These are An Slua Muiri Photographs send in by former and serving members of An Slua Muiri now renamed Naval Service Reserve. We would like to extend this picture gallery to include former and serving members of The Naval Service. At present I have received many pictures from former members of An Slua Muiri Dublin, Waterford and Limerick and some from overseas. I am including all pictures to reflect the importance these pictures might have to others. Likewise I have received several pictures for former members of the Naval service and have kept them seperate from the pictures of An Slua Muiri so that you can view the most relevant.

An Slua Muiri and Maritime Inscription
Limerick pictures
  • Asgard Return 1961
  • Paul Murphy's NS web link.
  • Pearl Harbour
  • Casement Aerodrome 2007
  • Our History
  • NA visit to Nautical College
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  • All our Web Pages
  • Maritime Inscription 1940
  • Berkinhead 2001
  • Belgium/France 1999
  • Banquet Dublin Castle
  • Officers Reunion
  • Our new Vice-President.
  • Picture Gallery for The Naval Service
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