29.4.1797 Mr John Martin, Abbey, Jerpoint. [FLJ]
ABBEY GROVE, parish of Blanchevilleskill, barony of Gowran.
1763 William Matthews, Abbey Grove. [Oss Wills]
21.7.1773 To let, house & demesne of Abbey Grove, 22a, within 3 mile of Kilkenny, enquire of John Rogerson Mathews Esq., at Abbey Grove. [FLJ]
5.3.1774 Mr George Cooke at Abbey Grove. [FLJ]
30.10.1802 To set, part of lands of Blanchville, Mr Walter Matthews of Abbeygrove will show the lands. [LJ]
31.7.1805 To let, house & demesne of Abbeygrove near Gowran, 36a, apply James Kearney, Blanchfield. [LJ]
1969 Abbeygrove, house of O’Neill family, believed to have been a chapel belonging to Jerpoint monks. [O’Kelly]
31.1.1857 John Waring, The Abbey House. [Mod]
15.10.1774 To set, house & lands of Abbey Jerpoint, 50a, Proposals to Mr Garret Byrne at Abbey Jerpoint. [FLJ]
19.12.1804 Anthony Graves, Abbey View, Kilkenny, Esq. [LJ]
2.7.1806 Mr Graves, obliged by his official situation to reside in Ross will let his house near Thomastown and 50a. [LJ]
30.8.1806 Sale, house and lands of Abbey View near Thomastown and 50a, proposals to Rbt Langrishe, Knocktopher, Mr Graves at Ross and Francis Wheeler Esq., Kilkenny. [LJ]
31.1.1807 To let house & demesne of Abbeyview, lately inhabited by Anthony Graves. [LJ]
24.1.1809 To let, house & demesne of Abbey View lately inhabited by Anthony Graves Esq. [LJ]
6.4.1819 Died at Abbey View, Mrs Graves, relict of late Anthony Graves Esq.
1837 To let, house & land of Abbeyview, Thomastown, apply Mr Bull, Thomastown. [Mod 21.10.1837]
1824 Rev Edm. Coady, Abbey View, Thomastown. [Pigot]
AGHAVILLAR CASTLE, Aghavillar parish. Knocktopher barony.
1969 A castle ruin within the churchyard. [O’Kelly]
1873 Mulhallan Marum, Aharney House, Ballyragget. [Mod 29.10.1873]
1884 Ed P M Marum, JP, Aharney House, Ballyragget. [Bassett]
29.12.1792 Died at Ahenure, near Callan, relict of late Edward Baker Esq. [FLJ]
1795 Patrick Shee, Ahanure [I Wills]
1800 Died , Bob Baker of Aghenure, Esq., age 26. [St Marys Church grave]
ALTAMONT, Garrincreen, parish of St John, barony of Gowran.
1773 House at Altamount lately built by Arthur Helsham –view of city, Nore and canal. [FLJ 2.10.1773]
19.1.1774 To let during minority of John Helsham, age 17, Altamount and 10a. [FLJ]
29.9.1787 James Purcell, Altamont. [FLJ]
1805 James Purcell, Altavant, Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
3.12.1808 James Purcell, Altamont. [LJ]
1809 Died, James Purcell of Altamount age 64. [St Marys Church grave]
3.1.1809 Died at Altamont near this city, James Purcell Esq. [LJ]
31.1.1810 To let, house & demesne of Altamont, apply Mrs Purcell. [LJ]
17.10.1810 To let house & demesne of Altamont, apply Mrs Purcell. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Philip Purcell, Altamont, game licence. [LJ]
29.2.1812 To let, house & demesne of Altamont, mile of city on Dublin Road, 16a. Proposals to Mrs Purcell. [LJ]
25.2.1815 To let house & demesne of Altamont, Mrs Purcell, Altamont. [Mod]
1873 Joseph T Dunne, Altamount. [Mod 20.9.1873]
1876 William Magrath, Altamont, 375. [Land]
1876 William Magrath, Altamont. [St Johns Dublin Rd Grave]
1880 William Magrath, Altamount. [Will]
1884 J Magrath, land, Altamount. [Bassett]
1894 Mrs Maud Hayden, Altamount. [Slater]
1969 Fennel Hill, alias Altimount, alias Gazebo. [O’Kelly]
ANNAGHS CASTLE, parish of the Rower, barony of Ida.
1833 To let, Castle Annaghs, Co. Kilkenny, 1 mile New Ross. Mr Thos Keough Carr on premises. [Jnl 31.8.1833]
1969 The ruined castle on the Barrow two miles south of New Ross, it was Butler of Ormonde property. [O’Kelly]
1993 Annaghs, a late tower bordering on the transitional stage from tower to house, S of New Ross. 23.S.70.25. [KK Dev Plan]
ANNAGHS HOUSE, parish of Shanbogh, barony of Ida.
