NB a daughter of 2nd Earl of Bessborough was Lady St Albans. [Georgian]
1750 Maurice Cuffe of St Albans, Co Kilkenny, Esq. [KAS deed]
1766 Died at his seat, St Albans, Co. KK age 84, Maurice Cuffe.
7.4.1774 To let house & demesne of St Alban’s, 182 a, 8 mile of Kilkenny, 5 of Freshford, 10 of Thurles & 3 of Ballyspellan Spa, proposals to Miss Cuffe at St Alban’s near Kilkenny. [FLJ copied]
1870 John Wade Esq., St Canice's Cottage. [Slater]
1873 J Wade, St Canices Cottage. [Mod 18.1.1873]
1881 Wm F J Hort Esq., RM, St Canice's Cottage. [Slater]
1881 John Wade Esq., St Canice's Cottage. [Slater]
1884 Sir Wm F J Hort, Bart, St Canice's Cottage. [Barrett]
1884 John Wade, land agent, St Canices Cottage. [Bassett]
c1842 Marked on OS map BEYOND Bishops Hill. [Bradley Atlas]
(Shown on 1871 OS map at corner of Troys Lane and Church lane; clearly associated with St James Park)
1856 Hugh Reade Esq., St James' Cottage. [Thom]
1825 Died, Thomas Costelloe Esq., late of St James Park age 60. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
28.3.1829 To let, St James' Park & 2a, lately occupied by Rev Benjamin Morris and after him by Capt. Urquhart, 5 minutes walk of the city. [Mod]
1837 Mathew O'Donnell. [Mod 16.12.1837]
1839 Matthew O'Donnell Esq, barrister, St James's Park. [Kinder]
c1842 Marked on OS map. [Bradley Atlas]
18.3.1843 To let, St James' Park, extensive mansion lately put into thorough repair; adjoining the Bishop's Palace on 3a, including gate house; heretofore held by Sir John Harvey and lately by Mr Richard O'Donnell, distiller. [Jnl]
1856 Lt Col Godfrey Mundy, Assistant Quarter Master General, St James Park. [Thom]
1856 Col William F Williams, St James Park. [Thom]
1860 To let St James Park at present occupied by Rev John L Drapes. [Mod 1.12.1860]
SALISBURY. See also Bettymount.
1801 Bettymount (now Salisburgh), seat of Mr Rothe. [Tighe]
25.2.1804 George Rothe of Salisbury Esq., appointed High Sheriff of County for ensuing year. [LJ]
30.4.1808 George Rothe, Salisbury. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 George Rothe, Salsbury, game licence. [LJ]
3.12.1808 George Rothe, Salisbury. [LJ]
29.9.1821 J Warren, Salsbury, game cert. [Mod]
SANDFORD’S COURT or CANTWELL’S COURT, parish of Rathcoole, barony of Gowran.
1736 Intended marriage of Charles Sandford of Sandfords Court & Miss Smith a near relative of Bishop of Ossory.
1747 Died near Kk, Charles Sandford.
1764 John Brennan, Sandfordscourt [I Wills]
31.5.1769 To let, house of Sandfordscourt –proposals to Mr James Headen who lives on the premises or Dr Sandford, Dublin. [FLJ]
1769 To let Sandfords Court & 194 acres.
31.5.1769 To let, house of Sandfordscourt –proposals to Mr James Headen who lives on the premises or Dr Sandford, Dublin. [FLJ]
