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Our task was to write exactly 100 words on any subject under the sun.

Pets are nice creatures to have because they keep us company. It is nice to have a dog if you like to go walking because they can go with you, but if you want something to sit on your lap then a cat would be better. Normally you feed your pet twice a day. You can give them treats if they are good. I would give a dog Pedigree biscuits and a cat little cat biscuts. Cats and dogs like Christmas presents as well as people. I really like cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. My favourite pet is a cat. Jessica Dowling

I live on a farm. I have one brother and one sister, Shaun and Josephine. My hobbies are football, soccer, volleyball and rounders. My favourite hobby is football. On our farm we have two tractors and one digger. We have about twenty-five calves and sixty cows. My favourite song is Shakira, 'Whenever, Wherever'and my favourite soccer team is Manchester United. My second favourite team is Arsenal. My favourite dinner is potatoes, cabbage, carrots, bacon and chicken. My best friends are Alan Whelan, Shane Carroll and Brian Ging. I have a cat. He is black and white. He is cool. Bryan Delaney

I really like sport. I like playing it. But my favourite is tennis. I go to a tennis club in Mountmellick. I would like to go to Wimbledon someday to see the professionals play. My favourite player is Venus Williams. I really enjoy playing it. Football is one of my favourites too. I like table-tennis . I like entering the table-tennis leagues. I like rounders as well. I play in the lunch time league in my school. Volleyball and draughts are ok. I like swimming. I passed Swim 4 this year. I'm going for Swim 5 next year. Sarah Dowling

My name is John. I play Gaelic football for the Heath. We won the league and I scored a goal and a point. After the match, we went to the Gandon Inn to be presented with our medals. We got a meal. It was a good night. The under-14's and 16's got the same. The under-16's won the championship and the under-14's won the league. This year I will be with the under-12's. They aren't very good. I don't think we will win the league or the championship. I like football very much. I hope to play as long as I can. John Booth

Hello. This is a story about what I did last Christmas, and what presents I got. I woke up at seven in the morning. I went into the hall and saw that my stocking was empty but there was a big bag beside it full of toys. When I had finished showing them to my parents, I went in to the sitting room and looked at what was there. There were books, a kindergarten for dolls, an Egyptian painting set and 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' I had a great time at Christmas. My uncle was with us too. Devon Brady

I am in Fifth Class. I am eleven years old. My favourite singer is Britney Spears. My favourite band is S club 7. I think they are brilliant. I would love to be a popstar when I grow up. I love dancing and I would love to be a dancing teacher. My hobbies are Basketball, Rounders, Vollyball and listening to music. Paul out of S Club 7 is leaving the band because he wants to go solo by himself. I have one sister called Nicole. My best friend is Sinéad Hennessy. I am going into Sixth class next year. Goodbye. Vanessa Condon

I am from Dublin. I moved to Limerick. Then I moved to Laois. I play in goals for the Heath under twelves team. I also like to play soccer and hurling. I live in Kilminchy Village. There will be a World Cup soon. Ireland are doing very well. Ireland are in group E with Germany, Saudi Arabia and Cameroon. In Ireland's qualifying group we were undefeated. Ian Hart and Robbie Keane are playing their best for Ireland. We have a very good team. It will be held in Korea and Japan. We have a good chance of being winners.Goodbye. Keith Gray

My best friend is Vanessa Condon. I live in Portlaoise. I am eleven years old. I have two cats and seven dogs. I have seven goldfish too. My favorite singers are Westlife, Britney Spears and Samantha Mumba. When I grow up I'd like to be a hairdresser. My favourite hobbies are basketball and swimming. I have two sisters and two brothers. I like dancing. I wish we had a dancing teacher every day. I like all sorts of animals. We used to have two dogs but my dog had five pups. That's why we have seven. I' in Fifth Class.
Tanya McEvoy

