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An assembly of research notes garnered from a multitude of sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement.

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18.5.1747? At Jos Horsfalls. Turner Diary
4.6.1763 Joseph Horsfall, Quaker, innholder, Huddersfield, died & buried at ---- Turner Diary
9.11.1767 Jane Horsfall, innkeeper of Fleece, Huddersfield buried at Quaker Meeting, Brighouse. Turner Diary
1778/9 Richard Horsfall, Golden Fleece & brewhouse. South side of Kirkgate, approximately where Venn Street is. RR Survey
1784 See deed under Houghton.  
1781-6 Richard Horsfall Deduced from Land Tax
1787-93 John Campbell

John Campbell, innkeeper, was erecting property in Cloth Hall Street in 1793

Deduced from Land Tax

Halifax Deed

1794- William Horsfall, Fleece. [] Deduced from Land Tax
1797 William Horsfall, Golden Fleece & brewhouse RR
1798/9 William Horsfall, Fleece RR
19.9.1803 William Horsfall, Fleece Brewsters
20.9.1806 George Mitchell, Fleece Brewsters
14.9.1807 George Mitchell, Fleece Brewsters
1811 George Starkey, innkeeper Hudds Apprentice Book
1818 George Starkey, Fleece, Kirkgate Directory
16.7.1825 Died Wednesday last age 36, wife of G Starkey, Fleece Inn Mercury
31.12.1825 Married, Thursday week, George Starkie, innkeeper to Miss Frances Beaumont of Sowerby Mercury
19.5.1827 B Worth succeeds Mr G Starkey at Fleece Inn Mercury
1828 Benjamin Worth, Fleece Recog
1841 George & Nancy Starkey, Fleece Inn. George died 1843 age 35 Grave 578
1872 Mrs Vaison, Fleece Inn Chron
1771 Joseph Archer Recog
1773 Joseph Archer Recog
1777 Joseph Archer Recog
1778 Joseph Archer Recog
1781 Joseph Archer Recog
1803 Joseph Archer, Gate Recog
20.9.1806 Joseph Archer, Gate Brewsters
14.9.1807 Joseph Archer, Gate Brewsters
1807 Joseph Archer, innkeeper. Freehold at Elland Poll
GEORGE HOTEL (See separate page)    
1803 Not in brewsters  
20.9.1806 Thomas Shaw Brewsters
14.9.1807 Thomas Shaw, Globe. Brewsters
1809-11 Thomas Shaw, Globe Inn, King Street. Directory
1818 James Dyson, Globe Inn, King Street. Directory
1826 Thomas & Hannah Marshall, Globe Inn. Thomas died 1853 age 72. Grave 433
1828 Thomas Marshall, Globe Recog
1855 Mr Blackburn Pew Rental
1842 Joseph Haigh, Golden Lion Inn, Castlegate  
19.9.1803 John Hick, Green Dragon Brewsters
11.1.1804 John Hick, Huddersfield, Innkeeper QS1/143/4
20.9.1806 John Hick, Green Dragon Brewsters
14.9.1807 John Hick, Green Dragon Brewsters
1816 Joseph Hick, Green Dragon, Kirkgate Directory
1818 Joseph Hick, Green Dragon, Kirkgate Directory
1818 Alice Hick, Green Dragon, Westgate Directory
5.6.1824 Mr Hick, Green Dragon Inn Mercury
1828 Joseph Berry, Green Dragon Recog
1832 Berry Dispensary
4.4.1840 Inquest at Green Dragon Mercury
1842 Robert Spivey, Green Dragon Inn, Westgate Hfx G
1843 Robert Spivey, Green Dragon Inn Hfx G
Pre 1854 Henry Hick of Green Dragon Inn, then of Fleece Inn, York Will
23.7.1864 In Chancery, Hick v Hick, sale of Green Dragon Inn at corner of Westgate and Market Street, with brewhouse, in occupation of John Atkinson Child W Exam