Letter 7-To his niece, Philomena.(1)

Blessed Paul's Retreat, Harold's Cross, Dublin.
15th August, 1865.

My dearest niece,
I am delighted to hear that you want to become a nun. I believe that you are in fact being called to this way of life; do not neglect this matter-it is better not to wait too long. You need to pray, therefore, fervently and without ceasing. Every good and perfect gift comes from God the Most High, the Father of all light. Therefore, live in the fear of the Lord and flee from anything that would give the slightest offence to God; he is the Most Holy One, and he sees everything.

I hope that my dear uncle, J. N. Luyten, my brother the curate, and my other brothers and sisters are all well. I greet you all on this feast of the Virgin Mary. Let us invoke the powerful mother of God during our short lives, so that she will help us at the hour of our death.

Pray too for the conversion of so many sinners. Give my regards to my family and friends. Your loving uncle,
Fr. Charles, Passionist.

Letter 7--Notes

1. Summ. P. 336, L. 16.

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