DAMMA HOUSE, parish of Ballycallan, barony of Crannagh.
1686 Luke Smith, Damma [I Wills]
1691 Luke Smyth, Damma. [Oss Wills]
1707 Mary Smyth, Damma. [Oss Wills]
1732 House of Valentine Smyth at Damagh, Co KK, attacked by 17/18 people who broke down gates and doors and assaulted the family.
1732 14 of above taken and in gaol.
1747 Jane Smith, Damma [I Wills]
19.10.1747 John Smyth of Damma, gent. [Mar Lic]
1748 Jane Smyth, Damma. [Oss Wills]
1748 Valentine Smyth, Damma [Oss Wills]
1749 Mary Smyth, widow, Damma. [Oss Wills]
15.1.1801 To let, mansion house & demesne of Dama, 102 a, 3 mile of city of Kilkenny, apply James Switsir Esq., Kilkenny. [FLJ]
31.7.1802 To let, house & demesne of Dama, 102a, 4 miles from Kilkenny, proposals to James Switser Esq., York Street, Dublin. [FLJ]
1805 James Switsir of Dama. [St Marys Church grave]
1806 Died, James switsir of Dama. [St Marys Church grave]
31.3.1830 To set, demesne of Dama, 84a, 2 mile Kilkenny. [Jnl]
1969 The Smyths of Damma House. [O’Kelly]
30.4.1808 William Watters, Dandrient. [LJ]
Sketch of Danesfort House in Danesfort GAA book of May 1998.
Article 'The Wemyss family of Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny' by Frank McEvoy, Old Kilkenny Review 2006, No. 58, p127.
13.7.1763 James son of James Wemyss Esq of Deans Fort. [KK Coll]
18.12.1770 Catherine Wemys, Danesfort, protestant. [Mar Lic]
1.5.1773 James Wemys of Danesfort, Co Kilkenny, Esq., & Martha Blunden, protestants. [Mar Lic]
25.8.1773 James Wemys, Danesfort. [FLJ]
1.10.1774 Danesfort, seat of James Wemys esq. Death from lime fumes. [FLJ copied]
31.10.1792 James Wemys, Danesfort. [FLJ]
1.2.1794 To let, house & demesne of Danesfort and up to 200a, apply James Wemys, Danesfort. [FLJ]
8.6.1795 Henry son of James Wemyss Esq., Deansfort. [KK Coll]
1801 Danesfort, residence of Mr Wemyss. [Tighe]
3.12.1808 James Wemys, Danesfort. [LJ]
5.10.1808 James & Henry Wemys, Danesfort, game licences. [LJ]
4.2.1815 Henry Wemys, Danesfort Esq., appointed High Sheriff of county. [Mod]
30.5.1827 Henry Wemys Esq., Danesfort. [Mod]
7.10.1835 Major Wemys, Danesfort. [Mod]
1836 Henry Wemys, Danesfort. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1839 Major Wemys, Danesfort. [Kinder]
10.3.1841 Henry Wemys, Danesfort. [Mod]
1846 Henry Wemyss Esq., Danesfort. [Slater]
24.7.1847 Henry Wemys, Danesfort. [KJnl]
1853 Col Henry Wemyss, DL, Danesfort. [Thom]
1856 Henry Wemyss Esq., Danesfort. [Thom]
1860 Henry Wemys, Danesfort. [Will]
1860 Sale at Danesfort, Lady Wemys having set it. [Mod 1.12.1860]
1870 Major Wemys, Danesfort. [Slater]
1873 Major Wemyss, Danesfort. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1876 Major Otway Wemys, Danesfort, 1,870a. [Land]
1881 Major Wemys, Danesfort. [Slater]
1884 Major John Otway Wemys, DL, Danesfort. [Bassett]
DANESFORT CASTLE, Danesfort parish, Shillelogher barony.
