1801 P Hayden, Caherlisk. [Tighe]
17.5.1843 James Hayden, Caherlesk. [Jnl]
1863 Capt. Knox, Cahirlesk, Callan. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1873 Capt Knox, Caherlisk. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1884 Capt. Robert J Knox, Caherlesk, Callan. [Bassett]
31.8.1811 Edmond Smyth, Callan Lodge, Catholic committee. [LJ]
1839 Michael Warren Esq., Canal Cottage. [Kinder]
16.10.1811 Thomas Despard, Canice View, game licence. [LJ] see also Castleview.
CANTWELL’S COURT see also Sandford’s Court.
1608 Thomas Cantwell, Cantwell’s Court. [Kings Inn]
1681 Marcus O’Donnell, Cantwell’s Court [I Wills]
23.4.1762 John Cranesborough of Cransfield Grove of the parish of Rathcool, Co Kilkenny, farmer, papist. [Mar Lic]
4.10.1762 Patrick Cahill of Cantwells Grove, Co Kilkenny, papist. [Mar Lic]
24.1.1764 John Knaresborough of Cantwells Grove, Co Kilkenny, farmer, papist. [Mar Lic]
CANVERSTOWN HOUSE, parish of Tullaroan, barony of Crannagh.
1969 Canverstown House is marked on OS sheet. [O’Kelly]
1769 Robert Lawrenson of Capenelon appointed JP.
1784 Married, Edward Lawrenson of Caponellan, Co. Kilkenny. [FLJ 25.2.1784]
1780 Michael Rothe, Cappa [I Wills]
1782 Michael Roth, Cappagh. [Oss Wills]
1782 Michael Roth, decd, of Cappagh. Exors John & Edmund Roth, will in question. [FLJ 17.8.1782]
1783 Edmund Roth of Cappa, gent. [Rod 352.373.238745]
12.1.1784 Edmund Roth of Cappa, Co Kilkenny, gent & Mary Bushe, protestants. [Mar Lic] [See Kilcullen]
1784 Married Edmond Rothe of Kilcullen to Miss Mary Bushe of Paulsville. [FLJ 24.1.1784]
1784 Top set, lands of Paulsville, 54a with house, Barony of Gowran, apply Edmond Rothe, Cappa near Thomastown. [FLJ 7.2.1784]
1784 Married at Cappa, Mr Joseph Lanigan of this city, land surveyor to Miss Mary Rothe. [FLJ 21.2.1784]
9.4.1784 Edmund Roth of Cappa, gent. [Rod 357.312.240657]
5.1.1788 Edmond Roth, Cappa near Thomastown. [FLJ]
1789 Edmund Rothe, Cappa. [Oss Wills]
17.3.1790 Richard Roth of Cappa. [FLJ]
31.3.1790 Will of late Edmond Roth of Cappa. [FLJ]
7.7.1790 John Roth, Cappa. [RoD 424 520 276787]
9.10.1792 Richard Roth of Cappia, protestant. [Mar Lic]
30.4.1794 To let, lands of Cappagh, near 500a, as now held by Mr John Roth –on banks of Nore within 4 mile of Graiguenamana, 3 of Thomastown & 1 of Inistioge. [FLJ]
27.2.1797 John Roth of Cappa, Co Kilkenny. [Mar Lic]
2.9.1807 John Roth, Cappa, game licence. [LJ]
5.10.1808 John Rothe, Cappa, game licence. [LJ]
1836 William Percival, Cappa Hayden. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1840 Hugh Green, Cappa. [Jnl 30.9.1840]
4.8.1841 Hugh Greene, Cappa. [Mod]
4.10.1845 Hugh Greene, Cappagh. [Mod]
31.1.1849 Hugh Greene Esq., Cappagh. [Mod]
27.2.1788 To let, house & demesne of Carlisk, now in possession of Mr George Greene. [FLJ]
31.1.1857 William Strangways, Carrageen Cottage. [Mod]
27.12.1806 Richard Lalor, Cascade. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Death of Mr Joseph Lawlor of Cascade near Freshford. [LJ]
26.2.1831 Mr Richard Lalor of Cascade. [Jnl]
26.9.1832 Richard Lalor, Cascade. [Jnl]
1836 Joseph Lalor of cascade. [Mod 27.8.1836]
1837 Richard Lalor, Cascade. [Mod 24.6.1837]
1859 William Lyster, Cascade House, Co Kilkenny, JP. [Kings Inn]
1863 William Lyster, Cascade, Freshford. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1872 William Lyster, Cascade House. [Will]
1873 Cascade House, Freshford, sale for Mrs M'Donald. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1993 Cascade, five bays, two storeys, Freshford. 18.S.39.45. [KK Dev Plan]
CASTLE BAMFORD, Goslingstown, Castleinch parish, Shillelogher barony.
