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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

See also my essay on the George Hotel.

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GEORGE HOTEL (See Edward Law’s History)    
1716 Survey: James Murgatroyd, 146 Croft (Field 171 in 1778 plan-George Croft.) stables etc. 25.9.0.) Survey
1718 James Murgatroyd, Huddersfield, innkeeper Deed
16.4.1734 Went to Huddersfield, expenses in staying all night at Murgatroyds, 5/-. Turner Diary
20.4.1736 Pegge Murgatroyd, came to be boarded at her house Turner Diary
29.4.1733 Spent at George Turner Diary
14.10.1735 Joshua Sheppard, ostler at George Turner Diary
11.1.17367 Pd for a book at auction at our house (George) Turner Diary
7.6.1749 Pd Wilson at George for wine Turner Diary
1754 Margaret Murgatroyd, Huddersfield, innholder Indictment Book
1757 Dame Murgatroyd, George Inn, died 19 August Diary of Antiquary
12.6.1760 John Turner & Blind Jack Metcalf at the George. Turner Diary
1763 Sale at the house of Mrs Martha Murgatroyd, being the sign of the George in Huddersfield C 296-88 Firth
1766 Miss Martha Murgatroyd, innkeeper, died 12 November Diary of Antiquary
1768/9 Mrs Murgatroyd 67-10-0 (in pencil) George Hotel. (The fifth largest rent in the Huddersfield section) RR
1771 Samuel Mortimer Recog
1771/2 Samuel Mortimer, late Murgatroyds 67-10-0. The George Hotel RR
1773 William Burman, a cert (Indicates new licensee)(No Samuel Mortimer) Recog
7.12.1773 William Burman, Huddersfield, innkeeper RoD BZ 484.621
1776 William Burman, Huddersfield, innkeeper RoD BY 394.579
1776 Meeting of Turnpike Trustees Redmonds, Huddersfield
1777 William Burman Recog
1778 William Burman Recog
1781 William Burman Recog
17.1.1786 Meeting at George Inn re objection to tax upon horses. Mercury
28.3.1786 Meeting at house of Mr William Burman, George Inn –Huddersfield enclosure Mercury
15.5.1787 Trustees of Wakefields & Austerlands Turnpike meet at house of William Burman in Huddersfield to choose 2 surveyors Mercury
4.12.1787 Dividend in Thewlis’s bankruptcy will be paid at Mr Burmands in Huddersfield Mercury
c1790 William Burman, victualler, George Inn Directory
11.5.1790 Huddersfield Subscription Concerts –in the great room at the George Inn Mercury
7.12.1793 Sale at Mr Burman’s the George Inn Mercury
1793 Death of William Burman prior to October. Admin
3.1.1795 Sale of wood by auction at George Inn 5.2.1795 (Subsequently cancelled) Mercury
1797 John Townend was the tenant of the George Hotel in 1797 and Sir John Ramsden expended 2,400 on the Hotel Hordern
1798 John Townend for tenants dinner RR
1799 John Townend for tenants dinner RR
1798/9 John Townend, George Inn, 315 RR
4.1.1800 Commissioners for sale of Land Tax will be at the George, Huddersfield Mercury
19.4.1800 Meeting of merchants and manufacturers of Huddersfield at George Inn Mercury
16.5.1801 House of John Townsend, The George Inn Mercury
19.9.1803 John Townsend, George Mercury
1803 John Townsend, George Inn with stables and all the shops Rates
1805/7 John Townsend, George Inn Directory
1806 House of John Townsend, the George Inn FW70 Houghton
20.9.1806 John Townsend, George Inn Brewsters
14.9.1807 John Townsend, George Inn Brewsters
10.9.1814 Sale at house of Mr Townsend, George Inn Mercury
1814 John Townsend, George, Kirkgate Directory
1815 John Townend, George St, 130 Rate Book
1816 John Townsend, Innkeeper Hudds Apprentice Book
1816 John Townsend, George (Excise Office), Kirkgate. Cornwallis coach to Manchester & Liverpool , York & Hull Directory
7.8.1816 John Townsend, the George Inn New Hey Turnpike
1816 William Wigney, innkeeper. [Hudds PR] (NB he was a Banker’s Clerk in 1814.)

