Three Rock Orienteering Club

Leinster Autumn Series

Glendalough, Sunday 12 October 2003

Controller's Report

One of our objectives for the event was for 3ROC to trial SPORTident. From the competitors perspective this seems to have been a success, but behind the scenes it was a different story. There were multiple equipment and system failures (eg four SI boxes in the forest failed on the morning of the event) and our contingency plans were fully utilised. Four SI cards were lost and one found. Our current view is that we would not use the system again until the issues are resolved. The additional time and nervous stress involved are too great.

The three shorter courses were well received but this cannot be said of the Green, Blue and Brown. There were queries about the siting of three controls and far too many DNF's. We apologise to those who found their course too tough for whatever reason. The long heather and bracken unfortunately made progress very slow at times. The day following the event Control sites 104 and 106 were rechecked and both in our opinion were correct. It is however possible that Control 128 and the crags to the West are mapped on the wrong contours.

Were the event to be rerun we are not sure what should be done differently. Starting higher up would require a separate start for the shorter courses and would not solve the heather/bracken problem. Maybe the autumn is not the best time to run an event at Glendalough. The event had to be postponed from March.

Many thanks to the event team and the 3ROC members who helped on the day and apologies to those helpers who could not complete their courses when the controls were lifted. We allowed an extra 30 mins from the offical closing time but this was insufficient. It is planned to publish a fuller report on the learnings from this event in the next issue of TIO.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the organisation.

