Saint Charles -
The 'Vision' in the Refectory

One ecstatic moment of his I can never forget, so deep an impression did it make on me. It occurred, of all places, in the refectory or dining hall. But it is perhaps all the more valuable on that account, because it will to convey to the minds of those who had not the privilege of knowing him personally an idea of how much he was always absorbed in God, no matter what his occupation. With us the life of a saint or other spiritual book is read at table except during the collation taken on the evening of fast days, and this particular occasion happened to be one of them. Everything was going on as usual, the customary silence being observed, but through the silence carne the softly whispered ejaculations of Father Charles.

Suddenly he started up from his seat with wonderful agility calling aloud the name "Mary, Mary." Throwing down his serviette, placing his left hand over his heart, with right extended on high, he became transfixed and motionless as a statue, his upturned gaze fixed on a point in the lofty ceiling. I looked, all looked, at the same point expecting to see something. We, of course, saw nothing, but a thrill of awe went through everyone for we felt that something extraordinary had happened. For some moments, moments seem hours in some of the events of life, he remained in that ecstatic attitude, fit, subject for the artist's brush, until the Superior brought him back to himself by calling out loudly "Father Charles,, Father Charles! You are disturbing the Community!" Then he resumed his former position as if nothing out of the common had occurred.

Naturally enough the incident being so remarkable made a deep impression on me, and I remember it still as vividly as if it were but a thing of yesterday only. I thoroughly believed then as did everybody present, and time has not altered my conviction, that he saw what was not granted to us to see.

Recollections of Fr. Eugene Nevin C.P.

Saint Charles

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