12.7.1769 To let, mansion house and 194a of lands of Sandford’s Court, apply Rev. Dr Sandford. [FLJ]
9.1.1771 To let, house of Sandford’s Court near Kilkenny, with 196a.
25.8.1773 Mr Robert Spear (or Speak), Sandfords Court. [FLJ]
1781 To let Sandfordscourt & 15a, 3a of which is an orchard of 400 apple trees. [FLJ 7.4.1781]
30.9.1801 Thomas Cahill, Sandsford Court. [FLJ]
2.9.1807 Richard Cahill, Sandfords Court, game licence. [LJ]
5.10.1808 Richard Cahill, Sandfords Court, game licence. [LJ]
26.4.1809 Thomas Cahill, Sanfords Court. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Richard Cahill, Sandfords Court, game licence. [LJ]
17.10.1810 To let, land at Sandford's Court, apply John Cahill on premises. [LJ]
9.3.1811 Mark Cahill of Sandford's Court. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Nicholas Cahill, Sandfords Court, game licence. [LJ]
1841 Died, Sarah wife of Michael Warren of Sandford Court, age 37. [St Marys Church grave]
1860 John Buggy, Sandfords Court, Esq. [KAS Deed]
1863 John M Cantwell Esq., Cantwells Court. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 John Buggy, Cantwells Court. [Will]
1876 Eliza Buggy, Cantwell’s Court, 826a. [Land]
1876 John Lyons, Sandfordscourt, 587a. [Land]
1945 Dawson Millar, Sandfordscourt, farmer. [KAS deed]
1969 Cantwell’s Court in Ruins. [O’Kelly]
22.10.1787 Henry Briscoe elder son of John Briscoe late of Sandpits, Co KK [KAS deeds D14-A8]
23.1.1815 To let, beautiful farm of Sandpits, 30a, adjoining Bessborough, in possession of Rev Dr Sandys. [Mod]
SCOTTSBOROUGH, Killaloe parish, Shillelogher barony.
19.5.1770 John Scott, Scottsborough, near Callan. [FLJ]
1.9.1770 Michael Scott Esq., at Scottsborough near Callan. [FLJ]
1781 Died at Scottborough, Elizabeth Scott, daughter of late Michael Scott and niece to the attorney general [John Scott] [FLJ 22.9.1781]
1784 Died at Scottsborough, relict of Thomas Scott Esq. [FLJ 31.1.1784]
1784 Sale at Svottborough near Callan, furniture of Rev John Scott. [FLJ 3.3.1784]
3.1.1787 Rev John Scott of Scotsborough, Co Kilkenny & Charlotte Bushe, Union of Kilfane, spinster. [Mar Lic]
2.8.1788 To set, house & demesne of Scotsborough, seat of Rev John Scott, 60a. [FLJ]
31.3.1790 To set, house & demesne of Scottsborough, 73a. [FLJ]
5.10.1808 Thomas Millett, Scottsborough, game licence. [LJ]
1813 Richard Millett, Scotsboro, Co Kilkenny. [Kings Inn –Pedder.]
30.5.1789 Died, wife of Richard Magrath Esq., of Seafield, Co. Kilkenny (at Carrick on Suir) [FLJ]
SESKIN HOUSE, parish of Aharney, barony of Galmoy.
1675 John Meagh, Seskin [I Wills]
1745 Edward Wale, Seskin [I Wills]
1863 Henry Staunton, Seskin, Ballyragget. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Edward Staunton Esq., JP, Seskin. [Slater]
1876 Henry Staunton, Seskin, Ballyragget, 858a. [Land]
1969 The site of a Butler Mountgarret castle is in Seskin proper north-east of Seskin House. [O’Kelly]
1993 Seskin, single storey neo-Tudor house, unusual H-Plan, early C19th, 3 miles NW of Ballragget. 18.S.41.72. [KK Dev Plan]
SEVILLE LODGE, St Patricks parish, Kilkenny.
1863 John Walsh, Seville Lodge, Kilkenny. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Eugene Shine Esq., Seville Lodge. [Slater]
1871 Died Eugene Shine of Seville Lodge age 56. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1871 Eugene Shine, Seville Lodge. [Will]
1876 Margaret Shine, Seville Lodge, Kilkenny, 228a. [Land]
1881 Eugene Shine Esq., Seville Lodge. [Slater]
1884 R McCarthy, Inland Revenue Collector, res. Seville Lodge. [Bassett]
1894 Patrick & Thomas Wall, Seville Lodge. [Slater]
1896 Patrick Thomas Wall, Seville Lodge. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1905 Died Patrick Thomas Wall, Seville Lodge. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1969 Seville Lodge is in this parish. [O’Kelly]
SHAMROCK LODGE, Cloghscregg, parish of Kilfane, barony of Gowran.
8.10.1842 George Power of Isle of St Vincent, son of Sir John of Kilfane married Margaret Catherine daughter of John Prendergast Esq., of Shamrock Lodge, Co Kilkenny. [Jnl]
1865 William F Archdall, Shamrock Lodge. [Will]
1969 Major Seigne resided at Shamrock Lodge till 1930. [O’Kelly]
1993 Shamrock Lodge, early C19th Butler shooting lodge, 4 miles E of Thomastown. 19.S.63.44. [KK Dev Plan]
SHANCHAISLAUN CASTLE, Kilmoganny parish, Kells barony.
