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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

For details of sources see SOURCES.

31.1.1852 Transfer of licence, JT Wigney to S Bradley. Chron
1711 See Brown Cow.  
22.6.1732 [?] At John Ryleys Turner
1778-79 Martin Taylor, lame, Kings Arms. Owned by Joseph Walker who owned and kept the Dial, and a note that he married widow Ryley. Also a brewhouse. East side of Market Place. RR & Survey
19.9.1803 John Beaumont, Kings Arms. Brewsters
1803 John Senior, Kings Arms –all the shops. [I feel this is in error for Kings Head] Rates
1811 James Bottomley. Innkeeper. Hudds. Apprentice Book
5.9.1813 John son of Martha Saville, single woman, and James Bottomley, Hudds., innkeeper. HPR
1818 James Bottomley, Kings Arms, Fieldgate. Directory
10.2.1821 Dau of Mr James Bottomley of Kings Arms Inn, Hudds., married to Mr J Foster of Pontefract, solicitor. Mercury
1828 William Bottomley, Kings Arms. Recog.
13.9.1803 John Senior, innkeeper. Session Roll
19.9.1803 John Senior, Kings Head. [Subsequently at Wharf Inn] Brewsters
20.9.1806 Ann Campbell, Kings Head. Brewsters
14.9.1807 Ann Campbell, Kings Head. Brewsters
1816 Joseph Smithies, Kings Head, Cloth Hall Street. Directory
23.10.1816 Joseph Smithies, Hudds., innkeeper. Mercury
1816 Joseph Smithies, innkeeper. Coaches to Doncaster & Huddersfield Directory
1818 Joseph Smithies, Kings Head, Cloth Hall St. Directory
1820 Joseph Smithies, Hudds., innkeeper. Sessions
1.1.1820 Advertised for sale by auction. Mercury
26.8.1820 The Deighton manufacturers of woollen cords, velveteens etc. have moved from Kings Head to Pack Horse Yard, solicit continued patronage of gentlemen who attend Huddersfield Market. Mercury
12.5.1821 Joseph Smithson, Kings Head Inn Mercury
7.12.1822 Joseph Smithies, Kings Head Inn. Mercury
1823 Joseph Smithies, Kings Head Inn. C296-69 Eastwood
15.3.1823 Strayed or taken, several hounds the property of the subscribers to the Huddersfield Hunt, write to Mr J Smithies, Kings Head. Mercury
1828 Joseph Smithies, Kings Head Recog.
1832 Smithies. Dispensary
1847 John Smithies, Kings Head Inn, Cloth Hall St. Rate Book
19.9.1803 Paul Scholes, Lamb. Brewsters
20.9.1806 Paul Scholes, Lamb. Brewsters
14.9.1807 Paul Scholes, Lamb. Brewsters
1828 Elizabeth Scholes, Lamb. Recog.
1778-79 Joseph Beaumont, Lion. [Joseph Beaumont also held a bowling green and it is likely this is west of Shorehead.] RR. Survey