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"The Seasiders Callcard Club"
adidas.gif (40531 bytes)The CallCard Club   has only a few members and was started to run alongside the stamp club in 1996. Most of the boys only collect Callcards and are generally seen in various parts of the schoolyard in huddles swapping their various cards. Irish Callcards are the most popular, though foreign cards arouse interest if they are colourful and interesting.

Irish Callcards are issued by Telecom Eireann on a regular basis and are available in units of 10, 20, 50, and 100. The range of Callcards is extensive and the cards are generally well designed and colourful and cover a wide variety of subjects. Unfortunately Telecom Eireann do not have their own web site as yet, so you could see for yourself the wide range available. So you will have to depend on this site to get a flavour of the Irish Callcard.

They do however run a CallCard Collectors Club which is free to join and as well as issuing Callcards themselves also carry a stock of accessories for the collector, items such as baseball caps, wallets, albums, pens, keyrings, and sportsbags, all available at reasonable prices. You can also order cards using your credit card or your Dad's credit card.

Read about our favourite Callcards and why we like them -:

Call back on a regular basis as we add new cards to the site all the time.

For more information on Irish Callcards you can contact

Telecom Eireann CallCard Collectors Club,

5, Dame Lane,

Dublin, Ireland.

Callsave (in Ireland) 1850 337 337

International 00 353 1 679 7091

Fax 00 353 1 679 8464

E-mail callcard@telecom.ie