1969 Its ruined castle still retains its old title. [O’Kelly]
16.1.1771 See Wilford.
Pierce Aylward, outlawed in 1690 married Ellen Butler, daughter of  Sir Richard Butler of Paulstown and acquired Shankill Castle and lands. [O’Kelly]
1715 Charles Powell, Shankill [I Wills]
1745 To let lands of Bolygurteen, part of estate of Nicholas Aylward of Shankill 1400 acres in several farms.
1749 Marr John Hely eldest son of Gorges Hely, at Foulks Court to Miss Aylward dau of Nicholas Aylward of Shankhill.
8.4.1769 Nicholas Aylward of Shankill, Co Kilkenny, Esq. [Mar Lic]
1801 Shankill belonging to Mr Kearney. [Tighe]
26.4.1806 Nicholas Aylward Esq., Shankill. [LJnl]
30.4.1808 Nicholas Aylward, Shankill. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 Nicholas Aylward, Shankill, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Nicholas Aylward, Shankill, game licence. [LJ]
9.3.1811 Nicholas Aylward, Shankill. [LJ]
29.9.1821 Nicholas Aylward, Shankill Castle, game cert. Mod]
4.7.1827 Nicholas Aylward, Shankill Castle. [Mod]
1836 James Kearney Aylward, Shankill Castle. [Mod 27.4.1836]
10.3.1841 James K Aylward, Shankill. [Mod]
1853 James Kearney Aylward, Shankill Castle, Whitehall. [Thom]
31.1.1857 James K Aylward, Jp, Shankill Castle. [Mod]
1876 James K Aylward, Shankill Castle, Whitehall, Co. Kilkenny, 3376a. [Land]
1882 Isabella A Kearney, Shankill Castle. [Will]
1993 Shankill Castle, early C18th and several different dates. 19.S.66.59. [KK Dev Plan]
SHEEPSTOWN CASTLE, Knocktopher parish, Knocktopher barony.
1719 John Shee, Sheepstown [I Wills]
1737 Francis Shee, Sheepstown [I Wills]
1749 Marcus Shee, Sheepstown [I Wills]
1762 Elizabeth Clarke, Sheepstown [I Wills]
1790 William Braithwaite of Sheepstown, gent purchased house & demesne, 102a from V Mountgarret. [KAS deed box 5]
1835 To let, lands, houses & premises of Newmarket, otherwise Sheepstown, in possession of Paul Shirley. [Mod]
1969 The site of Sheepstown castle which belonged to the Rothes until the 17th century. [O’Kelly]
SHEESTOWN LODGE, Kilferagh parish, Shillelogher barony.
