This is a historical Samurai maxim

Being afraid, before fighting, because of the enemy’s reputation.

Being afraid, because the enemy looks very fierce and strong.

Inadequate training.

Any of these is enough to lose the contest for the Samurai.
This maxim also applies to all the martial arts, including Karate.
So learn the syllabus and practice, practice, practice, (ad lib...)

Note: you must read the Japanese text from top to bottom, and from right to left.


8th Kyu - Yellow Belt
7th Kyu - Orange Belt
6th Kyu - Green Belt
5th Kyu - Blue Belt
4th Kyu - Purple Belt
3rd Kyu - Brown Belt with one black tip
2nd Kyu - Brown Belt with two black tips
1st Kyu - Brown Belt with three black tips
1st Dan - Black Belt with one red tip
2nd Dan - Black Belt with two red tips

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