Letter 9-To his brother, Father Peter Joseph Houben.(1)

J. X. P.
St. Anne's Retreat,(2) Sutton, near St. Helen's, Lancashire, England.
20th August, 1869.

My dear reverend brother,
I am very well, thanks be to God. I hope that you and my dear sister Helen are both well. About three months ago I posted a short letter to you; I hope you received it. I must let you know a few things about our Passionist congregation, which has grown considerably. We now have a monastery in Belfast in the north of Ireland,(3) one in Scotland (in the city, of Glasgow),(4) and four in America.(5)

Our uncle, the mayor, wrote to me on 13th April. I was delighted to hear that he and all our dear brothers and sisters are keeping well.

I am pleased to know that our dear niece is happy and content in the enclosed monastery at Wittem. I hope our sister Christine is feeling a bit better. I hope this letter finds you in good health. I send my heartfelt good wishes to you and to my dear sister Helen. Remember me in your prayers and good works. I pray also for both of you and I remember you every day during the holy sacrifice of the Mass. I ask the same favour of you.

Regards to my relatives and friend.
God be with you, dear brother; I leave you in the hearts of Jesus and Mary.
Your unworthy brother,
Fr. Charles of St. Andrew, Passionist.
P.S. My superiors send their best wishes.

Letter 9-Notes

1. Summ. p. 338, L. 19.
2. Charles was transferred to St. Anne's Retreat on 27th November, 1867, from St. Saviour's Retreat, Broadway, Worcestershire. He had been moved to Broadway from Mount Argus on 4th July, 1866.
3. Holy Cross Retreat, Ardoyne was opened in 1868.
4. St. Mungo's Retreat, Glasgow was founded in 1865.
5. The American foundations were Pittsburgh (1852), Dunkirk, N.Y. (1860), West Hoboken, N.J. (1861) and Baltimore, Maryland (1865).

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