Sept 3, 1917

Successful raid for weapons by Volunteers on Cork Grammar School at Wellington Road.

July 8, 1918

First attack on Royal Irish Constabulary at Beal a Ghleanna.

Nov 11, 1918

Donnachada MacNiallghuis rescued from Cork Jail.

Nov 18, 1919

IRA raid Murray's gun shop at Patrick Street for arms and ammunition.

Jan 3, 1920

Capture of Carrigtwohill RIC Barracks in East Cork.

Jan 30, 1920

Tomas MacCurtain, Officer Commanding Cork No. 1 Brigade, elected Lord Mayor of Cork.

Feb 9, 1920

Capture of Castlemartyr RIC Barracks in East Cork.

Feb 17, 1920

IRA attack RIC despatch party  near Union Quay, Cork city.

March, 1920

Black and Tans arrive in Ireland. In Cork city, they establish their headquarters at Empress Place, Summerhill.

March 11, 1920

RIC District Inspector McDonagh shot and seriously wounded.

March 11, 1920

RIC member Timothy Scully shot dead at Glanmire.

March 19, 1920

Shooting of RIC Constable Murtagh at Popes Quay, Cork city.

March 20, 1920

Tomas MacCurtain shot dead at his home at Thomas Davis Street.

March 31, 1920

Terence MacSwiney elected Lord Mayor of Cork.

April 5, 1920

Burning of income tax offices at South Mall and South Terrace and Togher RIC barracks in Cork city.

May 8, 1920

Capture of Cloyne RIC Barracks in East Cork.

May 11, 1920

RIC Sergeant Garvey and Constable Harrington shot dead.

May 12, 1920

Burning of Commons Road RIC barracks in Cork city.

June 1, 1920

Blarney RIC barracks attacked by large party of IRA..

June 1, 1920

Ambush of Cameron Regiment near Midleton in East Cork

June 11, 1920 Attack on Carrigadrohid RIC barracks

June 21, 1920

Attack on Farran RIC barracks

June 24, 1920

Blackrock RIC barracks, on outskirts of Cork City, is attacked and set on fire.

July 2, 1920

Military vehicle from Victoria Barracks hijacked at Cork Railway Station.

July 12, 1920

Three RIC barracks burned - at King Street, St. Lukes and Lower Glanmire Road, Cork city.

July 15, 1920

Two British Army lorries captured and burned at Dennehy's Cross, Cork city.

July 17, 1920

Divisional Commissioner Gerald Bryce-Ferguson Smyth shot dead by the IRA at County Club, South Mall. 

Aug 21, 1920

Shooting dead of RIC Sergeant Daniel Maunsell at Inchigeelagh

August 4, 1920

In Blackpool, the first of a week-long series of gun attacks on British curfew patrols in the city takes place.

August 6, 1920

Ambush of Cameron Highlanders at Whiterock, Midleton.

August 11, 1920

Republican prisoners at Cork gaol begin hunger strike.

August 12, 1920

City Hall raided by British army personnel. Terence McSweeney arrested - begins hunger strike.

August 22, 1920

RIC District Inspector Swanzy shot dead in Lisburn by members of Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA.

Sept, 1920

Full time city Active Service Unit formed from the 1st and 2nd Battalions, No. 1 Brigade.

Sept 24, 1920

Failed attempted capture of General Strickland at McCurtain Street.

Oct 3, 1920

Shooting of RIC Constable Chave at Patrick Street, Cork city.

Oct 8, 1920

One British Auxiliary shot dead and another injured in attack in Cork city centre.

Oct 8, 1920

One British soldier killed and three wounded in attack on military lorry at Barrack Street, Cork city.

Oct 25, 1920

Sean O'Hegarty assumes command of Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA.

Oct 25, 1920

Death of Volunteer Joe Murphy on hunger strike at Cork Prison.

Oct 25, 1920

Death of Terence MacSwiney on hunger strike at Brixton Prison.

Oct 29, 1920

Two Royal Artillery intelligence officers shot dead by IRA near Glenville, north of Cork city.

Nov 16, 1920

Three British army officers shot dead by IRA at Waterfall, on outskirts of Cork city.

Nov 18, 1920

RIC Sergeant J. O'Donoghue shot dead at White Street.

Nov 18, 1920

Three civilians shot dead by Black and Tans at Broad Street, Broad Lane and North Mall in Cork city.

Nov 21, 1920

Week-long spate of bomb and arson attacks by Anti Sinn Fein Society begins in Cork city centre.

Nov 23, 1920

Three members of Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA killed in explosion at Patrick Street, Cork city.

Nov 23, 1920

British army intelligence officer shot dead by IRA near Ballincollig.

Nov 27, 1920

Volunteer William Heffernan shot dead by British forces at Castlemartyr.

