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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

1842 George Brearley, Victoria Inn. Hfx G
1843 Geaorge Brearley, Victoria Tavern, Westgate. Hfx G
8.1.1814 Mr Benjamin Newhouse, the Wellington Inn. Mercury.
26.1.1814 Sale at house of Mr Benjamin Newhouse, The Wellington Inn. KC 165/297 Temple St. sale.
3.1.1818 Mr George Bickerdike, the Wellington Inn. Mercury
1818 George Bickerdike, Wellington, Westgate. [Later at Pack Horse] Directory.
17.6.1820 Wedding of Mrs Brown, relict of late Mr Brown of Wellington Inn. Mercury.
1828 Joseph Johnson, Wellington. Recog
12.9.1857 Stale Beer. Any parties in want of stale beer or Alegar for pickling purposes may obtain it in large or small quantities at the Wellington Inn, Westgate.  
20.9.1806 John Senior, Wharf Inn. [In 1803 Senior was at Kings Head] Brewsters
14.9.1807 John Senior, Wharf Inn. Brewsters.
7.7.1808 John Senior, Huddersfield, innkeeper. C296/83.
21.5.1813 Hannah and Robert of Joseph & Margaret Lockwood, Huddersfield, innkeeper. HPR Bapt.
23.4.1814 Death of Mrs Lockwood of Wharf Inn, Huddersfield, a few days ago. Mercury.
1815 Joseph Lockwood, Huddersfield, innkeeper, to marry Margaret Crosland. KC 315.
1818 Joseph Lockwood, Wharf, Aspley. Directory.
1828 Margaret Lockwood, Wharf. Recog.
1855 Mrs Mary Crosland, Wharf Inn. Pew Rental.
1734 John Walker of White Bear, 4 pints short [measure] Court Rolls.
1777 William Walker of Huddersfield, innkeeper. RoD B2717949
1778-79 William Walker, White Boar. East side of Market Place. RR & Survey.
19.9.1803 John Tasker, White Bear Brewsters
20.9.1806 John Tasker, White Bear Brewsters
14.9.1807 John Tasker, White Bear Brewsters
6.4.1812 Joseph Durrans, Parish of Huddersfield, innkeeper. QS 4/51 Indict. Book.
1816 Joseph Durrans, White Bear, Westgate. Directory.
1818 Joseph Durrans, White Bear, Westgate. Directory.
13.11.1821 Joseph Durrans of Huddersfield, innkeeper. Sessions
1828 Joseph Durrans, White Bear. Recog.
19.9.1803 John Hubank, White Cross. Brewsters.
20.9.1806 John Hubank, White Cross. Brewsters.
14.9.1807 Edward Watson, White Cross. Brewsters.
1828 John Howgate, White Cross. Recog.
WHITE HART, Cloth Hall Street.    
1778-79 David Wilson, White Hart. South side of Half Moon Street. Owber Jer. Marshall. RR & Survey.
1791 Lease of site granted by Ramsdens. RP1436.
1793 Tavenor, White Hart. Founding of Masons ‘White Hart Lodge’.  
1795 House of John Tavenor, White Hart. All the shops in the yard were let. RP 1436.
16.1.1796 Mr Tavenor, White Hart. Mercury.
1797 Josh. Marshall, White Hart. RR
19.9.1803 John Tavenor, White Hart. Brewsters.
1803 White Hart –Billiard Room. Rate Book KC165/222.
1803 John Tavenor, White Hart, all the shops. Rates.
1805-07 John Tavenor, White Hart Inn near the Cloth Hall. Directory.
20.9.1806 John Tavenor, White Hart. Brewsters.
1807 John Taverler, innholder, freehold at Stainland. Poll.
14.9.1807 John Tavernor, White Hart. Brewsters.
1809-11 John Tavernor, White Hart Inn, Cloth Hall St. Directory.
1814 John Tavernor died. Will.
1816 William Wigney, White Hart, Cloth Hall Street. Carrier to Saddleworth. Directory.
1818 George Taylor, White Hart, Cloth Hall St. Directory.
3.2.1821 To let, White Hart Inn, Huddersfield. A spacious Masonic Lodge room which is well attended; a brew house, 3 yards and agarden. Apply Mr George Taylor, Huddersfield. Mercury.
14.4.1821 Billiard table for sale in Billiard Room at White Hart Inn, Mr Edward Woore of Huddersfield the owner. Mercury.
21.4.1821 To let, White Hart Inn, well accustomed inn- Capital market house, stabling for 50 horses and 5 acres of grassland adjoining the town. Mercury.
25.1.1823 White Hart Inn, James Tavenor, good stabling. Mercury.
17.5.1823 White Hart Inn, James Tavenor, sale at. Mercury
15.1.1825 White Hart Inn, Mr Tavernor. Mercury
20.8.1825 To let, White Hart Inn, stabling, tap room, billiard room, apply Mr James Tavenor. Mercury.
1828 William Shaw, White Hart. Recog.
1832 Mr Davidson. Dispensary.
1855 John Smithies, White Hart. Pew Rental.
ND Painting of White Hart in Tolson Museum.  
29.3.1747 At William Kays. Turner
1749 Will of William Kay, innkeeper. Left his messuage leased of Dawson of Wakefield to Richard son of John Booth. [This should be in Beast Market and is probably the White Horse] Will.
1797 James Booth’s executors Survey.
1803 Robert Firth. Rates.
1818 William Booth, Whitehorse, Cornmarket. Directory.
1820 William Booth, innkeeper. Churchwardens Minutes.
1822 William Booth, White Horse Inn. Churchwardens Minutes.
5.6.1824 William Booth, White Horse Inn. Mercury.
11.12.1824 William Booth. White Horse Inn. Mercury.
1828 William Booth, White Horse. Recog.
1834 William Booth, innkeeper. Hudds Apprentice Book.
1842 George Clay, White Horse Inn. Hfx G.
5.3.1853 To let, White Horse near Parish Church, in occupation of Mrs Sarah Clay. Chron.
1854 The old White Horse Inn, Amen Corner. Hordern.
1858 White Horse Inn, Sarah Clay tenant, old premises adjoining Mr Firth’s freehold pulled down in 1855.

