1801 J Baker, Raheenpish. [Tighe]
RATHBEAGH CASTLE, parish of Rathbeagh, barony of Galmoy.
1969 The ruined castle here was Purcell property. [O’Kelly]
1.7.1812 To let, Rathborn Lodge, 2 mile of city of Kilkenny and 54a. In good condition, apply Henry McCreery Esq who resides in the house. [LJ]
1836 Married at St Mary's, W M McCreery, MD, 3rd son of late Henry McCreery of Rathborne in this county to Olympia, eldest daughter of John H Prim. [Mod 9.11.1836]
RATHCULLIHEEN HOUSE, parish of Kilculliheen, barony of Ida.
1969 There is a quay on the river near Kilculliheen House. [O’Kelly]
1764 Richard Lower, Rathduff [I Wills]
2.3.1796 To let, house of Rathduff with 50 to 80a, in thorough repair. I mile Kells, 4 of Thomastown, 7 of Kilkenny. Apply Pierce Sweetman Esq., Waterford. [FLJ]
31.7.1802 To let, house & demesne lands of Rathduff, Co. Kilkenny, apply Edmund Sweetman, Abbeyville, Ross. [FLJ]
1803 To let House & land of Rathduff, mile of Ballyragget, 4 of Durrow & Freshford & 5 of Ballinakill, 8 of Kilkenny. [LJ 2.3.1803]
31.10.1804 House of Rathduff where late Dr Purcell lived, 8a, of mile from Ballyragget. [LJ]
1804 William Purcell, Rathduff [I Wills]
1870 Arthur George Wailes, Rathmore House. [Will]
29.3.1786 To let, house & demesne of Rathpatrick, 45a, 2 mile of city of Waterford, mile from the pier of the old Glasshouse. Proposals to Mr James Innott at Rathpatrick. [FLJ]
RATHPATRICK CASTLE, parish of Erke, barony of Galmoy.
1969 A castle called Caislean Mhac Oda in ruins. [O’Kelly]
11.3.1815 Provn of churches & Glebe houses in See of Ossory: For Glebe House in parish of Rathsaran. [Mod]
RATHVILLA, Rathbourne, St Martin’s Parish, barony of Gowran.
Rathvilla, to be let part of lands of Rathborn 54a, 2 miles of Kilkenny. Proposals Francis Talbot Esq., Rathvilla. [FLJ]
?pre 1840 Died, Morgan Kavanagh of Red Acres age 29, husband of Eliza (1817-1915). [St Marys Church grave]
1862 Morgan Walter John Butler Kavanagh, only son of Morgan William Ryves deMontmorency Kavanagh, Red Acres, Co Kilkenny and Eliza Grant. [Kings Inn]
REDMORE HOUSE, Caherlesk parish of Ballytobin, Kells barony.
1969 Redmore House and turret are marked on the OS sheet. [O’Kelly]

c1850 Michael Byrne, Reviewfield. [St Patricks grave]

3.2.1802 To let, house & demesne of Richmond, 1 mile of Kilkenny, 21a on bank of Nore, with or without the lands of Troyswood (24a) next adjoining. [FLJ]
27.2.1805 House, offices & garden of Richmond near Kilkenny, to let, or interest to be sold, with 20 a and further 20a if wished. House newly fitted up last summer. Stabling for 10 horses. Coach house built last season. Apply Mr Humphrey at Richmond. [LJ]
26.2.1806 Mrs Humphrey, Richmond near Kilkenny. [LJnl]
30.1.1808 Chaise for sale at Richmond near Kilkenny. [LJnl]
27.2.1811 To let, house & demesne of Richmond, in perfect repair, 40a, little more than 1 mile from Kilkenny. [LJ]
27.4.1811 Auction sale of entire furniture at Richmonde. [LJ]
25.3.1812 Messrs Aicken & Montgomery of Richmond near Kilkenny. [LJ]
28.2.1815 To set, house & demesne of Richmond, 20a, perfect repair, 1 mile of Kilkenny, well situate for a hunting lodge, apply James Edmond Scott, Anngrove, Mountrath. [Mod]
12.10.1831 Mrs Byrne, Richmond. [Jnl]
1839 Mrs Byrne, Richmond. [Kinder]
1840 To let, furnished, Richmond near city, apply Mrs Byrne at Richmond. [Jnl 14.11.1840]
1.5.1844 To let, Richmond Cottage, 4a, 1 mile of Kilkenny. [Mod]
1856 James Edmonds Esq., Richmond. [Thom]
1854 Thomas Bradley. [Jnl]
1856 Thomas Bradley Esq., Richview. [Thom]
1863 Edmond Mullhallen [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Thomas Bradley Esq., Richview. [Slater]
1878 John Middleton, Richview. [Will]
1881 Thomas Bradley Esq., Richview. [Slater]
1884 Thomas Hyde, land, Richview. [Bassett]
1894 Thomas Hyde, Rich view. [Slater]
RINGVILLE HOUSE, parish of  Kilcolumb, barony of Ida.
