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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

1680 Will of Nicholas Bramhall, innkeeper, Hudds. Will
1716 Backside & housing 20. 2 cottages in ye market place adjoining his house. Survey
22.7.1735 At Nic’s. Turner
22.1.1736 Nic Bramhalls. Turner
1757 Mr John Bramhall, Queens Head, buried. [Age 53, Hudds. Grave 93] D of Antiquary
1770 Mrs Bramhall, Queens Head, Hudds, buried. D of Antiquary
1772 Paid Thos Green for 39 butchers’ dinners & ale. Mrs Eliz Bramhalls holding has now been divided, mostly to Green. RR & RR Disb.
1778-79 Thomas Green, Queens Head. South side of Westgate [site of Chancery Lane]. And brewhouse RR Survey
23.5.1786 Auction sale at house of Mr Thomas Green, the Queens Head. Mercury
26.9.1786 Meeting of Atkinson creditors at Thomas Green the Queens Head. Mercury
1790 Thomas Green, innkeeper. Directory
1790 Thomas Green, innkeeper & Elizabeth his wife. Sessions Roll
1791 Second Huddersfield Subscription Concert in great room at Queens Head Inn. Mercury
22.3.1791 House of Thomas Green, Queens Head. Mercury
18.4.1795 Thomas Green, Queens Head Mercury
11.1.1796 Thomas Green of Hudds., butcher & innkeeper. Session Roll
1797 Mr Josh Brook –house late Queens Head. Survey
1798-99 Received of John Hick for rent of Queens Head Inn. RR Disb.
1798-99 Joseph Brook, part of Queens Head. RR
1803 Thomas Green, Queens Head. [NB Joseph Brook was also rated for the old Queens Head. Rates
5.11.1812 Met at Queens Head in Hudds. KC 165-29
21.11.1813 James Theaker, Hudds., innkeeper HPR Bap.
11.12.1814 James Theaker, Hudds., innkeeper HPR Bap.
1818 James Theaker, Queens Head, King St. Directory
1828 Geo. Wilson, Queens Head. Recog
1832 James Theaker, King Street, innkeeper. Court Rolls
7.4.1747 At Jos. Cleggs. Turner
9.2.1773 Mr Joshua Clegg, an eminent innkeeper at Huddersfield. Mercury
1790 Joshua Clegg, innkeeper. Directory.
26.9.1795 Mr Clegg, the Ramsdens Arms. Mercury
28.11.1795 Joshua Clegg, Ramsdens Arms. Mercury
8.2.1800 Joshua Clegg, innkeeper. Horse left at stables of. Mercury.
24.5.1800 Joshua Clegg, Ramsdens Arms. Mercury.
19.9.1803 Joshua Clegg, Ramsdens Arms Brewsters.
1803 Joshua Clegg, Ramsdens Arms, shops in yard. Rates.
1806 & 1807 Joshua Clegg, Ramsdens Arms. Brewsters.
1805-07 Joshua Clegg, Ramsdens Arms Inn. Directory.
1808 A Joshua Clegg died age 60. Hudds Grave 161.
1809-11 Joshua Clegg, Ramsdens Arms Inn, Kirkgate. Directory.
1813 Joseph Clegg, Innkeeper. Hudds. Apprentice Book.
1814 Joseph Clegg, Ramsdens Arms, Kirkgate. Directory.
1816 Jos Clegg, Ramsdens Arms, Kirkgate. Carrier to Holmfirth & Wooldale. True Briton coach to Manchester. Directory.
17.12.1817 Joseph Clegg, Ramsdens Arms. New Hey TP
1818 Joseph Clegg, Ramsden Arms, Kirkgate. Directory.
24.8.1822 Joseph Clegg, Ramsdens Arms Inn. Mercury
20.9.1823 Ramsdens Arms Inn. Joseph Clegg thanks for support for a number of years. He has let it to Mr Richard Collins, late waiter at Rose & Crown. Joseph Clegg continues to run coaches from the inn. Mercury
RED LION 1    
1778-79 John Hanson, Red Lion. Between Temple Street and Westgate. RR & Survey.
1797 Hannah Hanson, widow of John, Red Lion. RR
19.9.1803 Hannah Hanson, Red Lion. Brewsters.
20.9.1806 John Thompson, Red Lion, previously of Cross Keys. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 John Thompson, Red Lion. Brewsters.
1818 Richard Batley, Red Lion, Westgate. Directory.
1828 Mary Batley, Red Lion. Recog.
ND Old Mrs Batley who kept the Red Lion Inn. Hanson.