28.6.1806 Sale by auction at Castle Bamford, 1 mile of Kilkenny, entire household furniture, property of Lady Frances Flood. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Rev John Kearney, Bamford, game licence. [LJ]
29.2.1812 Dr Baker at Castle Bamford. [LJ]
1839 Arthur William Thomas Esq., Castle-bamford. [Kinder]
1846 Richard Sullivan Esq., JP, Castle Bamford. [Slater]
1853 Richard Sullivan, JP, Bamford. [Thom]
1856 Richard Sullivan Esq., JP, Castle Bamford. [Thom]
1863 Frances Sullivan, widow of Richard Sullivan, Castle Bamford. [KAS Deed]
1870 Francis Sullivan Esq., Castle Bamford. [Slater]
1876 Francis Sullivan, Castle Bamford, 1,158a. [Land]
1881 Francis Sullivan Esq., JP, Castle Bamford. [Slater]
1894 G A Boyd, Castle Bamford. [Slater]
1969 Castle Bamford in ruins. [O’Kelly]
1993 Castle Bamford, Ruin of plain c1800 house of four bays, three storeys, 2 miles SSW of Kilkenny, 18.S.49.52. [KK Dev Plan]
1876 John Forstal, Castlebanny, Knocktopher, 521a. [Land]
1881John Forestal Esq., Castle Banny. [Slater]
1969 The ruined castle. [O’Kelly]
1783 Died last Saturday at Castle Blunden, Sir J Blunden, bart., Recorder of Kilkenny. [FLJ 8.1.1783]
C1790? Dorothea Herbert mentions that Castle Blunden had an ‘immense Range of Hot Houses. [Irish Country House, Somerville-Large p 139]
1801 Castle Blunden, the seat of Sir John Blunden. [Tighe]
15.5.1804 Sir John Blunden, Bart, Castle Blunden. [LJ]
27.2.1805 Sir J Blunden, Castle Blunden. [LJ]
3.2.1808 Sir John Blunden Bart., Castle Blunden. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 Sir John Blunden, Bart., Castle Blunden, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Sir John Blunden, Bart., Castle Blunden, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Sir John Blunden, Bart., Castle Blunden, game licence. [LJ]
1836 1836 Sir John Blunden, Castle Blunden. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1839 Sir John Blunden, Castle-blunden. [Kinder]
17.5.1843 Lawrence Hyland, Castle Blunden. [Jnl]
1856 Sir John Blunden, Castle Blunden. [Thom]
1863 John P Hyland, Castle Blunden. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Sir John Blunden, DL, Castle Blunden. [Slater]
1876 Sir John Blunden Bt., Castle Blunden, 1846a. [Land]
1881 Sir John Blunden, DL, Castle Blunden. [Slater]
1884 Sir John Blunden, Bart., DL, Castle Blunden. [Bassett]
1894 Lady Blunden, Castle Blunden. [Slater]
1923 Death of Sir Wm Blunden, Bart of Castle Blunden. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1923 Death of Sir John Blunden, Bart. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1993 Castle Blunden, large T-plan block of 7 bays, three storeys over a basement, 1770s or 1780s, 2 miles W of Kilkenny, 18.S.47.54. [KK Dev Plan]
CASTLECOLUM, Knocktopher parish, Knocktopher barony.
1969 The castle is in the castle field. [O’Kelly]
1801 At Castlecomer Lady Ormonde has completed and fixed her residence in a new and handsome mansion, on the site of that destroyed in the late rebellion: Johnson was the architect. [Tighe]
1876 Charles B C Wandesford, Castlecomer, 22,232a. [Land]
1907 Richard Henry Prior Wandesforde, Castlecomer House. [KAS deed C7]
1993 Castlecomer, burnt in 1965, lodge has bow windows c1900. 19.S.54.73. [KK Dev Plan]
1.10.1796 To let, house & demesne of Castle Durrow in Co Kilkenny, estate of Lord Viscount Ashbrook. [FLJ]
1719/20 Allexius Kelly, Castle Ellice. [Oss Wills]
31.8.1811 Edward Murphy, Castle Annis, Catholic committee. [LJ]
1882 Nicholas Kennedy, Castle Ellis. [Will]
1883 John Murphy, Castle Ellis. [Will]
CASTLE EVE, Earlstown parish, Shillelogher barony.
1672 John Sweetman, Castle Eve [I Wills]
1681 George Say, Castle Eve [I Wills]
1690 John Sweetman, Castle Ife. [Oss Wills]
1690 Hugh Conway, Castle Eve [I Wills]
6.2.1749 Henrietta Baker of Castle Eve. [Mar Lic]
1750 Died in childbirth at Kilmurry, her father’s house, Mrs Elizabeth Baker of Castle Eve.
1877 Laurence Cody, Castle Eve. [Will]
1879 Philip Keeffe, Castle Eve. [Will]
1969 The castle and tower are in ruins. [O’Kelly]
1993 Castle Eve, a courtyard castle with a tudor house, situated on the north side of the King’s river and very difficult of access, 3 miles E of Callan. On the south bank of the King’s river, opposite Castle Eve, in a farmyard, is the gable-end of an earlyC17th house with a projecting stack. North of Castle Eve bridge is a tall tower dated 1628. 18.S.46.43. [KK Dev Plan]
26.12.1792 John Burke O’Flaherty of Castlefield in Co Kilkenny, Esq., to Eliza Cuffe, Lyrath, spinster. [Mar Lic]
1801 Castlefield, seat of Mr J B O’Flagherty. [Tighe]
1837 To let for 9mths 45a 30p of lands of Nashetown, in Lord Frankforte de Montmorency v Hy J Willett. [Mod 22.7.1837]
1861 Auction of timber at Castlefield. [Mod 28.12.1861]
Photograph of sociable privy, Castlefield, Co Kilkenny. [Irish Country House, Somerville-Large p 157]
1993 Castlefield, unusual house, 2 miles SW of Dungarvan. 19.S.59.48. [KK Dev Plan]
CASTLEHALE CASTLE, Rossenarra Demesne (formerly Castlehale, Kilmoganny parish, Kells barony.