1844 Patrick Hennebery, Ringville, farmer. [Parly Commn.]
1851 Lady Esmond, Ringville [I Wills]
1853 Francis Harvey Devereux, JP, Ringville, Kilkenny. [Thom]
31.1.1857 Francis H Devereux, JP, Ringville. [Mod]
1860 Francis H Devereux, Ringville. [Will]
1863 Henry Pilkington, Ringville. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1879 Patrick Heneberry, Ferrybank, Ringville. [Will]
1969 Ringville House overlooking the Barrow river was formerly the residence of Lady Esmonde. [O’Kelly]
RINGWOOD, parish of the Rower, barony of Ida.
1737 Thomas Morris, Ringwood, Kilkenny, attorney, died 12.11.1737. [Kings Inn]
1761 Marr at Ross, Co. Wexford, Lieut Phil Savage, 14th Dragoons, to only dau of James Agar of Ringwood, with 10,000.
26.8.1769 James Agar of Ringwood killed in duel. [FLJ]
8.9.1773 George Agar Esq., Ringwood. [FLJ]
7.4.1774 George Agar of Ringwood, Esq., came of age this year. [FLJ]
1801 Ringwood, seat of Lord Callan. [Tighe]
1844 Edward Morgan Chapman, Ringwood, landholder. [Parly Commn]
1969 Bordering the junction of the Nore and Barrow rivers. [O’Kelly]
1798 Richard Colles of Riverview. [Mod 18.6.1836]
30.3.1811 R Colles Esq., Riverview. [LJ]
3.4.1811 R Colles Esq., Riverview. [LJ]
27.5.1812 Richard Colles, Riverview. [LJ]
1820-2 Richard Collis Esq., Riverview. [Pigot]
1824 Richard Colles Esq., Riverview. [Pigot]
1833 Richard Colles, Riverview. [Kings Inn]
1835 Richard Colles, Riverview. [Mod]
1836 Richard Colles, River View. [Mod 16.4.1836]
1837 Alexander Colles, Riverview. [Mod 11.11.837]
1839 Richard Colles Esq., Riverview. [Kinder]
1.10.1842 Richard Colles Esq., Riverview. [Jnl]
18.11.1843 Richard Colles, Riverview. [Jnl]
1846 Richard Collis, River view. [Slater]
1863 Eliza Nixon, Riverview. [Will]

1770 John Roche of Rochefield, Co. Kilkenny.

ROCHESTOWN CASTLE, PARISH OF Rathkieran, Iverk barony.
1969 Rochestown castle long destroyed belonged to the Walshes. [O’Kelly]
31.10.1801 To be sold, the interest in the lodge called the Rock, house & 5a, on river Nore, 2 miles from city, in thorough repair. [FLJ]
3.2.1802 Sale by auction of entire furniture at Rock in Maddoxstown, 2 mile of Kilkenny. [FLJ]
25.2.1804 Mrs Wheeler, The Rock. [LJ]
2.9.1807 William Wheeler, Rock, game licence. [LJ]
30.4.1808 William Wheeler, the Rock. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 William Wheeler, Rock, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 William Wheeler, Rock, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 William Wheeler, Rock, game licence. [LJ]
27.7.1811 To let, The Rocks, near Kilkenny & 13a, proposals to Sir Robert Langrishe Bart. [LJ]
10.3.1818 William Wheeler Esq., The Rock. [Mod]
29.9.1821 Capt. Wheeler, Rock, game cert. [Mod]
1.4.1829 William Wheeler the Rock. [Mod]
13.3.1833 William Wheeler, Rocks. [Jnl]
1836 Mrs Wheeler of the Rock died about 3 years since. [Mod 18.6.1836]
1837 Wm Wheeler, The Rock. [Mod 11.11.837]
1839 William O Wheeler Esq., the Rocks. [Kinder]
8.10.1845 Richard Wheeler, The Rock. [Mod]
1853 Richard Wheeler, JP, The Rocks, Kilkenny. [Thom]
1856 Capt R Wheeler & Richard Wheeler Esq., The Rock. [Thom]
31.1.1857 Richard Wheeler, JP, The Rocks. [Mod]
1858 Edward Wheeler, Rocks. [Mod 14.8.1858]
1861 Edward Wheeler JP, The Rock. [Mod 24.12.1862]
1863 William Oliver Wheeler, The Rocks. [Will]
1863 E Wheeler, The Rocks [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Lady Cuffe & Miss Cuffe, the Rocks. [Slater]
