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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

1736 Richard Beaumont, clothier, also had a brewhouse. Will
1778-79 Abraham Beaumont, Pack Horse & a brewhouse. RR. Survey
1787 Sale at house of Abraham Beaumont, innkeeper, Hudds. Mercury
1790 Abraham Beaumont, innkeeper. Directory
1791 Abraham Beaumont, Innkeeper, Hudds. C296-14 Beaumont.
26.5.1792 Abraham Beaumont the Pack Horse. Mercury
14.3.1795 Mr Abraham Beaumont, the Pack Horse Inn. Mercury
2.4.1796 Mr Abraham Beaumont, the Pack Horse. Mercury
1798-99 Abr Beaumont, Pack Horse … ? connection with J Crowder/T Hudson. RR
1.3.1800 Abraham Beaumont, Pack Horse Inn. Mercury
19.9.1803 Abraham Beaumont, Pack Horse. Brewsters
1803 Abraham Beaumont, Pack Horse & all the shops. Rates
1806-07 Abraham Beaumont, Pack Horse. Brewsters
1805-07 Tho. Beaumont, Pack Horse Inn. Directory
1807 Abraham Beaumont, Pack Horse Inn. KC 165/100
1809-11 - Beaumont, Pack Horse Inn. Directory
11.6.1814 Mr Catton, Pack Horse Inn. Mercury
31.7.1814 Henry son of Abraham & Dinah Catton, Hudds., innkeeper. HPR Bap.
1816 Abraham Catton, Pack Horse, Kikgate Directory
1816 Rent for dispensary in Pack Horse Yard paid to Abraham Beaumont. Dispensary
1817 Ingham Beaumont, Pack Horse Inn. [19.9.1810, bap. of Ann Smith, dau of Ingham & Frances Beaumont, Hudds, nee Ward. HPR] New Hey TP
1818 Rent for dispensary in Pack Horse Yard paid to Ingham Beaumont. Dispensary
26.8.1820 The deighton manufacturers of woollen cords, velveteens etc. have moved from Kings Head to Pack Horse Yard, solicit continued patronage of gentlemen who attend Hudds. Market. Mercury
1822 Geo Bickerdike. [Bickerdike at Wellington in 1818] Mercury
22.6.1822 Leasehold for sale at George Bickerdike’s Pack Horse Inn. The Pack Horse Inn with stabling for 50. Yard adjoining occupied as waggon and wool warehouses & market shops. Cottage occupied as a Dispensary. New erected buildings of 4 stories fronting the shambles in King Street occupied as a bank by Messrs Rawson and as dwellings, warehouses and shops. Inn is 4 stories with 6 rooms on a floor. Upwards of 40 years past has been much frequented. Mercury
29.5.1824 Geo Bickerdike. Mercury
9.3.1826 Geo Bickerdike, Pack Horse Inn. New Hey TP
1828 Geo Bickerdike, Pack Horse. Recog
1832 Bickerdike Dispensary
1832 George Bickerdike, Pack Horse Inn. Court Rolls
13.5.1835 Deed involving Thomas Firth of Toothill, Martha Netherwood of Newhouse, widow, administratix of Abraham Beaumont dec’d and William Learoyd the elder of Lane involving messuage occupied as an inn or public house by sign of Pack Horse Inn, and warehouses behind to King St. RoD LX 440 396
17.1.1852 Samuel Bradley thanks for patronage whilst at Pack Horse Hotel, now taken Imperial Family & Commercial Hotel. Chron
31.1.1852 Transfer of Licence, S Bradley to Geo. Netherwood. Chron
1778-79 Sarh Kaye, widow, Plough. At west corner of Market St. & Westgate. RR. Survey
1798-99 David Hepworth, Plough. RR
19.9.1803 Benjamin Haigh, Plough. Brewsters
20.9.1806 Benjamin Haigh, Plough. Brewsters
14.9.1807 Benjamin Haigh, Plough. Brewsters
1818 Benjamin Haigh, Plough, Westgate. Directory
25.1.1823 Married Thursday, Mr Benj Greenwood, manufacturer, Lane Side, to Miss Elizabeth Hawkyard, niece to Mr B Haigh of Plough Public House, Hudds. Mercury
30.11.1827 Making a grave for Benj Haigh, late of Plow Inn, Hudds. Sessions
1828 John Skerrington, Plough. Recog
7.6.1836 Meeting of founders of Huddersfield Choral Society. Histy Hudds Choral Socy.
1842 R Sutcliffe, The Plough Inn, Westgate. Hfx G
1843 Benjamin Crampton, the Plough Inn, Westgate. Hfx G
1816-17 Prince Regent Club, late Royal Inn. RR
1818 Samuel Kirkby, Prince Regent, New Street. [Previously at Angel] Directory.
1827 Building Society held at house of Samuel Kirby, Hudds, innholder. [But see also Saddle] Will of Richard Smith.