3.2.1748 Dau of Richard Lower of Castle Hale, Co. Kilkenny, gent. [FLJ]
1969 Castlehale castle, in ruins to ground level was for centuries the chief seat of the Walshes. Built by Howel Walshe shortly after the Anglo-Norman invasion it was owned by them until the Cromwellian confiscations. [O'Kelly]
CASTLEINCH, Castleinch or Inchyholohan parish, Shillelogher barony.
C1702 Agmondesham Cuffe, Castle Inch, Co Kilkenny, Esq. [Kings Inn]
25.4.1793 Saunders Barton of Castle Inch, Co Kilkenny, gent. [Mar Lic]
1803 To let house & gardens of Castle Inch, 26 acres, apply Lt Col Enery, Kilkenny. [LJ 2.4.1803]
1804 Lt. Col. Enery, Castle Inch. [LJ]
1.6.1805 To let, house of Castle Inch and 26a, apply Lt Col Enery, Castle Inch. [LJ]
30.7.1806 For sale, interest in house & land of Castleinch, 1½ mile of Kilkenny, apply Lt Col Enery, Cahir or Archdeacon Helsham, Kilkenny. [LJ]
28.1.1808 Died at Castle Inch, Jane, daughter of late Col. Conningham. [LJ]
5.10.1808 William John Wall, Castle Inch, game licence. [LJ]
2.12.1809 John William Wall Esq., Castle-Inch. [LJ]
30.5.1810 To let, house & demesne of Castleinch, 26a, 1½ mile Kilkenny, apply J W Wall Esq., Castleinch. [LJ]
3.4.1811 To set, house & demesne of Castle Inch, 26a, J W Wall Esq. [LJ]
27.7.1811 Died, Wednesday last, at Castle Inch, J W Wall Esq. [LJ]
4.9.1811 To let, house & demesne of Castle Inch, 26a, apply Mrs Wall, Castle Inch. [LJ]
25.3.1812 To let, house & demesne of Castle Inch, apply Lt Col Enery, Heybron. [LJ]
1846 Rev Francis R Sandys, Castle Inch, Outrath. [Slater]
1856 Rev Francis R Sandys, Castleinch, Outrath. [Thom]
1969 The ruined castle. [O’Kelly]
c1670 Garrett Comerford, Castlekealy [I Wills]
1679 Edmond Brennan, Castlekealy. [I Wills]
17.3.1770 Mr Walter Devereux at Castle-kelly, near Gowran. [FLJ]
1784 Walter Devereux of Castle Kelly. [FLJ 25.2.1784]
1837 Sylvester Lawler, Castle Kelly. [Mod 11.11.837]
17.5.1843 Sylvester Lalor, Castle Kelly. [Jnl]
1872 Johanna Tobin, Castlekelly. [Will]
CASTLE MORRES, Aghavillar parish, Knocktopher barony.
Built by David Bindon of Limerick. [Tighe]
1720 Harvey Morres, Castlemorres. [Oss Wills]
1732 Francis Morres, Castlemorres, Co. Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
1745 Harvy Morres of Castlemorris, Esq. [KAS deed C misc]
1745 For sale part of estate of Harvey Morres  in Co Tipp. for payment of debts. Proposals to Harvey Morres, Castlemorres.
1751 Castlemorris House built. [O’Kelly]
1751 Date on top of rain spout. Possibly built by Francis Bindon. Built for 1st Viscount Mountmorris. [Georgian]
10.8.1768 Viscount Morres at Castle Morres. [FLJ]
24.12.1784 Harvey Morris, Castlemorris, Co Kilkenny. [Will Abs]
1801 Was long the property of an absentee. [Tighe]
1836 Harvey de Montmorency, Castle Morres. [Mod 28.9.1836]
18.11.1843 H DeMontmorency, Castlemorris. [Jnl]
1853 John de Montmorency, JP, Castlemorres, Kilmoganny. [Thom]
1863 John de Montmorency, Castle Morris.  [Mod 10.1.1863]
1868 John de Montmorency, Castlemorris. [Will]
1873 John de Montmorency, Castlemorris. [Will]
1873 H J de Montmorency, Castlemorris. [Will]
1873 Rev W de Montmorency, Castle Morres. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1876 Rev Waller deMontmorency, Castlemorres, Knocktopher, 4,808a. [Land]
1884 Rev W De Montmorency, JP, Castlemorris, Knocktopher. [Bassett]
1969 Present owner Rev. Waller de Montmorency, Archdeacon of Ossory. See description in file. [Georgian]
1969 Castlemorris House now dismantled. [O’Kelly]
1993 Castle Morres, a roofless shell. 19.S. 49.34. [KK Dev Plan]
Other sources: Brewer p486. [Georgian]
30.3.1808 To let, house & demesne of Castle Nugent, 50a, 4 mile of Kilkenny, apply L Coyne Nugent Esq. [LJnl]
16.12.1809 To let, house & 26a of Castle Nugent, 4 mile of Kilkenny, proposals to L Coyne Nugent Esq, Mullingar.
1863 Thomas Ringwood Esq., Castlepierce, Johnstown. [Mod 10.1.1863]
CASTLETOBIN, Callan parish, Shillelogher barony.