1687 Richard Shee, Sheestown [I Wills]
1703 Elizabeth Shee, Sheestown. [Oss Wills] [I Wills]
1737 Francis Shee, Sheeptown. [Oss Wills]
1748 Richard Shee, Sheestown [I Wills]
1748 Died at Sheestown, Richard Shee, esteemed by Poor of Hospital founded by his ancestors in KK city.
17.12.1748 Died, Richard Shee of Sheestown, Co Kilkenny, Esq., at his house in city of Kilkenny. [Pues]
28.10.1751 Dau of William Shee of Sheepstown, Co Kilkenny, gent, papist. [Mar Lic]
1758 William Shee, Sheeptown. [Oss Wills]
23.6.1770 To let, house etc. etc. with the old mill of Sheestown, 3 mile of Kilkenny. Proposals to John Shee Esq., at Churchtown near Carrick on Suir. [FLJ]
2.6.1774 Died at Sheepstown, Mary, relict of late William Shee of Sheepstown Esq. [FLJ]
1781 John Butler, Sheestown. [FLJ 1.8.1781]
1783 John Butler, Sheestown. [FLJ 22.1.1783]
1781 John Delaney, Sheestown. [FLJ 12.12.1781]
1784 John Butler, Sheestown. [FLJ 10.3.1784]
31.3.1792 To let, house and demesne of Sheestown, situate over river Nore, 2 mile of Kilkenny, 40a. All enclosed in 8’ walls. Apply John Butler, Sheestown. [FLJ]
29.4.1795 Mr John Butler, Sheestown, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
30.9.1797 To let, dwelling house of Sheestown and 28a –description of rooms. [FLJ]
19.1.1805 To let, house & 50a of Sheestown, on bank of Nore, 3 mile of Kilkenny, apply John O'Shee, Dublin. [L]
29.10.1808 Pat Costelloe at Sheestown House. [LJ]
1827 To let, Sheestown Villa & 60a, house & offices lately built on bank of Nore, 2 m Kilkenny. Garden enclosed by 12ft wall. [Mod 3.10.1827]
1859 I don't remember Mr O'Shee going to rebuild Sheestown Villa about 1859. [KAS deed]
(c1850-1900) Nicholas P O'Shee lived from time to time at Sheestown when he had not a tenant there. [KAS deed]
1873 John Antonion Perrolt, Sheestown. [Will]
1873 Death of John A Perrott Esq of Sheestown House. [Mod 17.9.1873]
1873 Samuel Willy Perrolt, Sheestown. [Will]
1909, Witness of 72. I remember sight of the old house "Hartford House" it was called, I saw it knocked. [KAS deed]
pre 1909 When Mr Power O'Shee was living at Sheestown Villa. [KAS deed]
1909 Sheestown Villa where Capt. Cuffe is now living. [KAS deed]
1909 Sheestown House, dscribed as a mansion house, but is merely a two-storied dwelling house of very unpretentious character. [KAS deed]
1969 Sheestown Lodge. [O’Kelly]
SHIPTON HOUSE, Sheepstown, parish of Kilmanagh, barony of Crannagh.
8.9.1773 John Waring, Shipton. [FLJ]
1781 John Waring of Shipton. [FLJ 15.8.1781]
1784 John Waring, Shipton. [FLJ 26.6.1784]
17.1.1798 John Waring of Shipton, co Kilkenny, Esq. [Mar Lic]
1801 Shipton belonging to Mr J Waring. [Tighe]
27.11.1802 Died, Thursday last, at Shipton, John Waring Esq. [LJ]
29.1.1803 Sale at Shipton, stock of late John Waring. House & demesne, 77a, also to let for 7 years, being minority of E Waring. [LJ]
26.4.1809 To let, house & demesne of Shipton, 6 mile of Kilkenny, 4 of Callan, 77a, apply Ekims Waring Esq., Shipton. [LJ]
31.5.1809 Shipton, detailed advert. [LJ]
1.9.1810 Estate of John Waring, late of Shipton, decd. [LJ]
27.4.1811 William Waring Esq., Shipton. [LJ]
1.2.1821 William Waring, Shipton. [Mod]
29.9.1821 William Waring, Shipton, game cert. [Mod]
2.10.1830 To let. House & demesne of Shipton, 77a, 4 mile Callan, 6 of Kilkenny, apply John Waring, Bellevan. [Jnl]
30.3.1831 To let, house & demesne of Shipton, 6 mile Kilkenny, 4 mile Callan, 77a, stream with excellent trout fishing. [Jnl]
1836 James S Lane, Shipton. [Mod 27.4.1836
1837 James Sandiford Lane, Shipton. [Mod 2.9.1837]
4.8.1841 James S Lane, Shipton. [Mod]
24.7.1847 James S Lane, Shipton. [KJnl]
1853 James Sandiford Lane, JP, Shipton, Callan. [Thom]
31.1.1857 J S Lane, JP, Shipton. [Mod]
1860 James Sandiford Lane, Shipton. [Will]
1863 James S Lane, Shipton, Callan. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1871 James Sandiford Lane, Shipton. [Will]
1873 Mr Lane, Shipton. [Mod 29.11.1873]
1874 Thomas Waring, Shipton. [Will]
1876 Samuel W Lane, Shipton, Kilmanagh, 553a. [Land]
1969 Shipton House is the home of the Teehan family. [O’Kelly]
1993 Sheeptown, five bay two storey late C18th house, 1 mile S of Kilmanagh. 18.S.39.50. [KK Dev Plan]
1672 Redmond Boorke, Shortall’s Graige. I Wills
1694 Darby Ryan, Shortall’s Graige [I Wills]
1836 William Brown, Shortal's Graigue. [Mod 27.4.1836]
SILVERSPRINGS HOUSE, Afaddy, parish of Ballytarsney, Iverk Barony.
