Stories: It will be evident from these stories that I am a devotee of Satya Sai Baba. Of course I have heard of all the scandal, for the last 32 years, and clearly I give it no credance. To those sceptics I say ‘hold on to your scepticism, it is precious in these days when there are so many frauds and 420’s about (art. In Indian criminal code that indicts cheaters). My scepticism was struck down by the master cf.baba’s place, but I have no wish to convert you. The sun shines in my garden but I do not own the sun. Nor do I wish to argue about the scandal.

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Stories: bodhgaya (chron.order #1)
babasplace (#2)
grailcup (#3)

counterpositive note

analogy (use of in Ad.)
anasufi (analogy in Sufism/Rumi)
chitjada (Advaitic Sadhana/Spiritual Practice)
deepleep (consciousness always on)
note on sushupti
primary process
on Upadesa Sahasri
note on reincarnation
Sankara criticism of sankhya in B.S.B.
subtle body/linga sarira
cause effect in Advaita
note on Hume and satkaryavada
on deep sleep in Br.Up
note on saksin/witness
limiting adjunct/upadhi
on Katha Up

adhyropa from Upadesa Sahasri
Aristotle on the Soul
Boy in Sun (malcolm cowley)
I and Thou
Sufi wallah
Satya Sai Baba on the Dream
Coleridge on Induction

Bradley on Metaphysics
Sankara on the proof of the existence of God
seed sounds (Owen Barfield)
theories of self in U.S.
Sushupti in Upa.Sah.
Alan Watts on sushupti
Vijnanavada Sankara on
homunculus driver of Dawkins/Dennett
Ontological Realism/Ockham
Light of God/Orthodox
ideas of self/Sw.Satprakashananda
philosophers and intuition

List Correspondence
Sankara's Preamble to B.S.B.

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