1883 Nicholas Darmody, Castletobin. [Will]
1969 The castle stump still remains. [O’Kelly]
CASTLETOWN HOUSE, parish of Whitechurch, Iverk barony.
The Sardinian, Davis Ducart … his masterpiece is Castletown Cox, built for Michael Cox, archbishop of Cashel , and embellished with magnificent Rococo plasterwork by Patrick Osborne. [Irish Country House, Somerville-Large p 160]
1767 for Archbishop Cox of Cashel. Central block with L-shaped wings. 19.S.49.34. [KK Dev Plan]
C1767-70 Designed by Davis Ducart for Michael Cox, Archbishop of Cashel. [Georgian]
27.8.1774 Castletown, seat of his Grace the Archbishop of Cashel. [FLJ]
5.3.1788 Richard Cox Esq., Castletown. [FLJ]
1801 Few private houses can shew a more beautiful  façade, than the southern front of Mr Coxe’s house at Castletown; the architect was Duchart, a Sardinian. [Tighe]
5.10.1808 Michael Cox, Castletown, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Michael Cox, Castletown, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Benjamin Cox, Castletown, game licence. [LJ]
1.12.1827 Richard Cox, Castletown. [Mod]
March 1836 Michael Cox Esq., of Castletown died. [IG Hayden commonplace book]
1836 Died, Michael Cox of Castletown Cox age 69. [Mod 30.3.1836]
c1840 Castletown House built. [O’Kelly]
18.11.1843 Sir Richard Cox, Bart., Castletown. [Jnl]
7.5.1846 Sir Richard Cox of Castletown died about 62. [IG Hayden commonplace book]
24.7.1847 William Villiers Stuart, Castletown. [KJnl]
1853 William Villiers Stuart, DL, Castletown, Carrick-on-Suir. [Thom]
2.9.1857 Castletown, seat of Major Villiers Stuart. [Mod]
1859 Hon. Mary Cox, Castletown. [Will]
1863 William V Stuart, Castletown, Carrick-on-Suir. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1873 Death of Col. Wm Villiers Stuart of Castletown House, age nearly 70. [Mod 19.11.1873]
1876 Catherine Villiers Stuart, Castletown, Carrick-on-Suir, 2,790a. [Land]
1884 Col Henry J R V Stuart, JP, Castletown, Carrick on Suir, High Sheriff, Co. Kilkenny. [Bassett]
1908 Hy John Rd Villiers Stuart, Castletown. [KAS deed Box3 H6]
1921 At the auction of Castletown Cox in 1921 … [Irish Country House, Somerville-Large]
1969 Present owner Col. Wyndham-Quin. [Georgian]
1993 Castletown Cox, one of the most beautiful and perfect houses in Ireland, designed by Davis Duckart about
CASTLETOWN CASTLE, parish of Erke, barony of Galmoy.
1969 Castletown ruined castle. [O’Kelly]
26.8.1795 Laurence Quinlan of Castle View, teacher. [Mar Lic]
2.3.1796 Rev J B Ridge of Castle View. [FLJ]
29.9.1798 John Agar Warren son of Rev John Ridge of Castleview. [KK Coll]
28.2.1810 To let, house of Castleview and 30a, commands a prospect of Lord Ashbrooks mansion at Castle Durrow. Situated in Queens Co. Apply John A Ridge, Castleview or Rev J B Ridge at his Glebe, Eirke, near Johnstown. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Francis Despard, Castle View, game licence. [LJ] NB at same date Thomas Despard at Canice View.
1836 P P Bagwell of Castle View (Capt. R N) [Mod 27.4.1836]
1836 Sale at Castle View, residence of late Capt. Bagwell. [Mod 10.9.1836]
1839 Sampson Carter Esq, County Surveyor, Castleview. [Kinder]
17.5.1843 Andrew Keeffe, Castleview. [Jnl]
17.5.1843 Patrick Ryan, Castleview. [Jnl]
17.5.1843 Richard Walsh, Castleview. [Jnl]
1856 Samson Carter Esq., John's Quay. [Thom]
31.1.1857 J Quin, solicitor, Castle View. [Mod]
1870 Wm F J Hort Esq., RM, Castleview. [Slater]
1873 Mr Hort RM, Castleview. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1894 Rev J H Morton, Castleview. [Slater]
1872 Lease, Earl of Desart to Miss Mary Anne Phelan, dwelling house of Castleview, otherwise Blackstaff, Callan, 5a, formerly held by Thomas Cooke, dec’d, in parish of Callan. [KAS deed B1]
14.3.1857 To let, Castleville, late Fox Lodge, recently in occupation of family of late Major Bush. [Mod]
1862 John Burrowes, Castleville House. [Will]
1866 Simon Blackmore, Castleville. [Will]
CHAPEL IZOD, Grovebeg, Kilree parish, Kells barony.