My favourite hobby is motorbike racing. I want to go to Spain to be a motorbike racer and a stunt biker. My favourite scrambler bike is a Yamaha and my favourite road bike is a Duecattie 1100. I have a green Yamaha 80. I hope to get a new one for my birthday. I like Banshee quads and Wizz. When I grow up, I hope to win trophies and have my own motorbike and quad. I hope to have a black and red Yamaha and a blue and a green Banshee quad. My favourite rider is the late Joey Dunlop. Kieran Hyland

I am a Playstation freak. I love the Playstation. My favourite game is Smackdown 2. I hate Spiro 1 and 2. I like Playstation 2 better. It has brilliant graphics and the games for it are good. The bad thing about Playstation 2 is that it is too big. I like Playstation 1, the little one. It is really cool and you can carry it around. I like the game called Crash Bash because it is great fun. I wish I could buy Playstation 2. I can't because I got a PC instead. Imagine I was getting Playstation 2! God! Shane Lambe

Samantha Mumba is excellent. So are Westlife. I have seen Samantha Mumba and Westlife. Their latest albums are 'Got to Tell You' by Samantha and 'Coast to Coast'by Westlife. Westlife's Bryan McFadden is getting married to Kerry from Atomic Kitten. Samantha Mumba's latest single is 'Baby Come On Over' and Westlife's is 'I Lay My Love On You.' I like the two singles. I love all Westlife's singles and I love all Samantha Mumba's singles as well. Samantha Mumba is doing really well. I hope she becomes everyone's favourite singer. Westlife as well. I hope all singers become famous. Olive Fitzpatrick

I am twelve years old.I live in BallyDavis. At the end of the the month there will be a World Cup. Ireland are in group E with Germany, Saudi Arabia and Cameroon. We came second in our qualifying group. Ian Harte and Kevin Kilbane are the only two to appear in all the matches. France won the World Cup last time. They have a good team. The competition will be held in Japan. Japan have never won the World Cup. Ireland's best position was the quarter-final. That was in 1990. We have never won the World Cup.Goodbye. Matthew McHugh

My favourite sport is tennis. My favourite tennis player is Venus Williams. Out of all the tennis tournaments Wimbledon is my favourite. I prefer to play on grass than a clay surface. I like other sports too. They are rounders, football, volleyball and swimming. I don't like soccer. We play rounders and football with Mr Dowling. We play volleyball with Mr Dunne. I also like table-tennis. My favourite time of year to play these sports is summer. I like watching tennis on television. I'm looking forward to Wimbledon this year. My ambition is to be a famous tennis player. Brenda Young

I'm eleven years old.I have no brothers or sisters. My favourite sport is soccer. The team I support is Manchester United and my favourite player is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. His date of birth is the twenty-sixth of February 1973. My second favourite team is Real Madrid. My favourite player on that team is Zinedine Zidane. I am looking forward to the World Cup, I think Ireland will get to the semi-final and France or Argentina will win it. My favourite Irish player in Shay Given. I would love to play for Ireland in the 2022 World Cup. Thomas Moore

I got up in the morning and got breakfast. When I was finished we went to Nuala's to get dressed and get our hair done. About twenty minutes later we were ready to go to the church. When we got there we lined up and got our candles. I had to read and my twin sister had to bring up gifts. About one hour later it was over and we went for a meal in my aunt's house. We got lots of presents and money off our family and friends. We got lots of photographs taken with family and friends. Pauline O'Connor

I have three pets; a dog, a puppy and a horse called Lightning. My horse has its own field at the back of my house. My puppy and my dog have a big kennel to share. My horse is friendly and you can ride her and feed her. My dogs are Springer Spaniels. They are cute, soft and cuddly. My puppy can fit in my hand, she is only three weeks old. My dog is two years old. I feed my horse carrots and horse food and she drinks water. Lightning is grey and has black sparkling eyes. Bye now. Deborah Mills

