1661 Richard Lawless, Talbot’s Inch [I Wills]
31.8.1811 To set, the residence on Talbot Inch occupied by Major Harvey, Assist. Adjutant General. [LJ]
28.3.1815 Legal case re claimant to Talbots Inch, property of late Edward North Esq. [Mod]
1832 John Anderson, Talbots Inch, gent. [Voters]
1876 Died, John Campion, Talbots Inch age 70. [St Canices RC Church grave]
1.7.1786 Sale at Tally-Ho, dwelling house of Michael Lacy. [FLJ]
TEMPLEORUM CASTLE, parish of Fiddown, Iverk barony.
1969 Templeorum castle site is at the village. [O’Kelly]
TENNYPARK, Deirdimus, Castleinch parish, Shillelogher barony.
29.1.1774 To set, demesne of the lands of Tennypark, otherwise Derdimus, 51a with excellent dwelling house –nice advert- 1 mile of Kilkenny near road to Callan. [FLJ] [2.3.1774 copied]
4.1.1775 Richard Shee late of Tennypark, dec’d. [FLJ]
1784 To set, demesne of Tinnypark, 50a, house & orchard, 11/2 mile of Kilkenny. Proposals to David Hearn esq at Tinnypark. [FLJ23.6.1784]
1.3.1786 Mr Hearn intends to set or sell his interest in the elegant seat and lands of Tennypark within a small walk of Kilkenny. [FLJ]
28.10.1786 Tinnypark house & demesne, 50a, to let. Apply Mr Hartford, Mount Brilliant. [FLJ]
31.3.1790 To set, house & demesne of Tennypark, 34a, house in good repair. [FLJ]
3.3.1792 To let, house of Tennypark and 23a, apply Way Bayly Esq. [FLJ]
2.5.1792 Sale of furniture at Tennypark. [FLJ]
15.1.1801 To let, house & demesne of Tennypark, 37a, apply William Hartford Esq., Grange. [FLJ]
22.1.1803 To set, Tinny Park house & demesne, 37a, 1 miles of Kilkenny. [LJ]
29.9.1803 Died Wellesley Hartford, son of Henry Hartford of Tenny Park. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
3.12.1808 Patt Denn, Tennypark. [LJ]
5.10.1808 Patrick Denn, Tennypark, game licence. [LJ]
6.9.1809 Patrick Denn, Tennypark, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Patrick Denn, Tennypark, game licence. [LJ]
30.1.1811 Patrick Denn, Tenny Park. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Patrick Denn, Tennypark, game licence. [LJ]
10.3.1818 Mrs Keating, Tenny-park. [Mod]
10.3.1818 Miss Denn, Tenny-park. [Mod]
29.9.1821 Michael D Keating, Tennypark. [Mod]
1836 Died, at Tenny Park, residence of her daughter, Mrs Denn Keating, Jane, relict of Maj Gen Francis Kyan, BNI. [Mod 30.3.1836]
1839 Mrs Denn Keatinge, Tenny-park. [Kinder]
1840 To let, Tennypark & 23 acres, residence of late Maj. Keating. [1.8.1840 Jnl]
1856 Mrs Den Keatinge, Fenny Park. [Thom]
1863 H de Montmorency, Tenny Park. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Harvey de Mountmorency Esq., Tenny Park. [Slater]
1873 H de Montmorecy, Tennypark. [Mod 19.7.1873]
1881 Harvey de Montmorency Esq., Tenny Park. [Slater]
1881Daniel Smithwick Esq., Tiny Park, Kilkenny. [Slater]
1884 Lewis J Watters, solicitor, Patrick St., res. Tenny Park. [Bassett]
1894 Harvey de Montmorency, Tenny park. [Slater]
1894 Lewis J Watters, LLd, Tenny Park. [Slater]
1969 Tinnypark House was occupied by Mr Waters, the last Crown Solicitor for Co Kilkenny prior to the Anglo-Irish Treaty. The house and lands were afterwards owned by the late T J O’Hanrahan. [O’Kelly]
1993 Tinny Park, 3 bay two storey rendered house, C19th, 2 miles SSW of Kilkenny. 18.S.48.52. [KK Dev Plan]
1746 To let for up to 21 years Mansion House of Thomastown, 2 orchards & 3 fish ponds, stabling for 14, brewhouse & 100 a apply Amyas Hewetson, Thomastown.
18.2.1772 To let, house & demesne of Thomastown, 48a, apply Christopher Hewetson Esq., Kilkenny. [FLJ, ccopy at TT]
1824 Rev Alexander Hamilton, Glebe House, Thomastown. [Pigot]
1993 Thomastown Glebe, early C18th house, six bays, two storeys, Thomastown. 19.S.58.42. [KK Dev Plan]
THORNBACK CASTLE, Troyswood, parish of St Canice, barony of Crannagh.
1969 There is a ruined castle. [O’Kelly]
1836 William Davis, Thornhill. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1747 Died of small pox at Three Castles, Miss Elizabeth Ball, dau of John Ball.
