Letter 10-To his brother, Father Peter Joseph Houben (1).

St. Anne's Retreat, Sutton,
St. Helen's, Lancashire, England.
2nd May, 1871.

My dear brother,
I was deeply saddened by the news of my dear sister Christine's death.(2) I celebrated Holy Mass for her this morning. I am glad to know that she led a good life, one that was truly exemplary.

We are very grateful for the twenty-five florins which you sent on for five Masses, which were said immediately.

We had to pay thirty cents for your letter, because you put the wrong stamps on it and the Post Office did not frank them; in England an unfranked letter costs double the normal postage. I am sending the stamps back to you since they can be used again.
I wish my sister Helen and Constantine Hancers every blessing.(3)

Please forgive me for writing in a hurry.(4)
I remain in the sweet hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Charles of St. Andrew, Passionist.

Letter 10-Notes

1. Summ. p. 340, L. 21.
2. Mary Christine Houben died on 26th April, 1871, aged 51.
3. His sister Mary Helen married Arnold Constantine Hamers (not Hancers) on 24th April, 1871.
4. Charles describes himself as "writing in a hurry." His pastoral duties at this time were very demanding. The rector at Sutton at that time, Father Salvian c.p., gives the following description of how Charles spent his time: "Night and day, he was called to the sick: he administered the Holy Sacraments, remained until a late hour in the confessional, catechised, preached: in a word, the burden of the work fell upon the shoulders of Father Charles."

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