1801 Mr Murphy at Annise or Anaghs near Rosbercon, has made a residence which ornaments the country, three sides of his house are faced with Portland stone; he has formed a new road leading to it, 42 feet wide, the ditches, whose banks are to the road, have offsets on which elms are planted between them and the deep dikes. [Tighe]
1863 Walter Sweetman, Annaghs. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1969 Annaghs house. [O’Kelly]
1993 Annaghs, late C18th house, 1 mile south of New Ross. 23.S.70.25. [KK Dev Plan]
21.8.1773 Mark Prim, Annamolt, Co Kilkenny, gent. [Mar Lic]
6.2.1771 Mr Thomas Prim of Anamolt. [FLJ]
28.3.1791 George Minchin of Annamolt, Co Kilkenny, gent, to a Prim, protestants. [Mar Lic]
28.1.1792 Abraham Prim Esq., Annamolt. [FLJ]
1801 Aghnamult the seat of Mr T Neville at the mouth of the King’s river, where he has introduced modern improvements, new implements of tillage and good stock. [Tighe]
2.9.1807 Thomas Neville, Annamult, game licence. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Thomas Nevill, Annamult. [LJ]
5.10.1808 Thomas Nevill, Annamult, game licence. [LJ]
6.9.1809 Thomas Nevill, Annamult, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Thomas Nevill, Annamult, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Thomas Nevill, Annamult, game licence. [LJ]
7.1.1815 Thomas Neville Esq., Annamult. [Mod]
29.9.1821 Thomas Neville, Annamult, game cert. [Mod]
1824 Thos. Nevill Esq., Annamult. [Pigot]
12.10.1831 Thomas Neville Esq., Annamult. [Jnl]
7.10.1835 Died age 71, Thomas Neville of Annamult. [Mod]
24.10.1835 For sale, house & demesne of Annamult. [Mod]
1836 Married at Thomastown, William Morres Bayly of Annamult to Anne, daughter of Rev Henry Maxwell & niece to Earl of Carrick and Lord Farnham. [Mod 22.10.1836]
23.9.1840 To let, house of Annamult and 14 acres, apply Clayton Savage, Kilcreene. [Jnl]
2.10.1840 Died, William Bayley of Annamiult. [Jnl 2.10.1840]
29.11.1856 For sale, house of Annamult & 246acres. [Mod]
1873 Capt. Forster, Annamult. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1858 William Bayley, Annamult. [Will]
1993 Annamult, Early C19th gothic with gables, 2 miles north east of Stoneyford. 23.S.54.44. [KK Dev Plan]
ANNAMULT CASTLE, Danesfort parish, Shillelogher barony.
1969 Annamolt castle and the site of a castle tower. [O’Kelly]
1993 Annamult, Standing of half-height. Remains of monastic grange hard to locate, 2 miles SSE of Bennettsbridge. 19.S.54.46. [KK Dev Plan]
ANNEFIELD/ANNSBOROUGH, Castletown, parish of Whitechurch, Iverk barony.
11.12.1773 Auction at Annsborough, Co. Kilkenny, furniture of Simon Osborn Esq. [FLJ].
1783 Gardener wanted, Thomas Hayden Osborne, Annfield near Carrick. [FLJ 1.2.1783]
24.12.1788 Thomas H Osborne Esq., Annefield near Carrick on Suir. [FLJ]
30.10.1790 Annefield near Carrick on Suir, seat of Thomas Hayden Osborne Esq. [FLJ]
30.4.1808 John Watters, Annfield. [LJ]
1863 Mr M Hewetson, Annefield, Piltown. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1869 Michael Hewitson, Annefield. [Will]
1969 Annsborough House in ruins with a corn mill, mill pond and mill race is south of Sceach bridge
16.12.1789 To let, Annfield, 25a with a small lodge, barn stable etc., not a mile from Kilkenny, apply Widow Kingsmill, High Street. [FLJ]
5.3.1774 To set, lands of Annfield, part of Dunbell with a very handsome dwelling house, 50a, 4 mile of Kilkenny, 2 of Gowran. [FLJ]
2.10.1811 To let 12a of Annfield with the house & garden. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Rev John Blunden, Annfield, game licence. [LJ]
29.2.1812 To let, house & garden with 10a of Annfield within mile of Walkin Street. [LJ]
ANNFIELD near Rosbercon.
4.11.1812 Sale at Annfield & Tirmakelly near Rosbercon, Co. Kilkenny, in Michael Hearne Esq. V John Lamphier Esq. [LJ]
1783 James Scott, Ann Grove, tenant of lands of Killaree. [FLJ 5.2.1783]
ANN MOUNT HOUSE, Christendom, parish of Kilculliheen, barony of Ida.
1969 Annmount House. [O’Kelly]
27.11.1773 Sale of furniture at Annsborough of Simon Osborne Esq. [FLJ]
29.9.1792 Sale by auction at Annesborough, near Carrick, of stock of late Simon Osborne Esq. [FLJ]
19.1.1798 Richard Fleming of Annsborough, Co Kilkenny, gent. [Mar Lic]
ARCHERSFIELD, top of Castle Road.
