Childrens Officers.

Con Salmon
Con Salmon

Wolfe Tone Youth Club adhere in full to the FAI Code of Ethics and this is included in the club's constitution. Our Childrens Officer is Con Salmon. Con can be contacted at 086 3249430.

FAI Code of Ethics:

The FAI has produced two Code of Ethics guidelines, one aimed at parents and the other aimed at coaches.
The Code of Ethics for Parents outlines how parents / guardians can best encourage children to take part in football, while the Code of Ethics for coaches outlines how those involved in teaching the game should maximise a player's enjoyment and potential.
The new requirements will oblige all clubs to adopt and implement the policies and procedures as outlined in the FAI code of ethics document.

FAI Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children's Soccer- Click here.
FAI Code of Conduct for Coaches- Click here.
FAI Code of Conduct for Parents- Click here.

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