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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

1797 John Oxley [note] afterwards C Kaye, The Cherry Tree Inn RR
1803 Not in Brewsters list  
20.9.1806 Samuel Bottomley, Cherry Tree Brewsters
14.9.1807 Samuel Bottomley, Cherry Tree Brewsters
1808 Samuel Bottomley, Cherry Tree KC 165/167
1818 Nancy Bottomley, Cherry Tree, Westgate Directory
21.4.1821 Mr Bottomley, Cherry Tree Inn, Huddersfield Mercury
1824 Cherry Tree Inn KC165/103
3.1.1824 Married, Thursday week at Almondbury, Mr Joseph Bottomley, Cherry Tree Inn, to daughter of Mr Thomas Abbey, corndealer, Lockwood. Mercury
1828 Joseph Bottomley, Cherry Tree Recog
1832 Bottomley Dispensary
11.7.1868 Cherry Tree Inn to make way for new Estate Buildings. This ancient inn, the oldest in the town of Huddersfield Chron
25.7.1868 For sale, Brewing plant, Cherry Tree Inn Chron
1870 Kayes, tenants of Cherry Tree Inn, not formerly on a principal street, came to occupy one of the best positions in the town. Building was very old and ruinous. Kayes were very old tenants. The whole pulled down two years ago DD/RR/c/26.4
1778/9 William Bradley, Merchants & Clothiers. West side of Southgate RR/Survey
1780 William Bradley Clo. Arms Survey
1781 to 1794 William Bradley Clors Arms. [The inn name is given to distinguish the various William Bradleys] Land Tax
1797 William Bradley, Clothiers Arms RR
1798 William Bradley, Clothiers Arms Land Tax redemption papers
19.9.1803 William Bradley, Clothiers Inn Brewsters
1805 House of William Bradley, The Clothiers Inn QS1/144/2
20.9.1806 William Bradley, Clothiers Arms Brewsters
14.9.1807 William Bradley, Clothiers Inn Brewsters
1818 George Bradley, Clothiers Arms, Kirkgate Directory
19.3.1825 House of … Bradley (?) Clothiers Arms Mercury
1828 George Bradley, Clothiers Arms Recog
1837 Clothiers Arms Manslaughter case in Briefs
1840 William & James Brooksbank, Clothiers Arms Inn Grave 129
1842 William Brooksbank, Clothiers Arms Hotel  
1803 Francis Spence, Cock Recog
1803 Francis Spence of Bradley Lane, innkeeper Will of William Moore
20.9.1806 Francis Spence, Cock Brewsters
14.9.1807 Francis Spence, Cock Brewsters
27.6.1736 Spent with Michael Hanson colliers 6d. [May not be an inn] Turner Diary
1828 Anby Beatson, Commercial Inn Recog
1842 John Gill, The Commercial Inn Hfx G
1843 John Gill, Commercial Inn Hfx G
CRANE Probably known subsequently as Nags Head (qv)    
19.9.1803 Peter Thornton, Crane Brewsters
1806 Does not appear; Peter Thornton is of Nags Head Brewsters
1828 John Smith, Crescent Recog
1843 Benjamin Ainley, Crescent Inn, High Street Hfx G
? 6.2.1732 Joseph Sykes, landlord (Doubtful) Turner Diary
1766 Edmund Sykes, the common bellman who keeps a public house KC 165-73
1778/9 Dorothy Sykes, a widow, Cross Keys. Widow of Edmd Sykes. South side of Westgate RR & Survey
1778/9 Dorothy Syke, a cert (Which indicates a new Licence holder) Recog
19.9.1803 John Thompson, Cross Keys.(Then to Red Lion qv) Brewsters
20.9.1806 William Bottomley, Cross Keys Brewsters
14.9.1807 William Bottomley, Cross Keys Brewsters
1813 William Bottomley, innkeeper Hudds Apprentice Book
1818 William Bottomley, Cross Keys, Market Street Directory
1828 John Wilkinson, Cross Keys Recog
1832 William Bottomley formerly innkeeper of the Cross Keys, Huddersfield KC 165-270
1852 Mrs Dyson, Cross Keys, High Street Chron
1778/9 Joseph Walker, Dial. He also owned the Kings Arms and was married to Widow Ryley. West side of Southgate, adjoining Clothiers. RR Survey
1778/9 Joseph Walker – a cert (which indicates a new licence holder.) Recog
1797 Joseph Walker, Dog public house RR
1798/9 Joseph Walker, Dog RR
1803 John Ryley, Dog Rate
1818 John Leece, Dog, Kirkgate Directory
25.12.1827 John Leece, Dog Inn Sessions
1828 John Leece, Dog Recog
15.4.1839 Marriage of Joseph Dalton, ropemaker, son of John Leece, innkeeper Kirkheaton PR
14.3.1840 Mr Beaver’s the Dog Inn Mercury
ND Dog Inn in the Old Street Hanson
1834 George Mitchell, innkeeper. Enclosing part of a public footpath from Highfields to Birkby Court Rolls
1842 Mitchell of the Druids Hotel  
21.1.1843 Meeting of Ancient Order of Druids at house of Bro. George Mitchell, Druids Hotel Hfx G
20.2.1844 Mr Oastler made his speech (on return to Yorkshire) from the spacious area in front of the Druids Hotel on the Halifax Road Fleet Papers
1844 Druids Hotel kept by ‘Father Mitchell’ Croft History of Factory Movement
1847 The buildings of the Zetland Hotel originally stood in Temple Street, called the Druids Hotel. Re-erected in 1847 following station development Wyles Buildings of Huddersfield
20.9.1806 John Leach Brewsters
14.9.1807 John Leach Brewsters
6.6.1813 William son of John & Grace Leece, Huddersfield, Innkeeper Hudds PR Bap
20.8.1815 John son of John & Grace Leece, Huddersfield, innkeeper Hudds PR Bap
1815 Jon. Lees, innkeeper, Hudds, Club called Duke of Wellington Club RoD QE 18.206
1816 Jon. Leech, Duke of York, Duke Street Directory
1818 George Storey, Duke of York, Back Green Directory
1843 Mrs H Lee, the Duke of York Inn Hfx G