1873 Archer Field, Archers Grove, Arthur J Boyd. [Mod 27.8.1873]
1907 Richard Langrishe bought Archersfield in 1907. [OKR]
10.8.1742 Will of Toby Purcell, Archersgrove. [Will Ab]
9.10.1773 Ald. John Blunt, Archer’s Grove. [FLJ]
1781 Villa to let, demesne of Archers Grove, Liberties of Kilkenny, 52a on banks of Canal and R Nore. Apply Richard Cox, Castletown. [FLJ 2.5.1781]
1801 Archersgrove, residence of Mr Welsh. [Tighe]
21.2.1802 Parick Welsh, interest in Archers Grove held under Richard Cox Esq., devised to his only son Patrick Welsh, also owned Newtown Welch. A Thomas MacCartney was previously clerk to Patrick Walsh senr, and then a farmer in Gowran. [Will Abs]
29.9.1802 To let, house & demesne of Archer’s Grove near Kilkenny. [LJ]
26.2.1803 To let, House & Demesne of Archers Grove, apply James Mortimer at Clinstown. [LJ]
30.8.1806 Sale, re Williams & Finn, interest in house and lands of Archers Grove & 52a, in liberties of Kilkenny, now in possession of Michael Finn. [LJ]
27.9.1806 Thomas Macartney, Archer's Grove. [LJ]
2.9.1807 Thomas Macartnet, Archers Grove, game licence. [LJ]
30.4.1808 T Macartney, Archers Grove. [LJ]
5.10.1808 Thomas McCartney, Archers Grove, game licence. [LJ]
25.2.1809 Mr Macartney, Archers Grove. [LJ]
1835 Died Mrs Eleanor Delany, Archers Grove. [Grave, St Johns Dublin Rd]
1840 Temperance soiree at Archers Lease on lawn fronting the handsome country residence of Mr Walsh of the Club House. [19.8.1840 Jnl]
ARDALOO CASTLE, parish of Grangemacomb, barony of Fassidinan.
1969 A ruined castle in north of the church at an angle where the Nore and Dinan meet. [O’Kelly]
1839 James de la Poer Porter, gent, Ardery, Co Kilkenny. [IG Wfd Poll list]
ARDRA HOUSE, parish of Attanagh, barony of Fassidinan.
1969 Castle of Ardra in ruins. Ardra House is below Copley’s Bridge. [O’Kelly]
1846 Albert Enery Esq., The Ark, Ormonde Road. [Slater]
1856 Mrs Catherine Enery, The Ark, Ormonde Road. [Thom]
1.4.1857 Died at her residence, The Ark, Anne, relict of Capt. Enery. [Mod]
1867 Richard A Clelough, The Ark. [Will]
1870 Arthur J Boyd Esq., the Ark. [Slater]
1997 The Ark is now St John of God convent, College Road. [Ml O’Dwyer]
ASHFIELD HOUSE, Danville, St Patricks parish, Kilkenny.
1832 Wm Leech, Ashfield, barrister. [Voters]
1839 William P Leech Esq, barrister, Ashfield. [Kinder]
4.5.1844 Sale of furniture at Ashfield, residence of Charles Putland Esq, 1 mile of Kilkenny. [Mod]
1870 Edward Mulhallen Marum Esq., JP, Ashfield House. [Slater]
1881 Edward Mulhallen Marum Esq., MP, JP, Ashfield House. [Slater]
1884 Peter M'Dermott, Magistrate, Ashfield House, Kilkenny. [Bassett]
1894 William Marum, JP, Ashfield House. [Slater]
1937 John Stallard of Danville House, farmer, leases Ashfield House in barony of Shillelogher and 3 a to Timoth O'Neill Kiely, solicitor, Kilkenny. Plan shows on right of Kilkenny to Bennettsbridge Road. (Almost certainly next to Danville). [KAS Deed]
1969 Ashfield House is marked on the OS sheet. [O’Kelly]
30.4.1808 Trevor Lloyd Ashe. [LJnl]
7.4.1752 Will of Elizabeth, wife of Chambre Brabazon Ponsonby, Ashgrove. [Will Ab]
24.9.1767 John Jackson of Ashgrove, Co Kilkenny, gent, protestant. [Mar Lic]
1877 Michael Aylward, Ashtown House. [Will]
1883 Anne Aylward, Ashtown. [Will]
31.1.1857 Samuel Madden, clerk, Attanna. [Mod]
1832 Thomas Hutchinson, gent, Ayresfield Cottage. [Voters]
10.6.1840 Sale by auction at Ayresfield Cottage, residence of late Mr Edward Kelly. [Jnl]
AYLWARDSTOWN HOUSE, parish of Kilmakaevoge, barony of Ida.
1609 Date chisseled on the blue limestone Roman-arched doorway with Celtic design. [O’Kelly]
1801 Aylwardstown, seat of Mr Strange. [Tighe]
1833 Lawrence Strange, Aylwardstown, Co Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
1876 E M Chapman, Aylwardstown, 293. [Land]
1969 Mr Kelly, present owner. His grandfather bought house and lands from the Strang family. [O’Kelly]
AYRESFIELD HOUSE, parish of St Canice, barony of Crannagh.
1969 Ayresfield House is the home of P J Crotty. [O’Kelly]
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