ND The Red Lion was kept by the Parish Clerk, Dick Batley. Hanson.
RED LION 2    
14.3.1798 Charles Thornton of Huddersfield, innkeeper. Sessions Roll.
19.9.1803 Charles Thornton, Red Lion. Brewsters.
20.9.1806 Charles Thornton, Red Lion. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 Charles Thornton, Red Lion. Brewsters.
2.2.1773 Carrier: goods taken in at Rose & Crown in Huddersfield. Mercury
1778-79 John Booth, Rose & Crown. South side of Kirkgate. RR & Survey.
1789 John Booth granted a lease of Church land. Hudds. Terrier.
1790 James Booth, innkeeper. Directory.
1793 John Booth & Rev. Coates, R & C. Land Tax (Shown in name of vicar only from 1781)
25.4.1795 John Booth, Rose & Crown. Mercury
1.8.1795 House of John Booth, Rose & Crown. Mercury.
1795 John Booth, innkeeper, Huddersfield, holds land under a church lease of 25.3.1789. Hudds. Terrier.
1797 John Booth, Rose & Crown.  
1798 John Booth, Rose & Crown. Land Tax Redemption papers.
15.10.1801 John Booth’s Rose & Crown Inn, sale by auction. FW70, Houghton.
17.10.1801 John Booth’s the Rose & Crown Inn. Mercury.
1803 John Booth, Rose & Crown. Brewsters
20.6.1805 John Booth, Rose & Crown.. New Hey TP
1806 Trustees of Huddersfield to New Hey Turnpike to meet at Rose & Crown. Act.
1805-07 John Booth, Rose & Crown Inn. Directory.
1806 John Booth, Rose & Crown. Brewsters
1809 John Booth, Rose & Crown. Brewsters
13.5.1810 John Booth, Rose & Crown. New Hey TP
1809-11 John Booth, Rose & Crown Inn, Kirkgate. Directory.
3.8.1814 John son of George & Margaret Hare, Huddersfield, innkeeper. HPR Bapt.
20.8.1814 George Hare, Rose & Crown Inn. Advert for coaching, 1/3d per mile. Excellent roomy stabling. Mercury.
1814 George Hare, Rose & Crown, Kirkgate. Directory.
1816 George Hare, Rose & Crown, Kirkgate. Coach to Manchester & Leeds, Directory.
2.10.1816 George Hare, Rose & Crown. New Hey TP
1818 George Hare, Rose & Crown, Kirkgate. Directory.
1818 Trustees of Lockwood to Meltham Turnpike to meet at George Hare’s House. Act
1819 George Hare, Chaise hire. Churchwardens Minutes.
22.1.1820 Sale at Mr George Hare’s Rose & Crown. Mercury
11.3.1820 Notice of death on Monday sennight. Mr Eyre age 79, father of Mr Eyre of Rose & Crown Inn, Huddersfield. Mercury
1822 John Booth of Rose & Crown died age 59. Hudds Grave 73
1822 John Booth left Rose & Crown to his widow, Margaret. It was then in the occupation of Mr George Hare. Will
9.3.1822 Sale at Mr George Hare’s Rose & Crown. Mercury.
4.1.1823 Sale at Mr George Hare’s Rose & Crown. Mercury.
9.8.1823 George Hare, Rose & Crown thanks neighbours for exertions in fire at his stables, Monday morning last. Discovered between 1am and 2 am. 6 horses died, 7 saved. He was insured. Mercury.
3.7.1824 George Hare, Rose & Crown.  
1828 George Hare, Rose & Crown. Recog.
1832 Hares. Dispensary.
15.6.1844 Mr B D Eldridge, Rose & Crown Hotel. Mercury.
1851 George Hare, age 72, born Kettleby, Lincolnshire, retired innkeeper, living at 12 Greenhead Road. Census
1852 Rose & Crown, Lodge Room [masonic] built over stables. Hordern.
25.5.1852 Rose & Crown being let to Mr Reid. Billiard room.

Coachmaking premises in Rose & Crown Yard.

Ramsden Corr.
1855 George Hare died age 77. Hudds Grave 293.
1865 John Bottomley landlord of Rose & Crown and coach builder. Carriage Builders.
1884 Old Rose & Crown premises pulled down. Hordern
19.9.1803 Miles Dyson. Brewsters.
20.9.1806 Miles Dyson, Royal Oak. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 Miles Dyson, Royal Oak. Brewsters.
By 1818 Name had been changed to Butchers Arms.