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Favourite Things --: Here are a few of the messages that our "Key-Pals" sent us about their favourite things. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Hi, my name is Joey  Van Unnik --: My favorite cartoon is King Of the Hill. My favorite holiday is Christmas. My favorite sport is golf. I play in golf tournuments in the summer. My favorite color is blue. My favorite movie is Scream. My favorite T.V. show is Fudge. I like to decorate the  tree with lights and ornaments at Christmas and play in the snow. Do you have snow in Ireland  ? On Christmas my relatives come to my house and eat turkey.

Hi Declan,this is Kevin here --: There are two in my family. I have no sisters or brothers. My favourite TV progam is MTV jam. My favorite song is Back Street Boys. My favorite film is Space Jam. Have you ever got hit playing hurling? My favorite sport is foot ball. My Birthday is January 7. Next year   i'll be 9.  How old are you? I live by my school. Do you know how far you live from your school? My favourite cartoon character is Taz. I am 4ft. 7.Your keypal, Kevin.

Dear Daryl, This is Trisha here --: I liked your letter you sent me a few days ago. The part I didn't like about it was, where your friend Gary and his other friend  went around throwing water balloons at  the windows. My favorite cartoon is RugRats. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day. My favorite sport is soccer. My favorite color is pink. My favorite movie is The Little Mermaid. My favorite T.V. show is MTV. We make snowmen. We make snow angles. We go to get a tree. Then we get our ornaments out. We put the ornaments  on the tree. We make ornaments in school and deckorations. Your Key Pal Trisha Leonard

Hi, Robbie Walters here again. I liked  your last email. Here are the things I like. What do you like? My favorite cartoon is Garfield. My favorite holiday is Christmas. My favorite sport is baseball.Do you play baseball in Ireland? My favorite color is black. My favorite movie is Space Jam. My  Favorite T.V. show is wrestling.  Snow is white when it is on the ground and it  is  always white. We hang ornaments on the tree on Christmas and open presents  at  my Grandma's. She is very old. Have you a Grandma ?

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