Saint Charles - "Lying-in-state"

After Saint Charles death in 1893 his open coffin lay in the Church in Mount Argus for five days. Crowds thronged to file past the coffin. Fr. Wilfred explains that when the time came to close the coffin the remains of the Saint were still supple and no 'rigor mortis' had set in. During this time the 'Sign' below lay on his brest and some of the saint's hair was removed.

A lock of hair among the relics taken from the body of the saint, probably during the public lying in state in St Paul's Church.

The relic was wrapped in a scrap of paper on which was written:

"Fr Charles hair. Died at Ovada Mt Argus Dublin 1893. Cause sent to Rome. A real saint. Knew him well"

A Passionist Sign that rested on St. Charles body when he 'lay in state' before burial.

Within days of the death of Bl. Charles, Fr. Wilfred 0' Hagan , on January 10th 1893, wrote to a friend, Ada Sheehy in London:
'Dear Ada...I am sending you something which hundreds of thousands in Ireland would give the world for: the Sign which the old man had on his breast during the time he was lying in the church...'