1969 A ruined 14th century castle stood close to Danesfort House in the Castle field. [O’Kelly]
C1735 – Deane, Dangan, Co Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
1738 Christopher Hewetson, Dangan. [Oss Wills]
14.4.1770 Amyas Hewetson Esq., of Dangan. [FLJ]
13.6.1776 John Davis, Dangan, gent. [Rod 316.138.210320]
27.5.1777 John Davis of Dangan, gent. [Rod 314.252.213265]
1783 To let house & demesne of Rosbercon, Co Kilkenny, 17a where Thomas Davis lived, apply Lamphier or J Davis, Dangan, Thomastown. [FLJ 15.2.1783]
30.8.1786 To let, house & demesne of Dangan, 50a, on bank of Nore. 16 mile of Waterford, 9 of Ross and Kilkenny. Apply Mr John Nixon, Dangan near Thomastown. [FLJ]
24.2.1787 To let, house & demesne of Dangan, proposals to Mr Nixon at Dangan near Thomastown. [FLJ]
29.9.1821 Sydenham Davis, Dangan, game cert. [Mod]
1824 Sydenham Davis Esq., Dangan, Thomastown. [Pigot]
1836 Sydenham Davis, Dangan. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1837 P Cantwell, Dangan. [Mod 4.10.1837]
1837 Sydenham Davis, Dangan. [Mod 9.12.1837]
23.10.1841 Sydenham Davis Esq., Dangan. [KJnl]
16.7.1853 Sale at Dangan near Thomastown for exors of Sydenham Davis. [Kjnl]
1854 John Lawson Esq., moving from Butler House to Dangan House. [Jnl 7.6.1854]
18.8.1855 Proposals for raising and roofing Dangan House, Thomastown. [Mod]
31.1.1857 John Lawson, solicitor, Dangan. [Mod]
1873 Sydenham W Davis, Dangan House. [Mod 18.6.1873]
1876 Peter Cantwell, Dangan, Thomastown, 177a. [Land]
1993 Dangan, simple early C19th three bay two storey house, rendered, 1 mile S of Thomastown. 19.S.59.41. [KK Dev Plan]
DANGAN CASTLE, parish of Kilmacow, Iverk barony.
1969 The castle in ruins on the Black river belonged to the Butlers of Ormonde. [O’Kelly]
29.3.1809 Mrs Bushe, Dangan Cottage, Thomastown. [LJ]
1816 Mary Bushe of Dangan Cottage left 10 to the Thomastown Dispensary. [Charitable Donations]
15.6.1842 To let Dangan Cottage near Thomastown with 10a. Mrs Bermingham, Dangan Cottage. [Mod]
1873 Mr Morrin, Dangan. [Mod 25.10.1873]
DANGANBEG CASTLE, Kilree parish, Kells barony.
1738 Catherine Ryan, Danganbeg [I Wills]
1969 The site of Danganbeag castle is marked on the OS sheet. [O’Kelly]
DANGANMORE CASTLE, Dunnamaggin parish, Kells barony.
26.2.1794 Late Jeremiah Ryan Esq., Danganmore. [FLJ]
31.8.1811 Peter Ryan, Danganmore, Catholic committee. [LJ]
10.3.1841 John P Ryan, Danganmore. [Mod]
1874 Thomas Davis, Danganmore. [Will]
1876 Reps of Capt. Langton, Danganmore, 940a. [Land]
1883 Edmond Power, Danganmore. [Will]
1969 Danganmore castle in ruins owned by the Comerfords from 1571
DANVILLE, St Patricks parish, Kilkenny. (See also Upper Danville)
1746 To let part of Archers Grove known as Donville 74a 1r 23p, 1 small mile from Kk on Bennettsbridge road, good house, brewhouse, apply Rev John Andrews at Donville.
1749 Michael Langton of Danville, which he had built. [OKR 1984 Langton Mansion)
24.10.1770 Mr Galwey at Danville.
21.4.1774 Mr Galwey, Danville. [FLJ]
1781 Richard Galwey, Danville. [FLJ 11.7.1781]
1782 To let Westcourt and demesne, 75a. 300-400a available. Apply John Galway Esq, Westcourt or Richard Galway, Danville. [FLJ 12.1.1782]