1870 Mrs R Wheeler, the Rocks. [Slater]
1871 Dame Elizabeth Cuffe, The Rocks. [Will]
1876 Edward Wheeler, The Rocks, Kilkenny, 181a. [Land]
1881 Mrs R Wheeler, the Rocks.
1881 Lady Cuffe & Miss Cuff, the Rocks. [Slater]
1894 Mr Prim, The Rocks. [Slater]
2.9.1807 Henry Ellis, Rockbrook, game licence. [LJ]
5.10.1808 Henry Ellis, Rockbrook, game licence. [LJ]
6.9.1809 Henry Ellis, Rockbrook, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Henry Ellis, Rockbrook, game licence. [LJ]
1837 Died at Rockbrook, dau of Hy Ellis Esq. [Mod 28.6.1837]
1801 Rockfield belonging to Mr Philips. [Tighe]
26.9.1810 Rev William Latta, Rockfield, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Rev William Latta, Rockfield, game licence. [LJ]
2.6.1827 To let, house & 55a of Rockfield, 6 m Kilkenny, m of Gowran, apply Mr John Davis, Rockfield, Gowran. [Mod]
6.1.1764 Thomas Tennison of Rockhall, Co Kilkenny, Esq., protstant. [Mar Lic]
12.5.1770 Thomas Tenison Esq., of Rock Hall, Co. Kilkenny, appointed JP for Waterford. [FLJ]
6.11.1773 Counsillor Tenison, Rock Hall. [FLJ]
19.9.1789 Thomas Tenison of Rockhall, Co Kilkenny, Esq. [Mar Lic]
?1790 Henry, eldest son of William Hayden of Rock Hall. [KAS deed]
1836 J Hassard. [Mod 27.4.1836]
ROCKLAND HOUSE, Christendom, parish of Kilculliheen, barony of Ida.
1969 Rockland House. [O’Kelly]
10.3.1841 Hugh Greene, Rockshire. [Mod]
1993 Rockshire, two shallow full-height bows, Waterford. 23.S.61.16. [KK Dev Plan]
ROCKVIEW, Inistiogue.
6.1.1849 Hugh Greene Esq., Rockview, Inistiogue. [Jnl]
31.1.1857 Hugh, Godfrey & John Greene, Rockview. [Mod]
1861 John Greene, Rockview. [Mod 20.12.1862]
1876 Hugh Greene, Rockview, Innistiogue, 1,717a. [Land]
1884 Rockview, between Brownsbarn Bridge & Inistioge.
1881 J R Gibbons Esq., Rock View Cottage, Dublin Rd. [Slater]
1894 J R Gibbons, Rock View Cottage. [Slater]
ROCK VILLA, Lower Dunbell.
1860 William Sexton, Rock Villa, Lower Dunbell. [Mod 7.1.1860]
1782 Mr Roe, Rockwell ? [FLJ 28.9.1782]
ROCKWOOD HOUSE, Wildfield, parish of Muckalee, barony of Fassidinan. [O’Kelly]
See Wildfield.
RODGERSTOWN CASTLE, parish of Fiddown, Iverk barony.
1969 The ruins of Rodgerstown Castle lie near Belline House. [O’Kelly]
ROSBERCON, Co Kilkenny.
1783 To let house & demesne of Rosbercon, Co Kilkenny, 17a where Thomas Davis lived, apply Lamphier or J Davis, Dangan, Thomastown. [FLJ 15.2.1783]
ROSDAMMA, barony of Shillelogher.