Yellow(16)1.800 km40 Cm11 C
1 W11Meadhbh Quinnnon member22:28
2 W9Laura McKaySet31:24
3 M10Mark YoungCNOC31:32
4 M11Seán McKaySet33:13
5  Anita Collinsnon member38:46
6 W6Caoimhe O'BoyleCNOC44:15
7 M10Cormac Dolannon member47:36
8 W5Caoimhe Brennan FarrellUCDO49:19
9 M7Sean KearnsFIN50:34
9 M7Donal kearnsFIN50:34
11 W5Ciara Mooneynon member50:39
12  Noel Kennedynon member50:41
13 M10Padraig KearnsFIN50:44
14  Jennifer, Emer, Mark3ROC91:31
15 W60Bridget Lawlornon member91:39
 W4/M2Niamh & Ronan SmythFINmp
Orange(32)2.400 km65 Cm13 C
1 M11David KernanAJAX31:25
2 m10Ben ManganSet39:07
3 W21Isabelle Leméenon member45:53
4 M12Conor ShortCNOC50:26
5  Rachel Cinnsealachnon member52:07
6 W9Anna O'KeeffeFIN54:34
7 W14Helena JonesFIN61:17
8 W10Ciana JonesFIN61:21
9 W12Louise MaglureFIN61:29
10 W16Suzanne Dalynon member63:58
11 M14Conor QuinnSet65:58
12  Chimo Martineznon member67:16
13 M55Billy O'NeillSet67:26
14 W21Clare CarrUCDO67:36
15 W21Elaine ConnollyUCDO67:39
16 M9Joe O'Keeffenon member67:49
17  Terry Bradleynon member72:19
18 M14Alan MurphyFIN75:01
19 W55Ton Butler3ROC75:25
20 Barry Devlinnon member75:52
21 Niamh MoranNUIG82:47
22 Niamh Flynn et al3ROC87:13
23 Alex Ó Dwyernon member93:23
24 Amy O'Dwyer, Susan, Katnon member96:29
25 Zoe O'Dwyernon member96:55
26 MacIver Familynon member107:28
 W43Helyn Reddy3ROCmp
 M12Kevin O'BoyleCNOCmp
  Hugh Perrettienon membermp
  Elaine Duggannon membermp
  Maria Dolan3ROCmp
 M9Daniel TurnerAJAXmp
Light Green(57)2.900 km100 Cm15 C
1 W40Jackie AtkinsonSet39:13
2 W21Kate McCormackGEN42:26
3 M60Michael Butler3ROC43:04
4 M21SLarry RoeGEN43:43
5 W60Claire Walsh3ROC46:01
6 M35Jonathan O'Neillnon member47:02
7 M40Dominic Dolannon member47:45
8 M21Brian ZahoraNUIG49:15
9 W50Nora LalorGEN49:39
10 W55Máire Walsh3ROC49:50
11 W50Deirdre Nagle3ROC52:05
12  Elaine Mullan & Sonianon member52:40
13 M14Cian O'BoyleCNOC54:13
14  John DevittDFO54:50
15 M55Brian PowerSet55:59
16 W21Aileen FarrellUCDO56:39
17 W55Fran O'NeillSet58:00
18 W14Erika JonesFIN59:08
19 W21Créidhe O'SullivanGEN59:20
20 W14Meghan O'DriscollFIN60:19
21 M45Rudie DorrepaalSet64:46
22 W21Sarah Ní RuaircUCDO65:09
23 M11James O'Keeffenon member69:18
24 W21Laura FelleNUIG73:22
25 W21Santina FarinellaGEN73:26
26 W65Faith WhiteSet75:12
27 W21Bjoern LindeijerDUO77:01
28 W21Maria FromholzerDUO77:06
29 W21Andreas BreitbeilDUO77:11
30 W20Victoria DemchakDUO77:16
31 W21Sinéad RocheGEN78:25
32 M21Daniel HuberDUO83:34
33 W20Róisín O'ConnorDUO84:03
33 W20Giesine MullerDUO84:03
35 W20Sarah FordeDUO84:07
36 M15Ronan DorrepaalSet85:45
37 M11James Walsh3ROC86:08
38  Rory Ellisnon member90:33
39 M12Brendan Dolannon member101:43
40  Linn Family 1FIN104:06
41  Linn Family 2FIN104:08
42 M21Gil MachadoDUO110:28
43 M21Rui MirandaDUO110:35
44 M20Gavin MoloneyDUO110:46
45 W20Sinéad BarryDUO110:52
46 W21Saskia HuttenDUO110:53
47 11436Katri HalttunenNUIG125:40
 M35Brendan Smythnon membermp
 W21Nadya Hutchinson3ROCmp
 W40Anne-Marie Walsh3ROCmp
 W21Josephine Hughes3ROCmp
 M20Andrew ByrneDUOmp
 M21Tobias RoehlDUOmp
 M21Kevin SloweyDUOmp
 M21Conall Ka??DUOmp
  Eoghan StedmanSetmp
  Tom Brennannon membermp
Green(34)3.900 km235 Cm17 C
1 W21Fiona O'BrienAJAX88:11
2 W21Denise HealyCNOC91:05
3 M50David QuinnGEN94:08
4 M18Niall QuinnDFO97:56
5 W21Sybil McCormackGEN100:53
6 W50Wyn McCormackGEN102:10
7 M50Nigel Foley-FisherMNAV106:26
8 W55Monica Nowlan3ROC107:11
9 M35David SmythFIN108:22
10  Mary MeacleCNOC109:14
11 M20Stuart ScottDUO110:50
12 M15Fiach O'RourkeFIN111:13
13 W16AErinna Foley-FisherMNAV112:02
14 M70Andrew Bonar-LawGEN113:17
15 M35Sean HassettSet115:49
16 W40Kathryn WalleyFIN116:54
17 M21Ray kanenon member123:06
18 M50Dónal Ó MurchúCNOC124:44
19 M21Paul O'CallaghanDFO126:17
20 W45John CrowleyGEN131:08
21 M21Elaine CoghlanNUIG136:44
22 W40Elizabeth QuinnDFO136:48
23 W20Niamh LalorGEN138:50
24 W50Barbara Foley-FisherMNAV152:42
 W55Trina Cleary3ROCmp
 W18Deridre BellGENmp
 M55Brendan McGrath3ROCmp
 W45Bernie O'BoyleCNOCmp
 M14Ruairí ShortCNOCmp
 W21Gry WesterDUOmp
 W21Mirjana SkrbaDUOmp
 M60Mick KellettGENmp
 W20Clíodhna TuiteDUOmp
 M18Jonathan McGovernDUOmp
Blue(37)6.200 km405 Cm20 C
1 W21Úna May3ROC107:02
2 W45Ruth LynamCNOC112:07
3 M21Niall VerlingDFO112:57
4 M50Pat HealyCNOC118:58
5 M45Don ShortCNOC135:01
6 M45Val JonesFIN138:28
7 M50Joe LalorGEN140:20
8 M35Tony JoyceAJAX143:33
9 M35Anthony LawlorCNOC147:11
10 M40Joe Ó hÉafaAJAX154:47
11 M45David DareSet176:30
12 W50Ger Power3ROC184:16
 M50Donal Walsh3ROCmp
 M21Eoin Dunne3ROCmp
 M40John RoweFINmp
 W21Eileen LoughmanCNOCmp
 M21Martin FlynnAJAXmp
 M50Gerry SmithFINmp
 M35Thomas Keegan3ROCmp
 M45Paul DunneWEGOmp
 M55Stephen Peelnon membermp
 M21Gavan DohertyGENmp
  Peter Cliffordnon membermp
 W40Roisín McDonnellnon membermp
 M50Wally YoungCNOCmp
 m35Ian MurphyFINmp
 M21John Gracenon membermp
 M35Ciaran YoungFINmp
 W35Eileen YoungFINmp
 W21Hazel ThompsonSetmp
 M35Brendan O'ConnorAJAXmp
 W40Stephen DoorlyGENmp
 W21Mary O'Connell3ROCmp
 M21Fergal ReidDUOmp
 M20Barry CormackDUOmp
 M60Brian Lawless3ROCmp
 W21Deirdre O'NeillFINmp
Brown(18)7.500 km500 Cm24 C
1 M21Brendan O'BrienAJAX91:03
2 M21Avelino Pinto3ROC118:33
3 M45John McCullough3ROC124:16
4 M40Michael O'KeeffeFIN133:19
5 M21Andrew ShinnockNUIG136:56
6 M45Brian BellGEN148:04
7 M45Gerry BradyCorkO160:53
8 M21Denis FlynnNUIG197:30
 M21EGerard Butler3ROCmp
 M40Marcus GeogheganAJAXmp
 M45Peter KernanAJAXmp
 M40Liam QuinnDFOmp
 M21Patrick MulrennanNUIGmp
 M40Mick ManganSetmp
 M21Eckroct BergNUIGmp
 M21Gerard Butler 23ROCmp
 M40Paul SmythAJAXmp
 M21Eoin KeithSetmp