24.11.1770 William Izod Esq., at Chappel-Izod, Co. Kilkenny. [FLJ]
28.4.1774 William Izod Esq., Chapel Izod. [FLJ]
9.7.1774 William Izod Esq., Chappel Izod near Kilkenny. [FLJ]
1789 William Izod, Chapel Izod. [Oss Wills]
1.9.1790 Lorenzo Nickson, Chapel-izod. [FLJ]
28.1.1792 Lorenzo Nickson Esq., Chapel Izod. [FLJ]
29.8.1792 Lorenzo Nickson, Chapel-Izod. [FLJ]1801 Chapelizod seat of Mr L Nixon. [Tighe]
4.1.1794 Lorenzo Nickson, Chapel Izod. [FLJ]
3.9.1794 William Izod son of Lorenzo Nixon Esq, of Chapel Izod. [KK Coll]
27.12.1806 To set, house & demesne of Chapel Izod and nearly 100a, apply William Izod Esq. Entire household furniture for sale by auction. [LJ]
2.9.1807 William Nixon Izod, Chapel Izod, game licence. [LJ]
30.4.1808 William Nixon Izod, Chapel Izod. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 William Izod, Chapel Izod, game licence. [LJ]
6.9.1809 William Izod, Chapel Izod, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 William Izod, Chapel Izod, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 John Ennery, Chapel Izod, game licence. [LJ]
3.7.1811 Married, William Izod of Chapel Izod, to Miss Hemsworth. [LJ]
16.10.1811 William Izod, Chapel Izod, game licence. [LJ]
29.9.1821 William Izod, Chapel Izod, game cert. [Mod]
30.5.1827 William Izod Esq., Chapel Izod House. [Mod]
7.10.1835 Major Izod, Chapel Izod. [Mod]
1836 William Izod Chapel. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1836 Lorenzo Nickson Izod, Chapel Izod House. [Mod 27.4.1836]
4.8.1841 William Izod, Chapel Izod House. [Mod
18.11.1843 Major Izod & Lorenzo Nixon Izod, Chapel Izod. [Jnl]
24.7.1847 William Izod, Chapel Izod. [KJnl]
1853 Lorenzo N Izod, DL, Chapelizod House, Stoneyford. [Thom]
3.9.1856 L N Izod Esq., Chapel Izod House, Stoneyford. [Mod]
31.1.1857 Lorenzo N Izod, JP, Chapel Izod. [Mod]
1864 Henry Izod, Chapel Izod House. [Will]
1876 Lorenzo N Izod, Chapelizod House, Thomastown, 1,661a. [Land]
1881 L N Izod Esq., Dl, Chapelizod House. [Slater]
1884 Lorenzo Nickson Izod, DL, Chapelizod House, Thomastown. [Bassett]
1969 Chapelizod House, now derelict, the Izod family not having been in occupation for the past hundred years. [O’Kelly]
1993 Chapelizod, interesting ruin of two different dates, 1672 and 1748, 2 miles S of Kells. 18.S.449.4. [KK Dev Plan]
1751 James Warren, Grange, marr Miss Orinda Bradstreet, dau of Charles Bradstreet of Charleville, Co KK.
1796 Edward Sherlock, Charleville, Co Kilkenny. [son ed New Ross] [Kings Inn]
15.8.1770 To let, house & demesne of Charon, 52a, 2 mile of Gowran, 4 of Kilkenny, apply Ald. John Watters, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
CHERRYMOUNT, Stonecarthy parish, Shillelogher barony.
1969 Cherry mount is a residence title. [O’Kelly]
1870 Joseph Crosby Thorp, Chilcomb. [Will]
1879 Michael Power, Chilcombe House. [Will]
CHURCH VIEW, Stoneyford.
1853 Thomas Izod Esq., Co. Coroner, Church View, Stoneyford. [Thom]
CHRISTENDOM HOUSE, parish of Kilculliheen, barony of Ida.
1836 Robert Romney Rea, Christendom. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1836 Eaton Edwards, Christendom. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1853 Benjamin Whitney, JP, Christendom, Waterford. [Thom]
1969 Christendom House. [O’Kelly]
CLARA CASTLE, parish of Clara, barony of Gowran.
29.1.1754 Son of Mr Lewis Byrne of Claragh. [KK Coll]
3.10.1832 Michael Byrne, Clara Castle. [Jnl]
5.8.1835 Death of Mr Michael Byrne of Clara Castle. [Mod]
18.1.1840 Mr Anthony Byrne, Clara Castle. [Jnl]
1969 Castle firm but derelict. [O’Kelly]
1993 Clara, a C16th tower-house, a National Monument. 19.S>57.58. [KK Dev Plan]
1781 Henry Blunt, Clashwilliam. [FLJ 7.11.1781]
1784 Henry Blunt Esq of Clashwilliam. [FLJ 28.2.1784]
12.2.1789 Died, Henry Blunt Esq. of Clashwilliam. [St Marys Church grave]
28.3.1789 To set, house with 16a of lands of Clashwilliam, Co. Kilkenny. Proposals to Joseph Blunt Esq., Kilkenny. Patrick Phelan on the premises. [FLJ]
CLIFDEN CASTLE, PARISH OF Clifden or Rathgarvan, barony of Gowran.