19.5.1783 William Harrason Osborne of Silverspring, Co Kilkenny, protestant. [Mar Lic]
23.5.1789 Elizabeth Osborne, Silver Springs, parish of Rathkeran. [Mar Lic]
2.8.1797 Auction sale of stock in legal action against William Osborne Esq., at Silverspring, Co Kilkenny. [FLJ]
8.10.1802 John Taylor of Silverspring, Co Kilkenny, Gent. [Mar Lic]
1.3.1803 Robert Taylor, Silversprings, Co Kilkenny, farmer. [Mar Lic]
1836 Daniel Osborne, Silverspring. [Mod 27.4.1836]
4.8.1841 Daniel Osborne, Silversprings. [Mod]
18.11.1843 Daniel Osborne, Silverspring. [Jnl]
1853 Daniel Osborne, JP, Silver Spring, Pilltown. [Thom]
31.1.1857 Daniel Osborne, JP, Silverspring. [Mod]
1860 Margaret MacCord, Silverspring. [Will]
1863 D Osborne, Silverspring. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1871 Daniel Osborne, Silverspring. [Will]
1875 Anne Medley Osborne, Silverspring. [Will]
1876 Edward Osborne, Silverspring, Kilkenny, 877a. [Land]
1884 Ed Osborne, JP, Silverspring, Piltown. [Bassett]
1969 The avenue to Silversprings House. [O’Kelly]
1869 William F Knaresborough, Sion Cottage. [Will]
1870 Lewis Harkin Esq., Sion Cottage. [Slater]
1873 To let Sion Cottage, lately occ by Capt. Swinhoe. Apply James H Knaresborough, Inch House. [Mod 12.4.1873]
1884 Thos. Spencer, Sion Cottage. [Bassett]
26.10.1768 Dr Henry Candler, send bills to Zion –not clear if he was living there or an agent. [FLJ]
1769 Rev Henry Candler of Sion. [KK MPs, Burtchaell p148]
2.6.1773 James Cooke Esq., Sion. [FLJ]
1781 Patrick Welsh, Sion. [FLJ 30.6.1781]
1783 Sion, seat of Patrick Welsh. [FLJ 1.10.1783]
31.3.1787 To set, house and gardens of Sion, 8a, proposals to James Cooke Esq., or Edward Hunt Esq., Kilkenny. [FLJ]
30.4.1796 To let, Sion, proposals will be forwarded to Mr Ledwill. [FLJ]
30.3.1805 To let, demesne of Sion, 1 mile of Kilkenny, 8a, apply James Cooke Esq., Kilkenny. [LJ]
26.4.1806 To let, demesne of Sion, 1 mile of Kilkenny, 8a, apply James Cooke Esq., Kilkenny. [LJnl]
1809 To let, demesne of Sion and 8a. Elm, Ash & Walnut thereon, proposals to John Cooke Esq., Patrick St. [LJ]
17.6.1820 James Loughnan, Sion House, value 2,000. [LJ]
30.6.1821 In James Loughnan, bankrupt, sale of house & demesne & 8 a. Long description. [Mod]
5.10.1822 Zion for sale by assignee of James Loughnan. [LJ]
31.8.1831 Mr Michael Warren of Sion. [Jnl]
1839 John Power Esq., Sion. [Kinder]
1840 John Power of Sion. [Jnl 25.11.1840]
17.2.1841 John Power jr Esq., Sion, High Sheriff, Co Kilkenny. [Mod]
19.10.1842 John Power of Sion, son of Sir John of Kilfane. [Jnl]
18.11.1843 John Power, Sion. [Jnl]
1.3.1845 Mr W H Greene, Sion. [Mod]
1846 William Hastings Greene Esq, Sion House. [Slater]
24.7.1847 William H Greene, Sion. [KJnl]
6.1.1849 William Hastings Green Esq, Sion House. [Jnl]
14.11.1857 Captain & Mrs Ponsonby taken up their residence at Sion House near the city. [Mod]
1860 Capt. & Mrs Ponsonby, Sion House. [Mod 26.12.1860]
1870 Capt Ponsonby, Sion. [Slater]
1871 Richard Langrishe took yearl tenancy of Sion Villa (aka Sion Lodge)[OKR 1997]
1873 Mr Langrishe, Sion Villa. [Mod 19.7.1873]
1873 Mr Langrishe, Sion. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1873 Daughter to Richard Langrishe, Sion Villa. [Mod 17.12.1873]
1873 Died Sara wife of Richard Langrishe, Sion Villa, age 28. [Mod 24.12.1873]
1874 Richard Langrishe bought Noremount. [OKR1997]