For opening out Lord Street.


Hordern DD/RE/18

1857 White Horse property pulled down. Note in 1797 Survey.
1857 The old White Horse Inn cleared away in 1857 Hordern.
1778-79 Richard Redfearn, White Lion. Kirkgate, opposite Church, owner Jo. Dransfield. RR & Survey.
1778-79 Richard Redfearn a cert. [Which indicates a new licence holder] Recog.
1797 Mr Robert Turner, White Lion. RR
29.7.1797 Mr William Langley, White Lion Inn, Huddersfield. Mercury.
19.9.1803 William Langley, White Lion. Brewsters.
1804 A William Langley was tenant of Greenhead up to but not after 1804.  
12.9.1805 William Langley, White Lion Inn. New Hey TP.
1805 William Langley, Huddersfield, innkeeper. QS 1/144/2
1806 & 1807 William Langley, White Lion. Brewsters.
1805-07 William Langley, White Lion Inn, Directory.
1808 William Langley died age 58. Hudds Grave 402 – Misc Will.
1809-11 William Langley, White Horse Inn, Cross Church St. Directory.
1816 Jane Langley, White Lion, Cross. Carrier to Ripponden, Kirkburton & Selby. Directory.
13.9.1817 To let, White Lion Inn, Huddersfield, from year to year or on a lease. From 1st Jan next or sooner. Modern built house called the White Lion Inn, together with warehouses, shops, brewhouse and stabling for upwards of 60 horses. Mrs Langley the present occupier wishes to retire. Or apply to Mr Edward Rhodes, wine merchant, Pontefract. Mercury.
1818 Jane Langley, White Lion, Cross Church St. Directory.
  Jane Langley died 1843 age 81. Hudds Grave 402
2.9.1821 White Lion to let, capital market house, 5 acres of grass. Mercury.
1822 Mrs Langley.  
30.3.1822 Died Tuesday last age 39, Mr William Woollard, White Lion Inn. Mercury.
22.6.1822 For sale for exors. of late Robert Turner, White Lion Inn, Cross Church St., in occupation of Mrs Langley. 4 stories high, 6 rooms on a floor. Stabling for 50. Held for 60 years from 1.5.1814. Also 2 shops adjoining and fronting Cross Church St. in occupation of Richard Willett and John Robson. The premises have been let to a respectable sub-lessee for many years from 1.1.1806 at a clear rent of 220. Apply auctioneer or Mr Joseph Kaye, stone mason, Huddersfield. Mercury.
19.2.1825 Mrs Langley, White Lion Inn. Mercury.
20.9.1826 Mrs Langley, White Hart Inn. New Hey TP
1828 John Lister, White Lion. Recog.
1832 Lister. Dispensary.
1832 John Lister, White Lion Inn. Court Rolls.
1852 John & Frances Kaye, White Lion Hotel. John died 1872 age 80. Hudds Grave 389.
1855 Mr John Kaye, White Lion. Pew Rental.
29.4.1732 Spent at Swan Turner Diary
1754 Thomas Shepley, innkeeper at Swan, Huddersfield, died. D of Antiq.
1778-79 Joseph Dransfield, Swan. South (?) side of Kirkgate. RR & Survey
1781 Joseph Dransfield, innkeeper. Hudds Deed.
1785 Jos. Dransfield, innholder. Insurance policy
15.5.1787 Joseph Dransfield, White Swan Mercury
1790 Joseph Dransfield, innkeeper. Directory
19.9.1795 J Dransfield, White Swan Inn. Mercury
16.7.1796 Joseph Dransfield, White Swan. Mercury
25.3.1797 Thomas Dransfield, White Swan Inn. Mercury.
1797 Widow of Joseph Dransfield, now Thomas, Swan Inn. RR
1.4.1797 Thomas Dransfield, White Swan Inn. Mercury
12.7.1800 Mr Thomas Dransfield, the White Swan. Mercury
14.6.1800 Mr Thomas Dransfield, the White Swan. Letting of Hudds, to Woodhead TP. Mercury
19.9.1803 Thomas Dransfield, Swan. Brewsters