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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

In 1686 an account was prepared of all the inns and ale houses in England with their stable-room and bedding. [PRO Kew: WO 30/48]
In our area the figures include:
Almondbury 12 24
Bradley 1 1
Bradley Gate 1 2
Colne Bridge 2 2
Crossland 6 5
Crossland Hill 2 0
Deighton 1 2
Ealand 11 42
Firtown 2 1
Gowker 0 0
Greenhead 2 2
Halifax 130 306
Holmefirth 31 25
Holme Bridge 2 2
Huddersfield 29 64
Lepton 1 1
Linlay 3 5
Lockwood 1 1
Leeds 294 454
Longroid Bridge 1 1
Marsden 6 8
Mirfield 5 7
Moldgreen 1 1
New Mill 2 0
Quarmby 0 0
Rastrick 3 8
Wakefield 242 543


1545 Roger Brooke of the Inn. WDD/1/71
C17th Thomas Gibson of Almondbury, innholder Hulbert p145
1655 William Bamfirth, Huddersfield, innkeeper. London Wills
1676 Gervase Kaye’s ale house. Redmond, Law & Disorder
1679 James Swallow, ale house in Huddersfield. Redmond, Law & Disorder p36
1696 James Whittaker of Huddersfield, innkeeper. Will
1736 Richard Beaumont, clothier has a brew house. Misc. Will
1737 Joseph Sykes, innkeeper, at least from 1724 when he had his lease from Sir J Ramsden –daughter Grace wife of Thomas Dransfield. Son in law James Shaw. (This could have been the White Hart which in 1778 was owned by Jo. Dransfield.) Misc Will
26.6.1746 Baptism, Thomas son of Thomas Drake, Almondbury, innkeeper. Almby PR
17.1.1765 John Gibson, Huddersfield, innkeeper. Quarter Sessions Indictment Book
1768 Richard Kitson of Lee Head, Parish of Huddersfield, innholder. Will Roberts
1777 Thomas Marriott, keeper of a pot ale house at Almondbury. Halifax RP193
30.10.1787 Stolen at house of Susannah Gibson, innkeeper, Moldgreen, various silver marked SG or MG. Mercury
15.8.1795 James Booth, innkeeper, Kirkburton. Mercury
12.3.1796 House of Mr James Cowgill, near Kirkheaton Church. Mercury
1800 John Dodson of Dodlee to William Beaumont of Huddersfield, skinner, grandson and heir of Joseph Beaumont, late of Huddersfield, innkeeper. RoD EC709 1064
1803 Joseph Crosland of North Crosland, innkeeper. Sessions Roll
1803 George Brook, Lockwood, innkeeper. (Possibly Red Lion Inn) Sessions Roll
1805 George Robinson, innkeeper, Longroyd Bridge. Sessions Roll
1805 John Whitehead of Linley, innkeeper. QS1/144/9
1805 Sale at house of W Eastwood, Meltham. Smart Printing
1807 William Davenport, innkeeper. KC 165/169
1814 House of Paul Scholes at Hillhouse. Prosecuting Socy
1817 James Booth, innkeeper and Clerk of Kirkburton. KC 105/109
5.12.1820 Nancy wife of Luke Noble of Lockwood, innkeeper, and son Walter Bradley Noble. Sessions
6.7.1822 Levi Lumb, innkeeper near Deanhead. Mercury
1823 John Gomersall of Dalton, innkeeper. (Possibly Black Horse Inn) Sessions
1824 William Wilson, Almondbury, innkeeper. Sessions
1824 Johnathan Eastwood, Wooldale, innkeeper. Sessions
5.6.1824 Joseph Hall, innkeeper, Golcar Hill. Mercury
3.7.1824 Mr Bamforth, innkeeper, Slaithwaite. Mercury
11.1.1825 Joseph Bray, Netherthong, innkeeper. Mercury
15.1.1825 Benj. Stephenson, innkeeper, Shelley. Mercury
1827 Hannah Armitage, Linthwaite, innkeeper, and her son John. Sessions
1831 Thomas Armitage, livery stable keeper & mail contractor & innholder. KC 165/35
1831 William Waite, publican, joiner & cabinet maker, Huddersfield. KC 165/162
28.12.1849 Baptism, Louisa, dau of Samuel & Ann Bradley, Kirkgate, innkeeper. Hudds PR
26.12.1853 Death on 15th age 66, Mr Joseph Smithers, Innkeeper, Westgate, Huddersfield. Examiner




13.9.1794 T Burman has taken a commodious house in Almondbury, which he has fitted up in elegant manner and opened as the George. Accommodation for travellers. Mercury
4.10.1794 Mr George Stancliffe, the Bowling Green in Dalton Mercury
29.7.1797 Mr Jonathan Poppleton, Rose & Crown, Almondbury. Mercury
2.12.1797 Mr Thomas Burman, the George Inn, Marsden. Mercury
30.8.1815 John Lister Kaye, Grange. William Cummins was my valet 11 years, married our cook who was with us 14 years –wish to take the Star Inn at Longroyd Bridge, the licence of which was withdrawn during the riots. Radcliffe Papers
12.5.1821 George Brook, Red Lion Inn, Lockwood. Mercury
1.9.1821 Rose & Crown Golcar, Mr Joseph Hall. Mercury
6.4.1822 Kayes Arms Inn, Moldgreen, William Worthington. Mercury
6.4.1822 Brown Cow Inn, Holmfirth, John Roberts. Mercury
6.7.1822 Coach & Six Inn, Outlane, house of Mr Richard Sykes. Mercury
13.7.1822 Mr Richard Booth, George Inn, Kirkburton. Mercury
27.7.1822 Sale at Mrs Hannah Armitage’s the Warren House. Mercury
3.8.1822 Richard Redfearn, Rose & Crown, Kirkburton. Mercury
6.7.1822 House of Richard Sykes, Coach & Six Inn, Outlane. Mercury
31.5.1823 Charles Eastwood, Horse Shoes Inn, Milnsbridge. Mercury
7.6.1823 John Bottomley, Wagon & Horses, Outlane. Mercury
12.7.1823 Shoulder of Mutton, Lockwood. Mercury
5.6.1824 Richard Booth, George Inn, Kirkburton. Mercury
24.7.1824 John Garlick, Swan Inn, Meltham. Mercury
11.9.1824 Anthony Bray, Nags Head. Mercury
25.9.1824 William Eastwood, The Golden Fleece Inn, Meltham. Mercury
12.2.1825 John Divers, Grove Inn, Dalton. Mercury
26.2.1825 John Kaye, Golden Cock Inn, Farnley Tyas. Mercury
26.2.1825 Abraham Horsfall, Red Lion Inn, Rastrick. Mercury
12.3.1825 Died Mr John Turner of the Wool Packs Inn, Almondbury, age 58. He was Parish Clerk for upwards of 30 years. Mercury
7.1.1826 Mr John Gummersall, Black Horse Inn, Dalton. Mercury
1828 Christopher Rawson, Kayes Arms, Moldgreen. Sessions
26.5.1850 Baptised, Alice dau of John & Jane Armitage, Warren House, innkeeper. Hudds PR