1878 William Delaney, Sion. [Will]
1878 Michael Byrne of Sion. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1884 Thos H Ponsonby, Sion House. [Bassett]
1886 Died, Frances, wife of Joseph Wybault of Sion House. [St Marys Church grave]
1888 Died, Joseph Wm Wybault at his residence, Sion House. [St Marys Church grave]
1894 Edward Dunphy, Sion. [Slater]
1920 Died, Edward A Dunphy, Mount Sion House, age 73. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1924 Died, Mrs Josephine Joyce, Sion House. [St Marys Church grave]
1926 Died, Major Joyce, Sion House. [St Marys Church grave]
1993 Skeaghvasteen, late C18th three bay two storey house, 3 miles W of Borris. 19.S.69.48. [KK Dev Plan]
30.1.1808 Henry Hartford Esq., Smithtown, Gowran. [LJnl]
3.9.1808 To let, Smithstown Lodge with 4a, 4 mile Kilkenny, 2 of Gowran, apply Mr Hartford, Mount Brilliant. [LJ]
5.10.1808 George Hartford, Smithstown, game licence. [LJ]
1875 Thomas Murphy, Smithstown, Gowran. [Will]
SNOW HILL, Gorteens, parish of Rathpatrick, barony of Ida.
13.7.1768 Henry Snow at Snowhill, Co. Kilkenny, near Waterford. [FLJ]
11.7.1770 Henry Hayden Esq., at Snowhill near Waterford. [FLJ]
24.12.1811 N Power Esq., Snow Hill, Waterford, in Co Kilkenny. [LJ]
1839 Thomas Sherlock Esq., Snowhill, Co Kilkenny. [IG Wfd Poll list]
17.5.1843 Nicholas Power O'Neill, Snow Hill. [Jnl]
1863 David O'Neill Power, Snohill. [Will]
1864 David O'Neill Power, Snohill. [Will]
1873 Snow Hill, Co. Kilkenny, 4 miles from Waterford. [Mod 30.8.1873]
1874 Nicholas O'Neill Power, Snow Hill. [Will]
1876 J O N Power, Snohill, Waterford, 3,788a. [Land]
1880 Eliz O'Neill Power, Snow Hill. [Will]
1884 Joseph O'Neill Power, JP, Snowhill, Ferrybank, Waterford. [Bassett]
1969 Snowhill named after a Mr Snow, landowner of Snowhill House. [O’Kelly]
1759 George Reade, Snugsboro’ [I Wills]
23.2.1771 John Sheppard Esq., at Snugburrow near Callan. [FLJ]
1782 Capt, Shapard, Snugborough, Callan. [FLJ 12.1.1782]
29.8.1789 Married, George Shephard Esq.,of Snugboro. [FLJ]
9.1.1790 G J Sheppard Esq., Snugborough. [FLJ]
24.2.1790 To be sold, an excellent pack of hounds, G J Sheppard, Snugborough. [FLJ]
1801 Snugborough, lately occupied by Rev G Shepherd, on estate of Major Reade, now uninhabited. [Tighe]
27.12.1806 Hon. Francis Maffy, Soho. [LJ]
1783 To set, lands of Joiners Folly commonly called Somerset, in Liberties of Kilkenny, apply John Roth, Ballylinch. [FLJ 27.8.1783]
1836 John Wood, Somerton. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1837 John Wood, Somerton. [Mod 11.11.837]
26.11.1845 John Wood Esq., Somerton House. [Mod]
26.4.1809 Francis Trench (agent ot Earl of Desart), Sopwell Hall. [LJ]
4.1.1812 Mr Thomas Little, Spahill, Goresbridge. [LJ]
28.3.1789 To let, dwelling house and lands of Sportsville and Moniamore, part of estate of John Newport Esq., on great road from Waterford to Kilkenny by Newmarket, 10 mile of Waterford, 3 of Knocktopher. A good slate house on Sportsville. Advert of Laurence Hackett stating he is entitled to possession of above. [FLJ]
17.1.1784 Charles Bolton Esq of Springfield. [FLJ]
29.12.1792 Samuel Waring, Springfield. [FLJ]
1801 Springfield belonging to Mr S Waring. [Tighe]
27.11.1802 Died, Thursday at Springfield, near Waterford, Mrs Waring, lady of Samuel Waring Esq., [LJ] This was retracted the following week.
