular rock, crystal or mineral and if its not in stock we can probably get it for you.

Look at our comprehensive links section with sites about rocks, Ireland and Astrology/New Age.

Collector's Minerals from Ireland

Connemara Marble     Smithsonite        Connellite




Astro 353 is the sister company of Galway Gemstones. They provide a full range of Astrological services including Birthcharts and Transits and event planning. Check out the meaning of your Sun/Moon combination on the astro pages or find out more about cosmic fertility, planting with the moon and more interesting astro facts.




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