7.10.1748 Robert Stotesbury, Three Castles, Co Kilkenny, gent. [Will Abs II]
17.3.1770 To set, house & demesne of Threecastles. [FLJ]
9.1.1782 Richard Ball Esq., Three Castles. [FLJ]
28.1.1792 Richard Ball, Three Castles. [FLJ]
26.8.1793 Abraham son of Richard Ball Esq., of Three Castles. [KK Coll]
31.1.1798 Rev Mr Ball, Three Castles. [FLJ]
1801 Threecastles on the Nore, seat of Mr Ball. [Tighe]
30.6.1802 Richard Ball Esq., Three Castles. [FLJ]
27.12.1806 Richard Ball, Three Castles. [LJ]
2.9.1807 Abraham Ball, Three Castles, game licence. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Richard Ball, Three Castles. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 Abraham Ball, Threecastles, game licence. [LJ]
6.9.1809 Abraham Ball, Threecastles, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Abraham Ball, Threecastles, game licence. [LJ]
1.2.1812 Richard Ball Esq., Three Castles. [LJ]
29.9.1821 Capt. Ball, Threecastles, game cert. [Mod]
13.3.1833 Francis L Shenton Ball, Three Castles. [Jnl]
1836 Launcelot Shenton Ball, Threecastles. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1836 Launcelot Shenton Ball, Threecastles. [Mod 26.11.1836]
1837 L S Ball, Threecastles. [Mod 5.4.1837]
1839 L Shenton Ball Esq., Three Castles. [Kinder]
10.3.1841 L S Ball, Threecastles. [Mod]
1856 Lancelott Bull Esq., Three Castles. [Thom]
1863 Mrs L S Ball, Three Castles. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Mrs Ball, Threecastles. [Slater]
1876 Hannah S Ball, Threecastles, 756a. [Land]
1881 Mrs Ball, Three Castles. [Slater]
1882 Hannah S Ball, Threecastles. [Will]
1993 Threecastles, five bay two storey house, c1800, 5 miles NW of Kilkenny. 18.S.46.62. [KK Dev Plan]
1993 Threecastles (Borris Big), east bank of the river, 5 bays, 3 storeys. 18.S.45.63. [KK Dev Plan]
THREECASTLES RECTORY, Threecastles demesne, parish of Odagh, barony of Crannagh.
1800 The Rectory was built in 1800. [O’Kelly]
28.4.1827 Rev Henry Helsham, Glebe House, Three Castles. [Mod]
1870 Rev M V Watson, MA, Three Castles. [Slater]
1873 Auction at Glebe house, Threecastles, instructions of Rev M V Watson. [Mod 15.3.1873]
1993 Threecastles Glebe, 5 bay two storey house c1800. 18.S.46.62. [KK Dev Plan]
TIBBERAGHNEY CASTLE, parish of Tibberaghney, Iverk barony.
23.3.1834 Michael Rivers Esq., of Tybroughney died. [IG Hayden commonplace book]
1839 Joseph M Rivers Esq., Tybroughney Castle, Co Kilkenny. [IG Wfd Poll list]
27.2.1839 Mr Michael Rivers of Tybroughney, dec’d. [IG Hayden commonplace book]
1884 Stanislaus J Lynch, JP, Tybroughney Castle, Carrick on Suir. [Bassett]
1884 Tybroughney Castle is on the estate of Mr Power of Bellevue, Waterford and is the residence of Mr D Lynch, formerly of Dublin, by whom it has been leased and restored. [Bassett]
1969 Tibberaghney Norman castle mentioned in the Irish Annals stands in good repair at the ford mouth on the Suir. Believed to have been built by Prince John of England in c1185 it is now the home of the Dooley family. In the first half of the 17th century it belonged to the Mountgarret family who forfeited to Cromwell in 1653. [O’Kelly]
1993 Tybroughney, very fine late medieval tower-house with house attached, partially occupied, 2 miles W of Piltown. 22.S.44.21. [KK Dev Plan]
1873 Mr Briscoe, MFH, Tinvane. [Mod 25.10.1873]
12.7.1769 Mr Baxter, The Tower, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
17.3.1770 Samuel Baxter, the Tower, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
TRENCHMORE CASTLE, Coolaghmore parish, Kells barony.
1969 Trenchmore castle in ruins was Butler property. [O’Kelly]
29.9.1821 John Warring, Troyswood, game cert. [Mod]
9.10.1830 To let, the farm house, offices & garden of Troys Wood, 54a, apply Thomas Way Esq on premises. [Mod]
1837 James Comerford, Troyswood. [Mod 11.11.837]
17.5.1843 James Comerford, Troyswood. [Jnl]
9.10.1844 To let, house of Troys Wood on river Nore, 1 mile of Kilkenny. The house built about 4 years. Apply Mrs Comerford, Troys Wood. [Mod]
1850 James Comerford, Troyswood, Esq. [KAS Deed]
1856 James Comerford Esq., Troyswood. [hom]
1870 James Poe Esq., Troyswood. [Slater]
1873 Pierce Ryan, Troyswood. [Will]
1873 Mr Poe, Troyswood. [Mod 19.4.1873]
1874 Rev Jeremiah McCheane, Troy's Wood. [Will]
1876 James Poe, Troyswood, 400a. [Land]
TUBRID CASTLE, parish of Tubridbritain, barony of Crannagh.
1969 Tubrid Castle still in fair repair was Shortal property. [O’Kelly]
1993 Tubrid, standing to full height in farmyard, 3 miles WSW of Freshford. 18.S.35.62. [KK Dev Plan]
1836 Hampden Hely, Tullamaine. [Mod 27.4.1836]
TULLAVOLTY, Johnstown.
1863 Martin Maher Esq., Tullavolty, Johnstown. [Mod 10.1.1863]

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