9.10.1805 To let, flour mill on the lands of Warrington, apply Samuel Warring Esq., Springfield. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Samuel Waring, Springfield. [LJnl]
31.3.1810 Samuel Waring Esq., Springfield. [LJ]
1863 Patrick Kelly, Springfield. [Will]
7.9.1773 Richard Ryan of Spring Hill, Co Kilkenny, gent. [Mar Lic]
1781 Mr Joseph Strangways, Springhill. [FLJ 28.7.1781]
1782 Patrick McGrath, Springhill. [FLJ 6.11.1782]
1783 Joseph Strangways, Spring Hill. [FLJ 4.10.1783]
31.3.1792 Horse, property of Mr Strangways, to stand at Springhill. [FLJ]
29.4.1797 Stallions property of Joseph Strangeways Esq., will cover at Springhill. [FLJ]
1802 Edward Ryan, Springhill, Co Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
29.3.1806 Apply to J Strangways of Springhill, Esq., re letting of land at Clinstown. [LJnl]
27.12.1806 Edward Ryan, Springhill. [LJ]
2.9.1807 Richard Ryan, Springhill, game licence. [LJ]
31.10.1807 Kilfera to let, apply Henry Ryan, Springhill. [LJ]
12.10.1811 Patrick Rafter, Springhill, Co Kilkenny, yeoman, aged 30 years & upwards. [Will Abs 493]
14.3.1815 For sale, interest in land of Springhill adjoining Jenkinstown, apply Charles Ryan, Springhill, or Mr Ryan, Kifera. [Mod]
1865 William Kelly, Springhill. [Will]
1878 David Kelly, Spring Hill. [Will]
29.8.1792 Thomas Lee Esq., of Spring Mount. [FLJ]
3.6.1797 Thomas Lee, Springmount. [FLJ]
4.2.1801 To let, house & demesne of Springmount, 4 mile of Callan. [FLJ]
1809 William Lee, 2nd son of Thomas Lee, Springmount, Co. Kilkenny, dec'd & Fanny Hearne dec'd, over 16, ed Carlow RC College, afft George Christian, attorney. H 1809. [Kings Inn]
31.8.1811 Nicholas H Lee, Springmount, Catholic committee. [LJ]
1872 Michael Maher, Springmount. [Will]
1876 Thomas Flemming, Springmount. [Will]
1876 Francis Marsh, Springmount, Mountrath, 2,605a. [Land]
1993 Springmount, five bays, two storeys, white-washed, with hipped roof, 6 miles SW of Killamery. 18.S.38.36. [KK Dev Plan]
4.11.1857 Birth at Springview, Co. Kilkenny, son of Garrett Neville Esq. [Mod]
15.1.1773 John Eaton, Spring Well near Gowran. [FLJ]
1845 John Philip Kavanagh, son of William Kavanagh, Steeple View, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, decd, under 17, ed Thurles College, afft Honora, widow, mother. [Kings Inn]
1839 Ralph Hinks Esq., Suirview, Co Kilkenny. [Wfd Poll list]
1.10.1845 John Greene, Suir View [Inistiogue area?] [Mod]
1860 Ralph Hincks, Suir View. [Will]
9.2.1820 John Hewetson, Suirville, Co Kilkenny Esq. [Will Abs 644]
1836 Rev Francis Newport, Suirville, Co. Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
9.9.1795 John Davis, Summerhill. [FLJ]
7.10.1799 John Snow son of John Davis Esq., of Summer Hill. [KK Coll]
1801 Summerhill, seat of  Mr Davis. [Tighe]
1804 John Davis, Summerhill. [Kings Inn]
2.9.1807 John Davis, Summerhill, game licence. [LJ]
30.4.1808 John Davis, Summerhill [LJ]
5.10.1808 John Davis & John Snow Davis, Summerhill, game licence. [LJ]
3.12.1808 John Davis, Summerhill. [LJ]
6.9.1809 John Snow Davis, Summerhill, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 John Davis, Summerhill, game licence. [LJ]
