NEIGHAM CASTLE, parish of Dungarvan, barony of Gowran.
c.1487 Neigham Castle built c1487 by James Butler, 8th Earl of Ormonde. [O’Kelly]
1782 Sheriff's sale against Cornelius Homan, house at Newbridge, Co. Kilkenny and interest in the salt house at Low Grange. [FLJ 12.10.1782]
1836 Edward Denroche, Newhouse. [Mod 27.4.1836] But see Newtown.
11.4.1772 To let slate house and demesne of Newhouse, 36a, I mile of Gowran. [FLJ]
1803 To let, 90 acres of land of New House Ormonde on Thomastown road adjoining Kilbline & Mr Davis of Sunmmerhill's land. Proposals to Col. Shee, Kilkenny. [LJ7.5.1803]
1873 For sale 30 acres at Newhouse Ormond in possession of John Mylan. [Mod 16.8.1873]
1873 New House Omonde adjoining Bennettsbridge, held under lease made in 1839 by Mr Shee of Cork. [Mod 1.11.1873]
1873 Michael Mylan, Newhouse. [Will]
15.7.1769 To let, demesne of Newland 50a and a very commodious house –more detail- 3 mile of Kilkenny city, adjoining lands of Dunderierke, apply to William Watterrs, merchant, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
1769 Died, William Watters, Newlands, merchant. [St Marys Church grave]
1769 William Watters, Newlands. [Oss Wills]
21.4.1773 Mr Watters at Newland. (Letting Dunderierke, 3 mile from Kilkenny on Waterford road – encouraging building of a house.) [FLJ]
8.1.1774 To let, house & demesne of Newland, 50a, 3 mile of Kilkenny. House built within 10 years, adjoining lands of Dunderierke. Mrs Rebecca Watters, Kilkenny, Executrix of Mr William Watters of Newland Decd. [FLJ]
5.5.1774 To let, house & demesne of Newland, 50a, William Watters, Coal Market. [FLJ]
17.9.1774 Strayed two beagles, H T Houghton, Newland. [FLJ copy at Circus]
1782 To let, demesne of Newland, apply Watters. [FLJ 11.9.1782]
1783 To let house & demesne of Newlands, 50a. Proposals to Watters. [FLJ 26.2.1783]
1784 To let house & demesne of Newland 50a, and other land, within 3 mile of Kilkenny. Mrs Rebecca Watters, exor of William Watters of Newland. [FLJ 3.3.1784]
27.2.1811 To let, house of Newland & 9a, in perfect repair, apply Mr Garret Cormick. [LJ]
1801 John Walpole. [Kings Inn]
1835 To let, lands, houses & premises of Newmarket, otherwise Sheepstown, in possession of Paul Shirley. [Mod]
1782 Mathew Keough, New Orchard in Liberties of Kilkenny. [FLJ 13.2.1782]
25.1.1792 Died, on Saturday night, at his house at New Orchard near this city, Mathew Keough Esq.' For many years a Respectable member of the City Corporation and one of the fraternity of Freemasons. His remains were yesterday interred in the family burying place at St John's church, attended by the several Freemasons lodges in this city, with the Bands of the 17th Dragoons and 43d Infantry, and a numerous body of his friends and realtives, in grand funeral procession, which was closed by several mourning coaches, altogether forming one of the grandest, and most awful spectacle we remember to have seen. [FLJ]
3.4.1774 Rev Thomas Sheppard, at Newpark near Callan. [FLJ]
17.9.1774 Rev Thomas Sheppard, Newpark near Callan. [FLJ]
9.7.1763 John Blunden of Newpark, Co Kilkenny, attorney at law, protestant. [Mar Lic]
11.4.1772 John Blunden of Newparke, Co. Kilkenny. [FLJ]
28.6.1786 Sale at New Park in Co. Kilkenny, dwelling of Mathew Read Esq. [FLJ]
3.5.1796 Matthew Jacob son of Richard Pennefather of New Park. [KK Coll]
1801 Sir John Newport’s taste has adorned his house at Newpark. [Tighe]
1803 John Blunden of Kilmacow; my interest in lands of Newpark. [Will Abs]
30.4.1808 Sir J Newport Bart., Newpark. [LJnl]
8.12.1813 Simon Newport, Waterford city, rents due to me out of lands of Newpark by my son Sir John Newport. [Will Abs 499]
