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"French for Fun" is an opportunity for pupils in senior classes to obtain a good basic grounding in French before being formally introduced to the language at second level. The aim of "French for Fun" is to deviate from formal teaching and to introduce French through drama, art, music and the use of audio visual materials. The main emphasis is placed on spoken French and as the lessons progress the pupils gain confidence in conversing with one another. Topics which are of relevance to the pupils daily lives are chosen, eg. Hobbies, sport, pets, food etc. and the pupils become familiar with the vocabulary associated with these topics. The pupils also receive an insight into French customs and culture. Above all, the main objective of "French for Fun" is that the children derive enjoyment from the classes and realise that learning a foreign language can indeed be fun!

French For Fun Group

"Bíonn adharca fada ar na ba thar lear"


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