1969 Sixteenth century Clifden castle in ruins. [O’Kelly]
1993 Clifden Castle, important early C18th house with an H-plan. In the yard is a simple 3 bay, 2 storey mid-C17th house. Behind and connected to this house is a short tower-house. 4 miles E of Kilkenny. 19.S.57.54. [KK Dev Plan]
1884 Rev James Ryan, PP of Clara, res. Clifden Villa. [Bassett]
30.1.1802 To let, house & demesne of Clinstown, 60a, on bank of Nore, 6 miles from Kilkenny, 2 of Freshford, 3 of Ballyragget. It is a small neat house, apply James Mortimer at Clinstown. [FLJ]
26.2.1803 To let, House & Demesne of Archers Grove, apply James Mortimer at Clinstown. [LJ]
25.1.1804 To let, house & demesne of Clinstown, 60a, house small & neat. On bank of Nore, 6 mile of Kilkenny, 2 of Freshford & Ballyragget, apply Richard Mortimer, Clinstown. [LJ]
29.3.1806 To let, 53a of lands of Clinstown, apply Mr Edward Ryan of Clinstown. [LJnl]
3.6.1809 To let house & 53a of Clintstown, 6 mile of Kilkenny, 3 of Ballyragget & Freshford. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Richard Henry Webb sen., Clinstown, game licence. [LJ]
16.10.1811 Richard Webb jnr., Clinstown. [LJ]
29.2.1812 To let house & small demesne of Clinstown where Capt. Harrison lately resided, 5 mile of Kilkenny on road to Ballyragget, in good order, apply Richard Phillips Esq., Phillipsburgh. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Robert Edmonds, Clintstown. [LJ]
1744 John Mulcaill, Clone [I Wills]
1782 To let, lands of Cloan, Rossenara, 230a late held by Marks Prim, decd. [FLJ 21.8.1782]
1782 John Cahill of Clone recanted RC, embraced Protestant religion. [FLJ 16.11.1782]
CLOGARALT CASTLE, parish of the Rower, barony of Ida.
1969 A towered castle in ruins. [O’Kelly]
1622 Nicholas Archdekin, Cloghala. [I Wills]
1687 John Purcell, Cloghala [I Wills]
1687 Patrick Comerford, Cloghala [I Wills]
1774 To set, 80a of lands of Clola lately held by Thos Cahill. [FLJ 2.11.1774]
1834 Died, Monday last, John Davis Esq., of Clohila in this county. [Jnl 28.5.1834]
1834 To let, Clohilla & 20 acres, apply Mrs Davis at Cloilu or Richard Colles, River View. [Jnl 8.11.1835]
30.4.1842 To let the house & gardens of Cloila and 13a. 6 mile Kilkenny, 4 mile Tomastowm, 2 mile Gowran. Lately occupied by Charles Putland Jnr Esq. Apply Richard Colles, River-view. [Mod]
1879 Gervaise Bushe, Clohala. [Will]
1883 Patrick Connell, Clohilla. [Will]
CLOGHARINKA CASTLE, parish of Muckalee, barony of Fassidinan.
1969 Clogharinka Castle in ruins is north of Muckalee RC church. [O’Kelly]
1808 Peter Burchall, Clohanta. [LJ 30.4.1808]
1836 William Colclough, Clomanto. [Mod 27.4.1836]
1853 William Lyster, JP, Clomanta, Freshford. [Thom]
1858 John Shortal, Clomanto Castle. [Will]
1862 Thomas Brennan, Clomento. [Will]
1863 Michael Mullaly Esq., Clomanto. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1872 John Shortal, Clomanto. [Will]
1880s papers re Colcloughs at Clomanto. [KAS deed C misc]
1892 Richard Shortall of Clomanto Castle, farmer. [KAS deed C11]
1912-16 A Julian Esq., and Thomas Julian Esq., Clomanto Castle. [KAS Deed]
1993 Clomantagh, tower-house and house: the tower roofed with a later roof, 4 miles E of Urlingford. 18.S.35.64. [KK Dev Plan]
CLONAMERY CASTLE, parish of Clonamery, barony of Ida.
1969 A castle belonging to Mac an Bharuin, alias Fitzgerald stands. [O’Kelly]
1863 James S Loughnan Esq., Clonard House, Kilkenny. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 James S Loughnan Esq., JP, Clonard House. [Slater]
1881 James S Lougnan Esq., JP, Clonard House. [Slater]
CLONASSY CASTLE, PARISH OF Kilmacow, Iverk barony.
1969 Only traces of the foundations remained. Owned by Robert Walshe, Lord of the Mountain who died 1690. [O’Kelly]
1801 E & W Briscoe at Bleachville and Cloncunny. [Tighe]
1837 H Harrison Briscoe, Cloncunny. [Mod 30.8.1837]
1863 H H Briscoe Esq., Cloncunny, Piltown. [Mod 10.1.1863]
CLONE, parish of Rathbeagh, barony of Galmoy.
To let, 41a of lands of Clone with dwelling house, now in possession of Mr Henry Disney. Description of house. Midway between Freshford & Ballyragget. [KJnl] [? Date]
1828 Henry Nixon, Clane House, Co. Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
1831 Henry Nixon Esq., Cloan. [Jnl 12.10.1831]
6.7.1836 Died Henry Nixon snr of Clone House, Co. Kilkenny age 62. [Mod]
1863 James A Nixon, Clone House. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1873 Mr Nixon, Clone House. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1884 James A Nixon, JP, Clone House, Ballyragget. [Bassett]
1993 Clone, mid C18th house of 7 bays, two storeys, 2 miles N of Freshford. 18.S.42.67. [KK Dev Plan]
CLONMORAN HOUSE, St Patricks parish, Kilkenny.
