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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

SADDLE, Westgate    
1778-79 William Thewlis holds property to north of Westgate, including "Market or Cloth Shops". RR
1796 William Thewlis, innkeeper. Inn not named, but children Richard & Elizabeth.  
1800 Theft case. Richard Thewlis. KC165-315.
19.9.1803 Richard Thewlis, Saddle. Brewsters.
1804 Richard Thewlis, Huddersfield, Innkeeper. QS1/144/2
1805-07 Richard Thewlis, Saddle Inn and saddler. Directory.
1816 Richard Thewlis died age 50. Hudds Grave 625.
1818 Elizabeth Thewlis, Saddle, Westgate. Directory.
4.10.1824 Saddle Inn, Westgate, with brewhouse behind, leased for 10 years @ 100 pa to William Pickersgill by Elizabeth Thewlis. KC 315
30.7.1825 Tuesday age 56, Elizabeth relict of Richard Thewlis, saddler. Mercury.
10.2.1825 William Pickersgill assigns lease to Thomas Blakeman of Stainborough, yeoman.  
1825 Elizabeth Thewlis died age 56 Hudds Grave 625
1825 Saddle. KC 165/135.
10.9.1825 Sale, Saddle Inn with stabling, warehouses, market shops and brewhouse in occupation of Thomas Blakeman and two messuages adjoining in possession of Mrs Thewlis Deceased and Christopher Dawson. Supplied with spring water. They have an outlet backwards into Market Street and the Cloth Hall. Mercury.
26.11.1825 Fire in stables of Saddle Inn, Westgate. Mercury
1827 Building Society at house of Samuel Kirby, Hudds, innkeeper. See Prince Regent.
1828 Samuel Kirby, Saddle. Recog.
SADDLE 2    
19.9.1803 Thomas Appleyard. [Thewlis also appears] Brewters.
20.9.1806 Thomas Appleyard Saddle. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 Thomas Appleyard, Saddle. Brewsters.
1813 Thomas Appleyard, Innkeeper. Hudds Apprentice Book.
15.4.1815 Notice of appeal by Thomas Appleyard of Huddersfield, innkeeper, against conviction for allowing out of hours drinking on night of Saturday 31.12.1814. Rad Papers.
1827 Enoch & Nancy Booth, Shears Inn. Hudds Grave 74.
1838 Enoch Booth died age 45. Hudds Grave 74
24.3.1855 Sale at house of John Bickerdike, The Shears Inn. Chron.
1909 Licence refused for Shears Inn, Market Place, Tadcaster Brewery Co., understood it was the oldest house in the Borough. 13.3.1909
1794 Will of John Wilson, huddersfield, innkeeper. Son Thomas. All my vessell or keel with the mast and sails. Misc. Will.
1803 Does not appear. Brewsters
20.9.1806 Joseph Mappleson, Ship. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 Joseph Mappleson, Ship. Brewsters.
1818 Dan Scarlett, Ship, Back Green. Directory.
1825 James Carleton, Ship Inn. Sessions.
1825 James Carleton, innkeeper. Misc Will.
16.9.1828 Inquest at Ship Inn. Mercury/Ahier.
1828 Frederick Richardson, Ship. Recog.
1831 Huddersfield Committee of Operatives met at Ship Inn. Wm Croft, History of Factory Movement.
1778-79 Richard Blackburn, Shoulder of Mutton. North side of Temple Street. RR & Survey.
1797 Richard Blackburn, Shoulder of Mutton. RR
SLIP INN, Market Place.    
1818 Matthew Hanby, Slip Inn, Market Place. Directory.
1778-79 William Wilson (abroad). Spread Eagle and brewhouse. Between Market Street and Upperhead Row RR & Survey.
1778-79 And John Ward. Recog.
1781 John Ward. Recog.
25.4.1795 Richard Battye, the Spread Eagle, letting of Birstall to Huddersfield Turnpike tolls. Mercury.
7.8.1795 Richard Battye, the Spread Eagle, letting of Huddersfield to Halifax Turnpike Tolls. Mercury
31.10.1795 Richard Battye, innholder, assigned goods to his creditors. Mercury.
1797 Widow Wilson, Spread Eagle. RR
1798-99 Hirst, widow of William, Spread Eagle, 1.5.0. RR
1798-99 Wilson widow of William & Joseph Brooksbank, Spread Eagle 13. RR
1818 Widow Sykes, Spring Garden Coffee House, Spring Gardens. Directory.
19.9.1803 John Dawson, Stag. Brewsters.
22.9.1806 John Dawson, Stag. Brewsters.
14.9.1803 John Dawson, Stag. Brewsters.
1796 Cottage at Huddersfield Bridge end occupied by John Coats as a public house. Will Wm. Heaton.
19.9.1803 George Robinson, Star. Brewsters.
20.9.1806 George Robinson, Star. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 George Robinson, Star. Brewsters.
1816-17 Star Inn Club, James Brooks RR
1818 James Brook, Star, Bridge-end. Directory.
1828 Joseph Brook, Star. Recog.
1836 Star Inn, Bridge End, Mr Brook, surveyor. Chron.
1803 Not recorded Brewsters
20.9.1806 Richard Senior, Sun Inn. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 Richard Senior, Sun Inn. Brewsters.
12.2.1825 Sun Inn, Cross Church Street. Mercury.
1825 Sun Inn, Hnnah wife of Thomas Marshall, Huddersfield, tapster. Sessions.
1828 Richard Fox, Sun. Recog.
1832 Richard Fox, Sun Inn. Court Roll.
SWAN. See White Swan    
19.9.1803 Nancy Clayton, Swan With Two Necks. Brewsters.
20.9.1806 Nancy Clayton, Swan With Two Necks. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 Nancy Clayton, Swan With Two Necks. Brewsters.
1818 G Clayton, Swan With Two Necks, Westgate. Directory.
1825 Henry Pollitt, Huddersfield, innkeeper Sessions.
27.12.1827 Henry Pollitt, plumber. He and wife Grave at Swan With Two Necks. Elizabeth Clayton, single woman, calls Henry Pollitt her father in law. Sessions.
1828 John Clayton, Swan With Two Necks. Recog.
18.5.1863 Benjamin Catton, builder, Birkby, to pull down buildings in Westgate, Swan With Two Necks and the old Stamp Office within 30 days. DD/RE/113/9
1864 Swan With Two Necks and old Stamp Office pulled down. Hordern.