1782 Helen Butler died at Danville 1782 [Butler Jnl 1:64]
29.4.1786 Richard Galway Esq., Danville, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
20.1.1787 Richard Galwey Esq., Danville. [FLJ]
22.1.1803 Residence of Robert Shearman, Danville. [LJ]
2.3.1805 To let, a neat lodge at Danville, 1 mile of Kilkenny, lately occupied by Mrs Blackney. [LJ]
2.10.1805 Mr Kenny Scott, Danville. [LJ]
28.4.1821 C James Esq., Danville. [?]
1.10.1831 Christopher James Esq., Danville. [Jnl]
1832 Paris Anderson, Danville, gent. [Voters]
1832 Christopher James, Danville, barrister. [Voters]
n.d. Christopher, 1st son of Christopher James, Danville and Isabella Meares, ed TCD. [Kings Inns]
1837 To let either Danville House or the new house adjacent thereto. [Mod 27.5.1837]
1837 Died at Danville, daughter of Rev John Alcock. [Mod 28.6.1837]
1837 Married, eldest dau of Christopher James Esq., of Danville. [Mod 18.7.1837]
1839 Christopher James Esq, barrister, Danville. [Kinder]
1844 Christopher James, Danville, barrister & landholder. [Parly Commn.]
13.7.1844 C James Esq., Danville. [Mod]
1846 Christopher James, barrister, Danville. [Slater]
1856 Patrick Lanigan of Danville. [St Patricks grave]
1858 Michael Millea, Danville, gent. [KAS Deed]
1871 Mary Teresa Lalor, Kilkenny & Daneville. [Will]
1871 Michael Millea, Danville. [Will]
1876 Mrs Michael Millea, Danville, 28a. [Land]
1873 Arthur McMahon, Danville House. [KAS Deed]
1876 Arthur M’Mahon, Danvil Hse. [KAS deed A1]
1881 Peter M'Dermott Esq., JP, Danville House. [Slater]
1884 Ald. Arthur M'Mahon, Danville. [Bassett]
1886 Arthur McMahon, Danville House. [KAS deed]
1901 Alice McMahon, Danville House. [KAS deed]
1937 John Stallard of Danville House, Farmer, leasing Ashfield House to T O Kiely. [KAS Deed]
1969 Danville House marked on the OS sheet. Danville is a modern name. [O’Kelly]
1836 Richard Shee Esq., Danville Cottage. [Mod 12.3.1836]
1837 To let either Danville House or the new house adjacent thereto. [Mod 27.5.1837]
1840 William Jackson Douglas, Danville Cottage. [Jnl 30.9.1840]
24.6.1857 H Semple junr Esq., Danville Cottage. [Mod]
DARVER HOUSE, Suttonsrath, parish of Odagh, barony of Crannagh.
28.4.1827 To let, dwelling house of Darver & 27a, lately occupied by Abraham Ball Esq., decd, 4 m Kilkenny and 4 Ballyragget, 1 mile Jenkinstown, residence of Major Bryan. [Mod]
1858 James Francis Haley, Darver. [Will]
1903 Charles Butler Kearney, Darver, Co. Kilkenny, High Sheriff. [KAS deed box3 E10]
1909 Darver House, rented by Mr Corbett Wilson. [O’Kelly]
c1842 Marked on OS map off Upper Patrick St.. [Bradley Atlas]
DEERPARK HOUSE, parish of St Canice, barony of Crannagh.
1746 For sale lands of Old Deer Park three quarters of a mile of Kk, 318a. Apply Joseph Robbins, Dublin, or Thomas Barnes, KK city.
1781 To let, part of estate of Miss Agar, part of Old Deer Park called Earls Grange, Palmerstown and Knockanearl in Liberties of Kilkenny, good farmhouses on said lands, within mile of Kilkenny. [FLJ 3.1.1781]
1883 Died, William Little, Deer Park. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1969 Deerpark House. [O’Kelly]
DERDIMUS. See Tennypark.