1870 John P Hyland Esq., Clonmoran. [Slater]
1881 John P Hyland Esq., Clonmoran. [Slater]
1894 John P Hyland, Clonmoran. [Slater]
1969 Clonmoran House, residence of the Hyland family, is marked on the OS sheet. [O’Kelly]
2006 Richard Hyland, Clonmoran.
CLONMORE HOUSE, parish of Clonmore, Iverk barony.
1682 John Grant, Clonmore [I Wills]
1682 Ellen Grant, Clonmore [I Wills]
30.4.1808 Edward Elliott, Clonmore. [LJnl]
5.10.1808 Rev John Blunden, Clonmore, game licence. [LJ]
6.9.1809 Rev John Blunden, Clonmore, game licence. [LJ]
1863 S H Jones Esq., Clonmore, Piltown. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1969 Clonmore house by the Suir side is the residence of the Archdale-Morris family and dates back to the middle of the 14th century. [O’Kelly]
CLOON CASTLE, Clone, parish of Rathbeagh, barony of Galmoy.
1969 Only the site of the Purcell castle of Cloon remains. [O’Kelly]
CLOONE CASTLE, Kilmoganny parish, Kells barony.
1969 Cloone castle, in ruins, was Walshe property to 1446, then given to Jerpoint Abbey and to the Ormonde family at the suppresion of the abbey. [O’Kelly]
1747 To let lands of Columkill with good house, 50 or 60 a, orchard, 2 fish ponds, ½ mile of Thomastown, held by Rev John Ward, Rector of Thomastown.
15.8.1770 To let, part of lands of Columkill, 60a, in possession of Richard Burke, an excellent house, 1 mile of Thomastown, 6 of Kilkenny. Proposals to Warden Flood Esq., Paulstown. [FLJ]
1774 Fire at Mr Abraham Prim, Collumkill near Thomastown. [FLJ]
23.10.1841 Charles Flood Esq., Columkill. [KJnl]
1875 John Downes Howlett, Columbkill House. [Will]
CONWAY HALL, Ovanstown, Earlstown parish, Shillelogher barony.
1969 Conway Hall was the birthplace of the late Jeremiah Brennan DD VG. [O’Kelly]
COOLAGHMORE CASTLE, Coolaghmore parish, Kells barony.
1873 Mr Weld, Coolaghmore House. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1969 1969 Ruined castle. [O’Kelly]
COOLBAWN HOUSE, parish of Attanagh, barony of Fassidinan.
1863 J Brennan Esq., Coolbawn. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1884 Joseph Dobbs, JP, Coolbawn, Castlecomer. [Bassett]
1969 Coolbawn House is the Comerford home. [O’Kelly]
COOLCASHIN HOUSE, parish of Coolcashin, barony of Galmoy.
1969 Coolcashin House. [O’Kelly]
28.4.1792 Thomas Byrne, Coolgrange near Freestonehill, Co. Kilkenny. [FLJ]
COOLHILL CASTLE, parish of the Rower, barony of Ida.
1621 Castle passed to Mountgarret family [O’Kelly]
1653 Came under Cromwell’s confiscations. [O’Kelly]
1740 Thomas Cranisborough, Coolhill [I Wills]
1969 Coolhill castle with two towers of the circular keep style, in a fair state of preservation. [O’Kelly]
COOLMORE, parish of Inistioge, barony of Gowran.
1783 Mr Shannon, attorney, lives at Coolmore where Sir John Hasler lately lived, midway between Thomastown & Inistioge. [FLJ 1.3.1783]
1783 Birth to Mrs Shannon, Coolmore. [FLJ 29.3.1783]
5.6.1802 To let, house & demesne of Coolmore, residence of late Laurence Herne Esq., 51a. House newly built, situate over river Nore, enclosed with 8’ walls. [FLJ]
30.3.1811 To set, house & demesne of Coolmore near Thomastown, 70a. Apply Langrishes. [LJ]
6.9.1819 Rev Richard Langrishe, Coolmore, game licence. [LJ]
26.9.1810 Rev Richard Langrishe, Coolmore, game licence. [LJ]
4.4.1827 To let house & 50a of Coolmore, on bank of Nore, 2m Thomastown and Inistiogue, apply Joseph Robin Esq., Derry, Knocktopher. [Mod]
1837 Peter Connellan, Coolmore. [Mod 4.10.1837]
10.3.1841 Peter Connellan, Coolmore. [Mod]
18.11.1843 Peter Connellan, Coolmore. [Jnl]
4.10.1845 Peter Connellan, Coolmore. [Mod]
24.7.1847 Peter Connellan, Coolmore. [KJnl]
1853 Peter Connellan, DL, Coolmore, Thomastown. [Thom]
31.1.1857 Peter Connellan, JP, Coolmore. [Mod]
1861 Harriet Connellan, Coolmore. [Will]
1863 Peter Connellan, Coolmore, Thomastown. [Mod 10.1.1863]
1870 Peter Connellan Esq., DL, Coolmore, Thomastown. [Slater]
1873 Mr Connellan, DL, Coolmore. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1876 Peter Connellan, Coolmore, Thomastown, 2,135a. [Land]
1881 Peter Connellan Esq., DL, Coolmore, Thomastown. [Slater]
1884 P Connellan, DL, Coolmore, Thomastown. [Bassett]
1969 Coolmore House, the Solly-Flood residence stands by the Nore. [O’Kelly]
1993 Coolmore, early C19th 5 bay, 2 storey white rendered house, 2 miles S of Thomastown. 19.S.60.39. [KK Dev Plan]
1873 Henry Burtchaell, Coolroe. [Mod 23.8.1873]
1837 Thomas waring late of Corbettstown, insolvent. [Mod 25.3.1837]
CORLUDDY CASTLE, parish of Portnascully, Iverk barony.