Nov 27, 1920

Parish halls in Cork city at Blackrock and Douglas burned down by Anti Sinn Fein Society.

Nov 30, 1920

Thomas Ashe (Sinn Fein) Club, Morrison's Island, burned down by British sympathisers.

Dec 3, 1920

RIC constable Maurice Prendeville shot dead at Youghal.

Dec 11, 1920

Daring escape by Volunteers in Cloyne.

Dec 11, 1920

Delaney brothers shot dead by British forces at Dublin Hill, Cork city.

Dec 11, 1920

Auxiliaries ambushed at Dillons Cross.

Dec 12, 1920

Burning of Cork city centre and City Hall.

Dec 28, 1920

Offices and machinery of Cork Examiner newspaper destroyed.

Dec 29, 1920

Three Black and Tans shot dead and three seriously wounded in IRA attack at Midleton's Main Street.

Dec 29, 1920

Black and Tan reinforcements suffer casualties when ambushed at Mile Bush near Midleton.

Jan 1, 1921

First 'official'  British reprisals are carried out in Midleton.

Jan 4, 1921

Parnell Bridge ambush - Two RIC members shot dead and five wounded. Five civilians also wounded.

Jan 10, 1921

Constables Carroll and Sheehan of the RIC shot and wounded in IRA attack in Cork city.

Jan 21, 1921

RIC Sergeant Bloxham shot dead and Head Constable Larkin wounded in ambush at Waterfall.

Jan 28, 1921

IRA suffer losses at Dripsey Ambush, ten miles west of Cork city.

Feb, 1921

Separate Cork city command of the IRA formed - Thomas Crofts appointed Officer Commanding.

Feb 2, 1921

Captain Joseph Murphy, No 2. Brigade IRA, executed at Victoria Barracks, Cork city.

Feb 3, 1921

Three Black and Tans shot dead in ambush at Ballinhassig, about seven miles west of Cork city.

Feb 20, 1921

I.R.A. suffer major losses at Clonmult in East Cork.

Feb 25, 1921

Ambush of Auxiliaries at Coolnacahera (Coolavokig), on the road between Ballyvourney and Macroom.

Feb 28, 1921

Six members of the IRA executed at the military detention barracks in Cork city.

Feb 28, 1921

Series of retaliatory attacks against British forces in Cork city - six soldiers killed and at least six  wounded.

Feb 28, 1921

Setback for IRA in foiled Passage West ambush.

March 1, 1921

Charles Daly of C Company, 2nd Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA, shot dead.

March 23, 1921 Black and Tans kill six members of Cork No. 1 Brigade at Clogheen, on the outskirts of Cork city.

April 10, 1921

British troops wounded when land mine explodes under their lorry at Churchtown North, near Midleton.

April 17, 1921

RIC Constable John Cyril MacDonald shot dead at Cove Street, Cork city.

April 19, 1921

Tadhg O'Sullivan of C Company, 2nd Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA shot dead.

April 29, 1921

Dramatic rescue of three IRA officers from Spike Island.

May 8, 1921

RIC Constable Fredrick Sterland shot dead at Cook Street, Cork city.

May 8, 1921

British troops take over Moore's Hotel and Hibernian Hall in Cork city for use as military outposts.

May 8, 1921

Local man Willie Brandsfield shot dead at Carrigtwohill by soldiers from the Cameron Highlanders regiment.

May 14, 1921

Five members of the security forces shot dead by the IRA in Midleton.

May 14, 1921

Three RIC members killed in ambush at Watercourse Road, Cork city.

May 15, 1921

In Carrigtwohill, three men are taken from their homes and shot dead by the Cameron Highlanders.

May 16, 1921

Father James O'Callaghan murdered by Black and Tans at the home of Liam de Roiste, TD.

May 23, 1921

Stephen Dorman, E Company, 2nd Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA shot dead at Douglas Street.

May 25, 1921

Houses at Shandon Street and Blackpool burned in retaliation for attacks on crown forces in Cork city.

May 28, 1921

Dairmuid O'Hurley East Cork battalion column leader shot dead by Black and Tans.

May 31, 1921

Bomb attack on band members of 2nd. Hampshire regiment at Youghal - seven killed and ten wounded.

June 24, 1921

RIC barracks at Tuckey Street, Shandon Street and Douglas burned in Cork city.

June 27, 1921

IRA Commandant Leo Murphy shot dead by Black and Tans at Waterfall, a few miles west of Cork city.

July 3, 1921

British forces suffer a number of casualties in landmine explosion at Carrigshane Cross, near Midleton.

July 7, 1921

RIC member shot dead at Ballinhassig .

July 8, 1921

Denis Spriggs shot dead at Blarney Road, Cork city.

July 10, 1921

Four British soldiers shot dead at the Lough, Cork city.