29.1.1774 To set, demesne of the lands of Tennypark, otherwise Derdimus, 51a with excellent dwelling house –nice advert- 1 mile of Kilkenny near road to Callan. [FLJ]
29.7.1807 Joseph Greene Esq., Derry Lodge, Thomastown, re letting of part of Low Grange. [LJ]
2.9.1807 Joseph Green, Derry-lodge, game licence. [LJ]
3.2.1808 Joseph Greene Esq., Derry Lodge, Thomastown. [LJnl]
28.5.1808 To let, Derry Lodge "the most desirable residence in this county for any sportsman" 27 or 49a, apply Joseph Greene Esq., Derry Lodge near Thomastown. [LJ]
28.9.1808 Sale by auction at Derry Lodge, entire furniture. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Mark Belcher, Derry Lodge, game licence. [LJ]
16.11.1810 Mark Belcher, Derry Lodge, game licence. [LJ]
25.3.1812 Mark Belcher, Derry Lodge, Thomastown. [LJ]
29.9.1821 Mark Belcher, Derry, game cert. [Mod]
4.4.1827 Joseph Robin Esq., Derry, Knocktopher, re letting of Coolmore. [Mod]
DERRYNAHINCH, Derrynahinch parish, Knocktopher barony.
1693 William Shee, Derrynahinch [I Wills]
1729 Henry Shee, Derrynahinch [I Wills]
17.10.1772 Lord Ikerrin, Derrynahinch, Co. Kilkenny. [FLJ]
28.8.1789 Elizabeth Roth of Derrnehinch, Union of Knocktopher, protestant. [Mar Lic]
6.10.1796 John Power of Derry, Co Kilkenny, Esq., & Harriet Bushe of parish of Kilfane, spinster. [Mar Lic]
1801 Derrynahinch belonging to Mr Strange. [Tighe]
1969 Derrynahinch House, the home of the Walshe family over a long period. [O’Kelly]
DESART, Tullaghnabrogue parish, Shillelogher barony.
1733 Desert Court, a beautiful 4 storey residence faced with Kilkenny blue limestone and granite terracing was built by the Earl of Desert in 1733. [O’Kelly]
28.10.1786 Lord Viscount Desart at Desart. [FLJ]
10.1.1801 Earl of Desart at Desart. [FLJ]
25.4.1804 Earl of Desart, Desart. [LJ]
5.10.1808 Earl of Dysart, Dysart, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Earl of Dysart, Dysart, game licence. [LJ]
1846 Earl of Desart, Desart House. [Slater]
1853 Earl of Desart, DL, Desart, Callan. [Thom]
31.1.1857 T H Ponsonby, Desart House. [Mod]
1876 Earl of Desart, Desart, 8,000a. [Land]
1884 The Earl of Desart, DL, Desart. [Bassett]
1889 Description of decline at Desart, her old home, by Maria La Touche. When Lord Desart returned after 13 years absence his daughter recalled … hall stuccoed & wainscotted in 18th century manner. [Irish Country House, Somerville-Large, p317 & 319]
1923 Burnt down by anti treaty forces, later dismantled. [O’Kelly]
1969 Present owner 5th Earl of Desart. Front altered, beautiful double staircase. [Georgian]
1969 Now in ruins. [O’Kelly]
Photograph of plasterwork, Desart Court, Co Kilkenny. [Irish Country House, Somerville-Large p 162]
Other sources: Brewer p447. Pocock's Tour p130. [Georgian]

1750 Marr last Sunday Patrick Wemis of Deville, Co. KK, MP, to Hon Miss Kitty Bermingham, dau of late Lord Athunry, fortune 2,500.

1782 To set, house & demesne of Dicksborough, 1 m Kilkenny, up to 35a, 2a orchard, walled garden, Ald. Lodge. [FLJ 18.9.1782 copy at Thomastown]
1784 To let, house & demesne of Dicksborough in Liberties of Kilkenny and 22a, good orchard, walled garden. Ald. Lodge, Kilkenny. [FLJ 18.2.1784]
3.1.1795 To let house & demesne of Dicksborough, lately held by Patrick & Mary Kain, apply Francis Lodge Esq., Kilkenny. [FLJ]
29.10.1796 To set, lands of Dicksborough, otherwise Lodge Field, adjoining city of Kilkenny, lately held by Francis Lodge Esq. [FLJ]
DONINGA, parish of Grangesylvia, barony of Gowran.