1969 Corluddy castle 5 storey high is roofless but in good state of preservation. It belonged to the Grants until confiscated by Cromwell. [O’Kelly]
COTTAGE. See also Kilcreene Cottage.
1813 William Sinnott, Cottage, Co. Kilkenny. [Kings Inn]
1839 Joseph Green Esq., RM, Cottage. [Kinder]
1869 Daniel Smithwick, The Cottage, died age 54 [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1883 Richard John Smithwick, The Cottage, died 1883 age 22. [Grave St Johns Dublin Rd]
1784 To set 260 a of Cotterells Rath, part of estate of Richard Cox, 4 miles of Kilkenny on Carrick road, apply John Blunden, Kilmacoliver, Carrick. [FLJ 21.2.1784]
COURTSTOWN HOUSE, parish of Tullaroan, barony of Crannagh.
1969 Courtstown House. [O’Kelly]
1853 Thomas Lalor, JP, Cregg, Carrick-on-Suir. [Thom]
31.1.1857 Thomas Lalor JP, Cregg House. [Mod]
1749 Nicholas Devereux, Croan [I Wills]
6.11.1773 William Hayden jnr, Croan. [FLJ]
26.2.1774 John Shirley of Croan. [FLJ]
1789 William Hayden, Croan [I Wills]
1801 Croan belonging to Mr Shirley. [Tighe]
17.12.1810 John Shirley, Croan, Co Kilkenny Esq. Son Paul. [Will Abs 407]
4.1.1812 Paul Sherley of Croan. [LJ]
CROHANNA HOUSE, Annamult, Stoneyford.
1881 Maurice Fitzgibbon, Crohanna House. [Will]
See Irish Landed Gentry.
1729 Below Kk, Hon Francis Edwards stopped his estate improvements on which he had been spending £100 per week.
1729 Lands for sale, inheritance of Mary Edwards, dau & heir of Francis edwards, at Dublin. Crohill 132a; Killaghy 695a; Lughenny 250a; Rahealy & Ballyroe 795a; Brittasmore 523a; Sart 453a; Bootstown 167a; all lying contiguous divided into farms & good houses new built on most. Also following leases: Gortnegap, Co. Kk held by Griffith Lloyd and Courtstown held by Thomas Butler.
6.5.1775 To set, lands of Crohill, 132a, during minority of Gerard Noel Edwards. [FLJ]
1831 Sale of cattle distrained from Peter Loughnan of Crowhill Lodge who farms 215a. [Tithe War in KK History & Society]
29.1.1831 To let, Crohill Lodge & 133a –expended since 1817 £2,000 in building house & improvements. 6 mile Kilkenny, ½ mile Freshford, apply Peter Loughnan on premises. [Jnl]
1833 To let house of Crohill Lodge. £1800 expended since 1817. 133acres, 7 mile Kilkenny, 1 mile Freshford, 3 mile Ballyragget, apply Peter Loughnan on premises. [Jnl 10.4.1833]
17.5.1834 Peter Loughnan, Crohill Park, Freshford. [KJnl]
28.6.1834 Peter Loughnan, Crohill Lodge. [KJnl]
1836 To let, Crohill Lodge, 215 acres, Apply Peter Loughnan. [Mod 23.1.1836]
7.12.1842 Crowhill Lodge, property of late Peter Loughnan. [KJnl]
25.4.1846 To let, house & demesne of Croghill, lately rsidence of Peter Louhgnan dec’d, 218a sm, 1 mile of Freshford, -more-. [KJnl]
1870 James M Loughnan Esq., JP, Crowhill Lodge. [Slater]
1876 James M Loughnan, Crohill Lodge, Freshford, 216a. [Land]
1880 Died James Meade Loughnan, JP, Crohill. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1887 Died Henry Berthon Loughnan, JP, Crohill. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
2.12.1829 To let in Co. Kilkenny, in liberties of city of Waterford, house & demesne of Cromwell's Rock & 12a. [Mod]
1801 H Hely at Crosspatrick. [Tighe]
CROWBALLY CASTLE, Derrynahinch parish, Knocktopher barony.
1969 There is a castle site. [O’Kelly]
1.2.1812 James Scott Esq., Cudda Lodge. [LJ]
30.4.1808 Francis Shearman. [LJ]
CURRAHILL CASTLE, Kilmoganny parish, Kells barony.
1969 A Butler castle in ruins stands in this townland. [O’Kelly]
1993 Currahill, full height, but no roof, 1 mile WNW of Kilmoganny. 18.S.44.35. [KK Dev Plan]
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