1836 George Meara. [Mod 27.4.1836]
28.5.1845 House & demesne lands of Newpark (estates of late Sir John Newport, Bart.,) still for sale. [KJnl]
c1855 Richard Marum, Newpark. [St Patricks grave]
14.2.1857 R T Adderley Esq., New Park. [Mod]
29.4.1857 Ralph T Adderley Esq., finally left Newpark. [Mod]
1863 Lt Col Bull, Newpark, Kilkenny. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Lt Col. Frederick Bull, JP, Newpark House. [Slater]
1873 Thomas Phelan, New Park. [Mod 29.10.1873]
1873 Col. Bull. Newpark. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1878 Frederick Geddis Bull, Newpark. [Will]
1884 Danl. Smithwick, res New Park. [Bassett]
1894 Frederick Considine, New park. [Slater]
1901 Thomas Minogue, Newpark. [St Patricks grave]
1902 Died, Nathaniel McCreary, JP at New Park age 53. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1926 Died, Alice Mary McCreary at New Park. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1926 Died, Hy Wm McCreary of Newpark age 82. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1931 Died, John Scott Dove at Newpark age 52. [St Canices Cathedral grave]

1869 Died Launcelot O’Halloran at New Park Lodge. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1892 Died Hannah Cooney at New Park Lodge, a servant in M Molony’s family over 60 years. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]

1750 Patrick Lanigan, Newtown [I Wills]
1806 Sale, interests of Wm Williams in house & lands of Newtown, 46a, Liberties of Kilkenny, held by lease from 1.5.1801. [LJ 1.10.1806]
2.9.1807 Felix Byrne, Newtown, game licence. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Edward Cronyn, Newtown. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Edward Denroche, Newtown [LJ]
6.9.1809 Edmond Cronyn, Newtown, Game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Edmond Cronyn, Newtown, Game licence. [LJ]
1828 Died Catherine Reade, mother of Richard Reade of Newtown. [St Canices RC Church grave]
9.2.1771 Newtown Barry, Thomas Bayly. [FLJ]
1833 Thomas Bayly, born 1808,1st son of Way Bayly of Newtown, Co Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
NEWTOWN CASTLE, Earlstown parish, Shillelogher barony.
1969 Newtown castle in fair condition. [O’Kelly]
1993 Newtown Castle, tall very complete tower-house with outworks, dated 1628, 3 miles E of Callan. 18.S.46.43. [KK Dev Plan]
1868 Rev George Thompson, Newtown Glebe. [Will]
NEWTOWN HOUSE, Earlstown parish, Shillelogher barony.
1858 Joseph Greene, Newtown. [Will]
1870 John Newport Greene, Newtown House. [Will]
1873 Newtown House, 6 mile of Kilkenny, Thomastown & Ballyhale, 3 of Callan, 1 of Kells, to let by Lt Col Mollan CB. [Mod 6.9.1873]
1873 Mr Joseph Greene, Newtown House. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1878 Eliza Newport Greene, Newtown. [Will]
1912 Died, Major-General James Benjamin Dennis at Newtown House, Kilkenny, age 95. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1969 Newtown House now dismantled and a ruins. [O’Kelly]
1993 Newtown, ruins, c1800. 1 mile W of Kells. 18.S.47.44. [KK Dev Plan]
31.10.1807 Married at Blanchfield, William Phelan of Newtown Lodge, esq., to niece of James Kearney Esq.
1884 Handsomest private residences on outskirts of kells are, General Baldock, Newtown Shea. Col G Shea, Newtown house. [Bassett]
1870 Thomas Keough Esq., Newtown Villa. [Slater]
1881 Thomas Kough,  Esq., JP, Newtown Villa. [Slater]
1884 Thomas Kough, JP, Newtown Villa, Kilkenny. [Bassett]
1894 Thomas Keough, JP, Newtown villa. [Slater]
NEWTOWN WELCH, Ovenstown, barony of Shillelogher.