1.12.1827 Thomas Bookey, Doninga. [Mod]
1.4.1829 T T Bookey Esq., Doninga. [Mod]
1836 Thomas T Bookey, Doninga. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1837 Birth at Doninga, Mrs Percy Magan, a daughter. [Mod 24.5.1837]
1842 Thakeray visited Duninga in Co. Kilkenny, the house rented by Edward Fitzgerald’s cousin, George Percy –description of household, servants etc. [Irish Country House, Somerville-Large, p248]
24.7.1847 Thomas T Bookey, Doninga. [KJnl]
1853 Thomas Truelock Bookey, JP, Doninga, Goresbridge. [Thom]
12.11.1856 Mrs Bookey, Doninga. [Mod]
31.1.1857 T P T Bookey, JP, Doninga. [Mod]
24.6.1857 Captain Bookey, Doninga. [Mod]
1863 Capt. T P T Bookey, Doninga, Goresbridge. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1865 Thomas Kennedy, Doninga. [Will]
1869 Anne F Bookey, Doninga. [Will]
1870 Capt. Thomas Bookey, PT, JP, Dominga, Goresbridge. [Slater]
1873 Capt Bookey, Doninga. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1874 Rose L de Montmorency, Doninga. [Will]
1876 Capt. Thomas P T Bookey, Doninga, Goresbridge, 773a. [Land]
1881 Capt Thomas Bookey, PT, JP, Dominga, Goresbridge. [Slater]
1881 Thomas Power T Bookey, Doninga. [Will]
1884 Raymond De Montmorency, Doninga, Goresbridge. [Bassett]
1969 The Mullins horse training establishment is at Duninga House. [O’Kelly]
1993 Duninga, plain six bay two storey rendered with a hipped roof, c1800, 2 miles N of Goresbridge. 19.S.68.57. [KK Dev Plan]
DOORNANE CASTLE, parish of Pollrone, Iverk barony.
1969 There was an Ormonde castle now destroyed. [O’Kelly]
1833 Ambrose Shearman, Dowlagh. [Jnl 13.3.1833]
DRAKELANDS CASTLE, St Patricks parish, Kilkenny.
1540 A castle. [O’Kelly]
12.3.1842 To let, castle of Drakelands and field on which it stands, 2a, mile of city of Kilkenny. [Jnl]
1969 The castle is in ruins in Drakelands Lower. [O’Kelly]
DRAKELAND HOUSE, St Patricks parish, Kilkenny.
1858 Died, Henry Potter of Drakeland House. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1870 John Francis Smithwick Esq., High Sheriff, Drakeland House, Kilkenny. [Slater]
1873 Rev Waller de Montmorency leaving Drakelanmd House to reside at Castle Morres. [Mod 5.2.1873]
1881 John Francis Smithwick Esq., MP, JP, Drakeland House. [Slater]
1884 John F Smithwick, Magistrate, Drakeland House, Kilkenny. [Bassett]
1907 Most Rev Abraham Brownrigg, Drakelands, Bishop of Ossory. [KAS deed A2]
1969 Drakeland House, once an episcopal residence is now the Egan home. [O’Kelly]
19.1.1772 Barry Drew of Drewmount, Co Kilkenny, protestant. [Mar Lic]
1781 To let, farm of Drillingstown, 121a, joining Liberties of Kilkenny. [FLJ 3.2.1781]
1993 Drumroe, in Mount Loftus demesne. Fragmentary, was used as a dovecote. 18.S.68.51. [KK Dev Plan]
DUNBELL, parish of Dunbell, barony of Gowran.
On the lands of Dunbell, within 2 fields of the spot where the beautiful cottage of Edward Denroche Esq once stood. [Mod]
1783 Henry Anderson of Dunbell, seneschal of the Manor of Blanchville. [FLJ 22.1.1783]
1863 Mr Thomas Lyster, Dunbell. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1969 Paris Anderson’s birthplace is now the home of the Mulrooneys. [O’Kelly]
DUNEENY. [? Doninga]
15.8.1770 To set, part of lands of Duneeny, Co. Kilkenny, in possession of George Roth Esq., 84a on which has been built an excellent slated dwelling house, lands bounded by Barrow, 1 mile of Gowran. [FLJ]
1801 G Rothe at Doninee. [Tighe]
1766 Rowland Eustace, Dungarvan [I Wills]
1770 Rowland Eustace, Dungarvin. [Oss Wills]
17.3.1770 Lease of Dungarvan –Rowland Eustace dec’d. [FLJ]
21.4.1770 To let, house & demesne of Dungarvan near Gowran, 60a, proposals to James Agar. [FLJ]
30.7.1788 To let, town and lands of Dungarvan, 320a, several good farmhouses. Proposals to George Agar, Westcourt or William Goslin, Littlefield near Kilkenny. [FLJ]
DUNGARVAN CASTLE, parish of Dungarvan, barony of Gowran.