15.12.1773 To set, demesne of Rosdamma, barony of Shilleloger, 50a and good slate house. [FLJ]
1781 To let, Rossdamagh, Co. Kilkenny, 4 miles city, 145a, Roberet Shearman ejected for non-payment of rent, excellent dwelling house, apply Robert Warren, Dublin. [FLJ 10.1.1781]
1782 Patrick Ward, Rossdama, 3m of Kilkenny. [FLJ 31.8.1782]
1.8.1770 To let, mansion house of Rosdana with 40 or 50a, Barony of Shillologher, 3 miles of Kilkenny. [FLJ]
1839 Mrs Col Garraway, Rose-cottage. [Kinder]
c1842 Marked on OS map on College Road. [Bradley Atlas]
1870 Thos Power Esq., JP, Rose Cottage. [Slater]
ROSEHILL, Kilkenny,
1832 Catherine Robertson, Rose Hill. [Will]
1839 William Robertson Esq., Rose-hill. [Kinder]
1846 William Robertson, Rosehill. [Slater]
1856 Mrs Catherine Robinson, Rose Hill. [Thom]
1870 Mrs Catherine Robinson. [Slater]
1872 Catherine Robertson, late of Rosehill, died Jan 1872. [Mod 19.3.1873]
1873 James Sullivan, Rose Hill. [Mod 26.7.1873]
1876 James Sullivan Rosehill, 5a. [Land]
1881 James Poe Esq., Rose Hill. [Slater]
1894 James Poe, Rose hill. [Slater]
1846 Edmund Mullholland Esq., Rosehill Cottage. [Slater]
1856 Edmund Mulhallen Esq., Rosehill Cottage. [Thom]
1881 Thos Power Esq., JP, Rose mount. [Slater]
1884 Ald. Thomas Power, Rose Mount, Kilkenny. [Bassett]
1894 Henry Augustine Allen, Rose mount, Ormonde Road. [Slater]
ROSSENARRA HOUSE, Rossenarra Demesne, previously Castlehale, Kilmoganny parish, Kells barony.
1690 George Read. [Tighe]
3.12.1774 John Flood Esq., Rossenara. [FLJ]
19.12.1789 M Reade Esq., Rossenara. [FLJ]
1801 Major Reade, Rosanarrow. [Tighe]
30.4.1808 Richard M Reade, Rossanara. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 R M Reade, Rossenara, game licence. [LJ]
1825 Rossanarra House was built by Maurice Reade in 1825 in the old townland of Castlehale. His former residence was in old Rossenara. [O’Kelly]
1.4.1829 Wm M Reade, Rossenarra. [Mod]
1836 William Morris Reade, Rossenara. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1837 Richard Spear Peale, Rossinara. [Mod 11.11.837]
1839 William Morris Reade Esq., Rosenara, Co Kilkenny. [IG Wfd Poll list]
10.3.1841 WILLIAM Morris Reade, Rossenara. [Mod]
1844 William Morris Reade, Rosenara, landed proprietor. [Parlt. Commn.]
1855 Frederick Richard Morris Reade of Rossenarra House. [KAS deed B3]
31.1.1857 F R Morris Reade, JP, Rossenara. [Mod]
24.6.1857 Frederick R Morris Reade Esq., Rossenarra. [Mod]
1863 F R M Reade, Rossenara [Mod 10.1.1863]
1876 Frederick Reade RM, Rossenara, Kilmoganny, 1,506a. [Land]
1884 Fred R M Reade, JP, Rossenara, Kilmoganny. [Bassett]
c1880 Rossanarra House and lands came into the possession of the Macenery family about 1880. Sir John Lavery the celebrated portrait painter and step father of Mrs John MacEnery, spent the declining years of his life here. [O'Kelly]
1993 Rossenarra, large white-rendered, early C19th house, five bays, three storeys, Kilmoganny. 18.S.47.34. [KK Dev Plan]
1836 Purefoy Poe, Rossmore Lodge. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1861 Purefoy Poe, Rossmore Lodge. [Will]
1863 Denis William Kavanagh of Rossmore Lodge, Co. Kilkenny. (See Balief Castle) [KAS Deed]
ROSSNEHARLEY. See also Harley Park.
1769 Married Purefoy Poe of Rossneharley, Co Kilkenny Esq. to Miss Smyth, dau of Hon Mr Baron Smyth.
26.5.1774 Purefoy Poe Esq., Rossneharley. [FLJ]
5.6.1774 To let house & demesne of Rossneharley, 110a, … Purefoy Poe Esq., Rossneharley. [FLJ copied]
19.8.1776 John Poe of Rosneharly, Co Kilkenny, gent. [Mar Lic]
To let, house & demesne of Rossneharley, 110a, 7 miles of Kilkenny, 3 miles of Callan. [FLJ]
1861 Rev George W Rogers, Rower Glebe. [Will]



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