I am twelve years old. I live in Coolbanagher. I have one brother and one sister. My favourite singer is Britney Spears and my favourite band is Six. My favourite hobbies are basketball, soccer and draughts. When I grow up I would like to be a nurse. I have three dogs named Rudy, Bruce and Bob. I also have one goldfish named Spryo. My favourite subject is English. My favourite teacher that I ever had in the Heath school is Mr Dunne. My best friend is Vanessa Condon. My favourite tv programme is Eastenders. I am going to Ibiza soon. Sinéad Hennessy

I am twelve years old. I have one brother and three sisters. My hobbies are rugby, rounders, hurling, football, soccer, and table-tennis. My favourite sport is rounders. I have one dog, a horse, pigeons and hens. My favourite soccer player is Patrick Viera. I think that Ireland will go through the first round and get knocked out in the second round of the World Cup. The Heath won the All-Ireland final in rounders last year. My favourite food is chips and burgers. My favourite song is Castles in the Sky. I hate reading books, shopping, homework and computers. James Nerney

I like sports. My favourite sports are running and swimming. Volleyball is alright too. My favourite cross-country runner is Sonia O'Sullivan. Every year we go to Vicarstown to run against other runners too. Last year I got a medal for the under-twelve girls. The year before that I won the school cross-country. When we started the school cross-country, I was way ahead of everyone else. I wouldn't mind being a runner when I grow up. But it would be very hard. In school we have a lot of sports such as running, rounders and table-tennis. Martina Ryan

I would like to be a farmer because my uncle owns a farm and I help him all the time. I milk the cows, drive the tractor and clean out the sheds. I help him deliver calves and bring in the cows. I get silage bales and do the slurry with him. Sometimes I bring bales into the cows. When he is building sheds I help him as well. I always go out to him for a day. At nine o'clock I go home. One day I would like to be a good farmer like my uncle with a big farm.
Matthew Callaghan

My name is Gary Hogan. I come from Ballydavis, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. I'm eleven years old. I have two sisters and one brother. I have a dog called Mandy. My favourite hobbies are rugby, rounders, football, soccer and hurling. My favourite food is chicken curry. My Dad raises greyhounds. My bestfriends are Keith, Matthew, Tom, Bryan, and James. My favourite subjects are Art and Geography. I live in the country, four miles from Portlaoise town. My Favourite book is The Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl. My Dad is a butcher in Portlaoise in Lyster Square. That is my life story. Gary Hogan

I got up at five o'clock in the morning. My Christmas presents were colours, books, money and football gloves. My young brother got toy tractors and 'Pokemon: The First Movie'. My sister got books and a lovely little tea set. All morning I played with my toys. Then it was time for my dinner. I had turkey, stuffing, gravy and potatoes. I had pudding and cream for dessert. After dinner I couldn't move because I had eaten too much. Then James and Cian Maher came. We played with marbles and we played with Lego as well. Then I fell asleep. Thomas Cushion

I got up and had my breakfast. When I was finished I got my bag with my lunch and swimming stuff in it. Then I said good-bye and walked to the train. Everyone was there. We got on to the train and went to Tralee. We went to an Irish play and after that we got something to eat. Then we got on a steam train and it brought us to a big white windmill. After that we got back on the steam train and went to the Aquadome. It was great fun. Then we went home after that. Laura O'Connor

What I like is motor-bikes. My favourite person is Joey Dunlop, the motor bike racer. He was the king of the mountains but he was also good on the road. But the sad thing was when he hit a tree, he fell off his bike and was killed. Most of the crowd were crying, and some were taking pictures of him lying on the ground. I felt so sorry for his family. They must have felt terrible when it had happened. I was feeling very sad as well. I thought he was the best driver I've ever known and seen. Kevin Maher

My favourite game is 'Dungeon Keeper: The Deeper Dungeons'. In the game there are fifteen levels and you can pick whichever one you like. There is one thing you can't do, and that is you can't go step by step with buildings and creatures. Also with the game going like that, it's hard to keep track of the creatures. Even though it's like that, you still have a better chance of winning because you have an infinite amount of money. And that is why 'Dungeon Keeper: The Deeper Dungeons' is my favourite PC game. It is the best I've played. Damien Smith