19.9.1770 To set, house of Newtown-Welch with 50 to 106a, 5 mile of Kilkenny, 2 of Callan, proposals to Patrick Welch Esq., at Newtown-Welch. [FLJ]
21.2.1802 Patrick Welsh, Carlow Esq., Collector of the district of Naas, devised lands of Newtownwelsh, otherwise Ovenstown, to his only son , Patrick Welsh. [Will Abs]
30.7.1806 Patrick Welch Esq., Newtown. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Patrick Welch, Newtown. [LJ]
1831 Patrick Welch, Newtown Welch, Co Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
1832 Patrick Welch decd, Newtown Welch, Co Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
1840 P R Welch of Newtown Welch. [Jnl 2.12.1840]
1.10.1842 To let, Newtown Welch near Kells, a newly built house & 20a. [Jnl]
1843 Patrick Welch of Newtown Welch and a barrister of the Temple, London, to William Conway, lease of all the capital messuage or newly built dwelling and 91a  in Barony of Shillelogher, with lime kiln & quarry. [KAS Deed]
1782 John Maher, Nicholastown. [FLJ 2.10.1782]
1812 Matthew O’Shea, Nicholastown [I Wills]
NORELANDS. See also Johnswell, Cotterellsbooley, Jerpoint Church parish, Knocktopher barony.
1801 Johnswell (now Norelands) on the Nore, seat of Mr Bayley. [Tighe]
30.4.1808 William Bayly, Norelands. [LJnl]
28.9.1808 Sale by auction at Norelands, 6 mile of Kilkenny, entire furniture, property of William Bayly. [LJ]
5.10.1808 William Bayly, Norelands, game licence. [LJ]
25.3.1812 Auction advertised at Norelands will not take place as the furniture has been sold by private contract. [LJ]
22.4.1815 William Bayley Esq., Norelands, Thomastown. [LJ]
1824 Wm Bayley Esq., Noreland, Thomastown. [Pigot]
3.1.1827 William S Bayley Esq., Noreland. [Mod]
4.7.1827 William Bayley, Norelands. [Mod]
17.3.1830 William M Bayley, Norelands. [Jnl]
12.10.1831 William Bayley, Norelands. [Jnl]
1832 Wm Bailey & Wm Bailey jnr, Norelands. [Voters]
31.3.1832 Private races of William Bayly jun Esq., at Norelands. [Jnl]
9.9.1835 William Bayley of Norelands. [Mod]
1837 William Bayley, Norelands. [Mod 5.4.1837]
10.3.1841 William Bayley, Norelands. [Mod]
23.10.1841 William Bayly Esq., Norelands. [KJnl]
18.11.1843 William Bayley, Norelands. [Jnl]
24.7.1847 Clayton Savage, Norelands. [KJnl]
1853 Clayton Savage, DL, Norelands, Stoneyford. [Thom]
1856 C Bailey Savage Esq., Norelands. [Thom]
31.1.1857 Clayton Savage, JP, Norelands. [Mod]
1858 Clayton Savage, Norelands. [Will]
1866 Isabella J A Savage, Norelands. [Will]
1870 Henry W Meredyth Esq., DL, Norelands. [Slater]
1873 Mr Meredyth. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1879 Isabella Jane Savage, Norelands. [Will]
1876 Henry W Meredyth, Norelands, Stoneyford, 3,217a. [Land]
1878 Mary Reade, Norelands. [Will]
1879 Henry W Meredyth, Norelands. [Will]
1969 Norelands House. [O’Kelly]
1870 Benjamin Bunbury Esq., and Capt Ralph Bunbury, Nore View. [Slater]
1872 Benjamin Bunbury, Noremount. [Will]
1873 Misses Bunbury, Noremount. [Mod 19.7.1873]
1881 Benjamin Bunbury Esq & Capt Ralph Bunbury, Nore view. [Slater]
1882 Elizabeth Bunbury, Noremount. [Will]Noremount.
Dated engraved tablet, in situ.
1912 Died Eily Fitzgerald, Noremount, Kilkenny, [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
NOREMOUNT, on east bank of Nore, towards Friars Inch.
1874 Richard Langrishe bought Noremount. [OKR 1997]
1899 Noremount remained in Richard Langrishe's hands for 25 years, left 28.9.1899. [OKR1997]
5.10.1808 Hon. Francis Hugh Maffey, Nore View, game licence. [LJ]
1846 William Shanahan, perfumerer, Nore View. [Slater]
1860 To let, Nore View House adjoining Sion, with a marble and limestone quarry. [Mod 22.12.1860]
1894 H R Langrishe, JP, Nore view. [Slater]
8.10.1856 Mr Abbott's Norview Cottage, Dunbell. [Mod]



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