29.9.1821 John Snow Davis, Summerhill, game cert. [Mod]
1836 John Snow Davis, Summerhill. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1866 William Davis, Summerhill. [Will]
1873 Mr Davis, Summerhill. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1876 John Davis, Summerhill, Thomastown, 1538a. [Land]
? Charlotte Faulkener, Summerhill. [Will]
1993 Summerhill, mid C18th. Refaced C19th. 2 miles N of Thomastown. 19.S.58.46. [KK Dev Plan]
10.9.1774 Birth at Summerhill nera Castlecomer, the lady of Roger Garraway Esq., of a daughter. [FLJ]
29.3.1788 To let, Summer Villa, an elegant Ballyspellan Spaw Lodge near Johnstown in Co. Kilkenny. Proposals to Hampden Hely Esq., Folke’s Court, Freshford. [FLJ]
31.12.1766 Joseph Strangeways of Suttonsrath, Co. Kilkenny, gent. [Mar Lic]
1859 Died 1859 Wm Strangeways of Suttonsrath. [St Marys Church grave]
31.10.1832 To let, house and 4a of Sweet Hill, lately occupied by Rev Mr Bagnall. [Jnl]
1837 To let, Sweet Hill (or Clone), |Freshford, house & 56a, James Disney. [Mod 29.11.1837]
1.6.1844 For sale, house of sweet Hill, Co. Kilkenny, 17 bedrooms, 70a. 2 mile freshford & Ballyragget, 6 mile Kilkenny, contiguous to river Nore. Apply Mr Henry Disney on premises. [Mod]
1993 Sweethill, mid-C18th three bay, two storey rendered house, 2 miles SSW of Ballyragget. 18.S.43.68. [KK Dev Plan]
SWEETMAN’S CASTLE, parish of Thomastown, barony of Gowran.
12.9.1778 For sale, Richard Graves’ interest in the castle called Sweetman’s castle, in Thomastown (brewing & malting concern. [FLJ]
1969 Sweetman’s now known as Mullins Castle beside the bridge. [O’Kelly]
2.3.1774 Christopher Hewetson Esq., Swifts Heath. [FLJ]
3.4.1774 Mrs Elizabeth Hewetson, Swiftsheath. [FLJ]
1782 To set, flour & rape mill of Ballyconra and 30a, Chris Hewitson, Swift Heath. [FLJ 14.8.1782]
20.1.1786 John Hewetson of Swiftsheath, Co Kilkenny Esq., protestant. [Mar Lic]
6.1.1790 Hamilton Hewitson Esq., dec’d, of Swifts-heath. [FLJ]
30.4.1803 To let, house & demesne of Swifts Heath, 49 acres, 5 miles of Kilkenny, 6 of Durrow, in good repair, apply Mr Lodge at Swifts Heath. Entire contents for sale by auction. [LJ]
28.9.1803 To let, Swifts Heath, apply George Lodge Esq., Swifts Heath, Freshford. [LJ]
14.2.1804 George Stotesbury, Swiftsheath, Co Kilkenny, Esq. [Mar Lic]
25.4.1804 To let, house & demesne of Swiftsheath, in good order, 50a, apply Mr Lodge. [LJ]
2.3.1805 To let, house & demesne of Swifts Heath and 50a in perfect repair, apply Mr J Bradish, Kilkenny. [LJ]
4.9.1811 To let, house & 43a of demesne of Swifts Heath, 5 mile of Kilkeny, 3 of Ballyragget, perfect order, apply Joseph Bradish Esq., Swifts Heath. [LJ]
4.7.1827 James Goslin of Swiftsheath. [Mod]
1836 John Goslin, Swiftsheath. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1864 Lord Carlingford, otherwise Godwin Swift, MP, Swift's Heath. [Will]
1876 Mary G Swift, Swiftsheath, 593a. [Land]
1993 Swift’s Heath, dated 1657, but presently is a 7 bay stuccoed mid C19th house, 3 miles S of Ballyragget. 18.S.46.65. [KK Dev Plan]



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