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Welcome to the java enabled fourth edition of the O'Byrne Files (designed for SVGA 1024x768 or better!) 

Yes, I've done it!   The O'Byrne Files has reached its fourth edition.   I've weathered the dot-bomb, the great server crash of 2001, a savaging from the 'celtic tiger', the legal threats and the advertising slump. When I reached the second edition I was really anxious, cos I'd doubled the version in one step. I thought, blimey, to keep this up, well, er... by the end of the decade I'll have to be on version ninety! (Or something.)

And now I look forward to a bright future, to a time when people will have silicon chips inside their heads like that professor in Warwick and the Boomtown Rats song. And Dublin will be a wonderful melting pot of humans, extraterrestrial aliens and robots that are always "on the look-out for a bit of crack". The LUAS transport system will finally have been completed, only to be replaced by fancy pneumatic tubes that suck you up and shoot you to your destination around town, only the tubes will have to be dug up twice a week because they're only on top of the other tubes. Commercial adverts will be pumped directly into our brains while we sleep, making us drink Cider which will be manufactured "on site" - actually inside our bodies - by miniature nanotechnology machines that you download off the net onto your Bio-Nano Machine Generator, and there will be virtual Irish pub holodecks everywhere, and lovely noodle bars for takeaways, just like in "Blade Runner".

Welcome to my bit of the cyber world . . I hope you find some odd reason to stay awhile.   I've now advanced to a fourth edition with a bit more added fun.  You may even get as far as My Hillwalking Theory!    If this mountain stuff is of interest, you could study my Hillwalking Slang and Jargon Dictionary!   If 'dictionaries' are your 'thing', then there is a favourite, (and apparently quite popular!), my Dublin Slang Dictionary and Phrasebook.   In addition there is a dating dictionary, some engineers' terminology explained, Planner jargon translated, definitions that depend on gender, and a Guide to the meaning of some 'new' words, and in time, maybe more . . .just let me have the idea and I'll get on with it!

So then, what is there to find around here . . . . .

  • A humour section - it's good to laugh!   I've tried to put together a mixed bag of stuff I like, and as for the planning humour, that is stuff that I know about, and the tribunals may never discover!.  There is even a collection of stuff on the lighter side of computers, the net etc.  If you know what I find funny, then you will know me better.

  • Genealogy - As this is supposed to be the 'O'Byrne Files' there has to be some stuff about the 'O'Byrnes'.  I've included an account of tracing my 'roots' and will continue to add more to my Genealogy page when I get the chance.   There is also the collection of "O'Byrnes' on the web".   If you are an O'Byrne, and on the web, let's link up!  You may be able to give me some help at So watch this space!

  • A bit about Ireland, Dublin and Dubliners , and again, there's My guide to Dublin Slang and the use of English for those unsuspecting English speaking foreigners who come to Dublin, expecting to readily understand what is going on!   I appreciate the feedback, support and reaction the Dublin Slang page has generated.
    Those people at Doras must be getting fed up with it though as they've down-graded their rating from 3 to 2 shamrocks!  Should I seek a re-count?

  • A special interest, which is sometimes also a worry is our environment.  I have had the privilege to meet and work with many wonderful people concerned about the same things - it can only give some hope!

  • Advice - none of us can help trying to dispense some.   Some of has led me to coming up with some of my own laws of life, the universe and everything!

  • Links - Be honest - This is what makes homepages really interesting and worth visiting   I've found that you can get to know a little about someone from links.    If only we could know more!  (look out for cookies though! These can be unwanted, may slow you down, crowd your hard disk with crumbs, and may help Big Brother keep an eye on you!)  You have been warned!   I'll include some for the trawlers /magpies, and some for the surfers( perhaps even the raunchy stuff!).   The list is quite long so the page may be slow.

  • Personal Stuff - a bit about me,- not too personal though - got to keep some secrets and I do not want this page to get an over 18's only rating!  Some of my humour already may be close to offending those of a sensitive disposition.   There's also a bit about, my interests, hobbies and perhaps most important, that which really bugs me!  In some cultures what I do would be considered normal.    Photographs - they reflect my interests, and I like experimenting with scanners!!   You can see that I do not have a good one, and I have  yet a lot to learn!

  • From time to time there will be a few extras.  My interest in hillwalking means I have a passing involvement in the annual Blackstairs Walk of the Wayfarers Association.   Read the report of the 1998 organiser here!  It seems it is the only report ever written.   If you took part in any Blackstairs Walk, why not send your views/ impressions to The 2005 Wayfarers Association Blackstairs Walk took take place on Saturday  May 14th, - so on now for 2006 and probably May13th.
    A separate 'Wayfarers' Association homepage has been constructed.   If you are considering  joining the best hillwalking club in the Dublin area, the Wayfarers Homepage is here for you to have a look!  (Say I told you about them!)   Watch this space for further information.

  • Finally, in recognition of the dangers of developing homepages, I present my 13-Step Homepage Developers Recovery Program for consideration

Remember though some people really need to learn that just because something is on the Internet doesn't mean that it is true,

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