27.12.1817 William Wigney, George Inn

1817 William Wigney, George (Excise Office) Market Place Directory
22.4.1820 A gentleman of the Yeomanry Corps fired two shots from his quarters at the south side of the Market Place, into the windows of the George Inn opposite. It is thought he was temporarily deranged from the arduous duties of the last fortnight. (1820 Distress among the manufacturing operatives, 31 March to be a general attack on Huddersfield) Mercury
25.5.1822 Meeting for relief of Irish Peasantry Mercury
1825 George Hackett, Huddersfield, Tapster. Keeps the George Inn Tap room Sessions
1826 William Wigney, chaise hire Church Minutes
1828 William Wigney, the George Recog
1829 William Wigney, George St. 106.13.6. Rate Book
1830 A court is held twice in the year at the George Inn for the Liberty of the Honour of Pontefract, for pleas of debt or damages under 5 Directory
30.6.1832 Mr Ramsden at George to speak from the window –the operatives would not hear him. Mr Thomas Hirst, a very intelligent man and influential among the operatives also clamoured down Wood Ramsden election
19.6.1833 Dr Chalmers visit to Huddersfield, stopped at George Inn W Hanna Memoir of the life & writings of Dr Chalmers
1842 George Vaison, Head waiter at the George Hotel  
1843 Thomas Jennings Wigney, Market Place, innkeeper Surgeon
20.2.1844 Oastlers return to Yorkshire. Procession halted for a few moments opposite the George Inn, the windows of which were crowded with the gentry of the neighbourhood Fleet Papers
1848 Meetings of Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners to be held at George Minutes HIC
1.11.1851 In clearing site of ‘Old George’ stone found dated 1687 and letters BRA in a triangular form. We understand that a family of the name of Burman were the first occupiers of the George. A similar stone was found over one of the staircase windows dated 1787. Mr Burman of Huddersfield is a descendant of this ancient family. Examiner
1856 Mrs Booth, ironmonger’s widow, age 78, could tell of three George Inns –the original George a one storied building at the Market Place end of the present John William Street; which gave way for the late George Hotel, on the same site, the erection of which Mrs Booth well remembers. The present George in St George’s Square.  
The Third George from Ramsden Correspondence.

29.9.1845 Hawthorn to Loch –warning that railway company may wish to build a hotel at the station. Suggesting that if the George is to be rebuilt it should be by the station. If so should be commenced to be open at same time as station.

12.11.1848 Wallen forwards the amended plans for the new George Hotel.

10.2.1849 Tenders received for George Hotel.

13.2.1849 Estimated cost 6,100.

6.3.1849 Foundations dug.

24.5.1850 Site of stabling to be decided.

19.5.1850 Stables to be near the Brick Factory (North corner of Brook St. & John William St.)

24.5.1850 Stables to cost 720.

17.9.1850 Materials from old gig sheds etc in present George yard used for foundations of stables.

19.12.1850 Thomas Wigney, George Hotel –old tenant whose father & grandfather held the tenancy for so many years.

25.7.1851 45 for removal of old George outbuildings and stables.

25.8.1851 Materials of old George sold to Messrs Parkin of Huddersfield & Castle Hill. The front stones being cleaned and re-dressed and used in building in St Peter’s St. (sold for 617.Hordern DD/RE/18)

9.9.1851 George Hotel shut up after 60 years. I ought to preserve the stone on which the date of completion of the building is engraved.

16.9.1851 Total cost of George 10,374-10-7.

27.8.1851 New George Hotel welcomed its first guests. Chadwick
Jan 1855 T J Wigney, George Hotel.  
1872 George was leased to a Limited Company. Directory 1881
11.7.1914 Re-opening of George Hotel. Refurnished by Waring & Gillow. Wkly Ex