A short history of our club.

The Club was founded in 1973 by Frank Byrne and Tommy Beirnes. Originally it consisted of two football teams and was then known as Wolfe Tone Boys FC. This was mainly because they were sponsored by the then Wolfe Tone Residents Association who provided gear, footballs, entrance fees to Leagues and travelling expenses etc. At this time the Club had the use of a pitch and played its matches in Boghall. Through the efforts of Mr. John Temple who was then a member of Bray Urban District Council the Club was granted the use of the Vevay Sportsfield and has played there ever since. Paul Holmes was also involved in running the Club at this time and took on the responsibility of looking after the facilities in the Vevay Sportsfield.

In 1974 James Earls, who was running a schoolboy team joined the Club and brought his team with him. The name of the Club was changed to the Wolfe Tone Youth Club. Other people who helped run the Club at this time were the late Eddie Cleary, Dan Temple and Joe Kenna. By 1977 the Club was running seven teams in the age groups from nine to sixteen and decided to change its name to the Wolfe Tone & District Youth Club because it was attracting boys from all over. The Club kept growing in successive years and began to cater for youth activities other than football. This proved very popular and by 1982 was catering for up to ninety boys and girls between the ages of six and sixteen. The Club met in the pavilion at the Vevay Sportsfield and it became clear that the facilities available were inadequate to meet the needs of the Club. The members took a brave decision and decided that the Club should try and provide better facilities.

A major fundraising drive was started and building work commenced in June 1987. The Community Centre was officially opened on June 12th 1992. As a voluntary organisation, Wolfe Tone Y.C. requires a continuous stream of funds to undertake its activities successfully. A very successful soccer marathon was held in June 2003 to mark the Club's 30th year. At this time, the Club has teams playing in the WDSL from U8 upwards and has a thriving Academy for younger members. The Club has ambitious plans to develop the Vevay Sportsfield and in 2010 organised the inaugural 'Clash of the Titans', a game between Wolfe Tone YC past and present members and Bray Wanderers past and present. The game was a big success and there are plans to play it on an annual basis.

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