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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

19.9.1803 John Clifton, Admiral Nelson Brewsters
18.4.1840 Married, Benjamin Spivey Sheard, grocer & corn dealer, to Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of Mr Joseph Balderson of the Albion Tavern, all of Huddersfield Mercury
1843 Robert Mellor, Albion Inn  
4.9.1852 To let, Albion Hotel, stables, coach houses, yard. Apply J Spurr on premises Chron
1863 John Peace, Albion Hotel  
19.9.1803 Joseph Haigh, Angel Inn Brewsters
1805/7 Joseph Haigh, Angel Inn. [] Directory
20.9.1806 Edward Moor, Angel Brewsters
14.9.1807 William Padgett, Angel Inn Brewsters
1814 S Kirby, Angel Inn, New Street. (At Prince Regent from 1818.) Mercury
1815 New Street, Angel Inn, empty Rate Book
24.12.1852 T Allison, Angel Inn, Macauley Street Chron
1778 James Booth, Huddersfield, innkeeper. Bond of John Bradley Will
1778/9 James Booth, Blackamore & Horse. Parish Clerk, top of beast market RR & Survey
9.5.1747 At Tom Mitchel Turner Diary
1778/9 Joshua Mitchill, Blacksmiths Arms. Junction of Kirkgate & Beastmarket RR & Survey
1784 See plan in FW70. Josa Mitchell holds property further down Kirkgate and Boy & Barrel site is occupied by James Booth FW70
1797 Late Josa Mitchell, Blacksmiths Arms RR
1798/9 Joshua Mitchells widow, Horse Shoes etc.

Inn, New Street.

1778/9 Sykes, Martha, widow, old, Blue Ball. Northside of Westgate RR & Survey
1797 Widow Sykes of the Blue Ball RR
1798/9 William Bradley, Boot RR
1803 William Bradley, Boot. [] Rate Book KC165/222
1810/11 William Bradley, Boot Rate
19.9.1803 Job Bentley, Boot & Shoe Brewsters
20.9.1806 Sarah Bentley, Boot & Shoe Brewsters
14.9.1807 Sarah Bentley, Boot & Shoe Brewsters
1818 Sarah Driver, Boot & Shoe, New Street Directory
1828 Samuel Ogden, Boot & Shoe Recog
1842 Boot & Shoe  
BOWLING GREEN. (? See Marquis)    
18.5.1747 Spent at Bowling Green Turner Diary
3.12.1765 Marriott, Bowling Green Turner Diary
19.9.1803 William North, Boy & Barrel Brewsters
29.9.1806 William North, Boy & Barrel Brewsters
14.9.1807 William North, Boy & Barrel Brewsters
1818 Rachel North, Boy & Barrel, Beast Market Directory
1828 Rachel North, Boy & Barrel Recog
19.9.1803 William Hanson, Britannia Brewsters
1804 William Hanson, Huddersfield, innkeeper. QS1/144/2
20.9.1806 William Hanson, Britannia Brewsters
1807 Does not appear in 1807 Brewsters Calendar  
1711 Daniel Cooper, innkeeper, Huddersfield (New house in Market Place, to south of Alexander Macauleys new house). Forerunner to this or Kings Arms Plan
1778/9 Daniel Armitage, Brown Cow. Owned by Marmaduke Hebden. East side of Market Place RR & Survey
7.6.1800 Mr Daniel Armitage, The Brown Cow Mercury
19.9.1803 Daniel Armitage, Brown Cow Brewsters
20.9.1806 Daniel Armitage, Brown Cow Brewsters
14.9.1807 Daniel Armitage, Brown Cow Brewsters
1810/11 An estimate for a building for Daniel Armitage, Market Place, Huddersfield KC165-29
1812 Daniel Armitage, Brown Cow, Market Place Directory
1816 Mat Bradley, Brown Cow, Market Place Directory
1818 M Bradley, Brown Cow, Market Place Directory
  Near the gallery [at the low side of the Market Place] stood the old "Brown Cow", kept by Daniel Armitage. [?]
19.9.1803 John Hepworth, Bull Brewsters
20.9.1806 Joseph Hawkyard, Bull Brewsters
14.9.1807 Skilbeck Earnshaw, Bull Brewsters
1778/9 John Bradley, Bulls Head. South side of Beast Market RR & Survey
25.1.1797 William Bradley, Huddersfield, publican Session Roll
1797 William Bradley, Bulls Head RR
1794 to 1801 William or Billy Bradley, Bulls Head Land Tax
1798/9 William Bradley. Bulls Head RR
1803 William Bradley, Bulls Head, Public House Rates
19.9.1803 William Bradley, Bulls Head Brewsters
20.9.1806 William Bradley, Bulls Head Brewsters
14.9.1807 William Bradley, Bulls Head Brewsters
1809/11 William Bradley, Bulls Head Directory
1816 Thos Rushforth, Bulls Head, Beast Market Directory
1818 Martha Waller, Bulls Head, Beast Market Directory
1828 William Bottomley, Bulls Head Recog
1832 William Bottomley, Bulls Head Inn Court Rolls
1833 William Bottomley, Bulls Head Inn Court Rolls
BUTCHERS ARMS (Late Royal Oak).    
1817 Edward Kaye, a public house at Huddersfield KC165/273
1818 Edward Kaye, Butchers Arms, Manchester Street Directory
30.9.1820 Sale by private contract, Butchers Arms (late Royal Oak) in Manchester Street, with stables etc, now occupied by Mr James Horsfall, details from Mr William Roebuck, cloth dresser, Manchester Street, the owner Mercury
1828 James Rigg, Butchers Arms Recog