Christmas Draw 11th December 2015 Result.
Prize Ticket Name Contact/ Seller
1st 5693 John Byrne C/O Seller
2nd 7860 Bernie Collins C/O Seller
3rd 6065 Cosmina Otwos Shamrock Bhoys
4th 1263 James & Trish Mooney P. Mooney
5th 6046 Nicola Fitzsimons Shamrock Bhoys
6th 7944 Sarah Collins C/O Seller
7th 7061 David Callaghan Shamrock Bhoys
8th 2903 Warren Carton Office
9th 6330 Vivienne Young Barbers
10th 1872 Knox Murphy U8's
11th 10308 Marion Davitt Brenda
12th 5002 Michael Brierton John Walton
13th   Jimmy Dowling U9's
14th 2196 G. Davis Nessa, Baton Twirlers
15th 1964 Cormac Mitchell U8's
16th 3870 Dylan Wheeler U14's
17th 7062 Sandy The Dog Callaghan Shamrock Bhoys
18th 7664 Sadie McGrath Shamrock Bhoys
19th 10222 michael Rouine Ron
20th 334 Lillian & Heidi Tony Mahony
Thanks to everyone who supported our draw, our sellers, our sponsors, Chrissy D's and to all who bought tickets. Click Here to see a full list of prizes.
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