1969 Dungarvan Castle long destroyed, was beside the graveyard.
DUNKITT CASTLE, PARISH OF Dunkitt, barony of Ida.
1784 James Warren Denn, Dunkitt [I Wills]
1969 Dunkitt Castle in ruins. [O’Kelly]
11.3.1815 Provn of churches & Glebe houses in See of Ossory: For Glebe House in Union of Dunkitt 800. [Mod]
1864 Rev Patrick Renny, Dunkitt Glebe. [LJ]
DUNMORE COTTAGE, parish of Dunmore, barony of Fassidinan.
1660 Dunmore Cottage, a Butler house, built by the Duchess of Ormonde in 1660. [O’Kelly]
16.9.1769 Sir Robert Staples Bart., at Dunmore. [FLJ]
27.6.1772 Sir Robert Staples, Bart., at Dunmore. [FLJ]
12.12.1772 Robert Staples, Dunmore. [FLJ]
3.10.1789 Lands of Killbeg adjoining beautiful demesne  of Sir Robert Staples Bart., at Dunmore. [FLJ]
2.2.1805 Sir Robert Staples, Bart., Dunmore, Queens County. [LJ]
30.3.1805 Robert Staples Esq., Dunmore near Durrow. [LJ]
27.2.1808 To let, cottage & demesne of Dunmore, 1 mile of Kilkenny, as lately occupied by Earl of Ormonde, 80a. [LJnl]
1.4.1812 James Pringle at the park keeper's house, Dunmore. [LJ]
1814 Hon James Butler, Dunmore. [KAS Deeds D14-B15]
1818 Hon James Butler of Dunmore Cottage. [KAS Deeds D14-B15]
29.9.1821 Patrick Brennan, Dunmore Cottage, game cert. [Mod]
31.1.1827 Michael Brennan Esq., Dunmore Cottage, re letting of St Francis Abbey distillery. [Mod]
1836 Died, Mrs Scahill, wife of Patrick Scahill of Dunmore Cottage. [Mod 16.3.1836]
4.11.1846 Mr H Semple, Dunmore Cottage. [Jnl]
30.9.1854 Humphrey Semple, Dunmore. [Jnl]
26.11.1856 Mr Lalor, Dunmore Cottage. [Mod]
1881 John Lalor, Dunmore. [Will]
1969 Dunmore Cottage now owned by J Dowling. [O’Kelly]
11.3.1815 Provn of churches & Glebe houses in See of Ossory: For Glebe House in parish of Dunmore. [Mod]
31.1.1857 J M Pearson, clerk, Dunmore Glebe. [Mod]
DUNMORE HOUSE, parish of Dunmore, barony of Fassidinan.
1747 For sale at Dunmore sheep, lambs, cattle etc of late Edward Hunt & interests of several farms of the Park of Dunmore. Proposals to Christopher Hunt, Jerpoint. 3-4000 stone wool.
1.4.1812 To let, in divisions, Dunmore Park. [LJ]
1863 James Doyle Esq., Dunmore. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1969 Dunmore House, locally known as the Pheasantry is the property of J Gibbons TD. [O’Kelly]
DUNNAMAGGIN CASTLE, Dunnamaggin parish, Kells barony.
1969 A castle recorded on the Down survey map, no trace now remains. [O’Kelly]
DUNNINGSTOWN HOUSE, parish of St Canice, barony of Crannagh.
1873 Auction at Donningstown, 3 miles of Kilkenny, for Theophilus Little, who has changed residence. [Mod 11.6.1873]
1969 Dunningstown House. [O’Kelly]
31.5.1788 Sale of Kilcreen –a stone house formerly called Dusack’s House. [FLJ]
DYSARTMORE HOUSE, Newgrove, parish of Dysartmoon, barony of Ida.
1873 Mr Lambert, Dysartmore. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1969 Dysartmore House and well-wooded lands owned by Major Desmond Lambert. [O’Kelly]
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