A History of Soccer in the Parish of Glounthaune

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(The Years 1968 and 1969)

While my childhood memories of Saint Lappan's will always be dear to me, none are presently more precious than those of the early sixties (1964-65) when on the long summer evenings my friends and myself were considered too young to take part in the game of ball, and so joined the parents who chatted at their gates, while their sons battled it out on the green. Their love for the game was obvious by their determination. Soccer was taken more seriously around the year 1967 when challenge games were played between St. Lappan's and Clash, St. Lappan's and Glounthaune. Developing from these, a regular Sunday moming kick around where John Byrne, Redmond Carroll, Jim Sullivan and one or two others talked about entering a team in the Cork A.U.L This was indeed a brave venture by a group of lads who would have been in their late teens, early twenties and no experience of soccer at club level. It was decided to enter for the 1968-69 season and the following were chosen to run the club that was to be called Little Island.

Chairman: Secretary: Committee Members:

Redmond Carroll, Vice Chairman: John Byrne
Jim Finn Treasurer: Pat Conway
John Murphy, Jim Sullivan (Courtstown)

Before the season started, two challenge games were arranged, the first by Pat Conway in Whitegate against Corkbeg, the second by Jim Sullivan against Mayfield at the Tank Field. The yellow jerseys worn for these games were bought by the players themselves at a cost of six shillings each from Joe Delea (Supermarket) and black nicks that cost 3 shillings.

When enough money was raised, Redmond Carroll bought a proper set of gear. Much to the dissatisfaction of the players, Redmond purchased from Elverys, Patrick Street, a green and white hoop strip.

The first game was played on Sunday Sth of September 1968 at Church Road against Grangevale in the O'Keeffe cup which they lost 1-5, Pat Conway scored the goal. The team was Anthony Gillis in goal,

Back four: Noel Kelleher, John Byrne, Redmond Carroll, John Daly

Mid-field: Pat Conway, Kevin Byrne, Frank Dunlea

Upfront: John Murphy, Scan Conway, Jim Sullivan

Sub: Jim Finn

The first league game was played the week after the O'Keeffe Cup against Richmond UTD which they lost 1-2. Subsequent weeks saw them beaten by Clonakilty and Enfield. The first point of the season was gained in a thrilling 3-3 draw with Tower Rovers who the following week beat Little Island in the first round of the Munster Junior Cup. The first win of the season came in the first round of the AOH Cup with a 3-1 win against Lee Athletic. The following week they were beaten in the second round by higher ranked Blackpool Celtic, after a great performance. A Little Island defender put through his own net in the first half. John Byrne equalised in the second half. Blackpool got the winner with ten minutes remaining.
Man of the Match was keeper Jim. Finn for Little Island. In February of 1969 it was decided to change the name, Jim Sullivans suggestion of Island Albion was accepted but it had no change of luck. They lost the nexl games 3-2 to Temple, 4-1 to Mace and 8~0 to Mallow.

Final Tables 

P W D L Pts
Tower 12 11 1 0 23
Botanic 12 9 3 0 21
Mallow 12 7 3 2 17
Clonakilty 12 8 0 4 16
Temple 12 6 4 2 16
Ballinlough 12 7 1 4 15
Enfield  12 4 2 6 10
Richmond 12 3 3 6 9
Western 12 2 3 7 7
Bishopstown 12 2 2 8 6
Mace 12 2 2 8 6
Lee ATH  12 1 4 7 6
Island Albion 12 2 1 9 5

The team was picked for the first season by John Byrne representing the Saint Lappan's area. Redmond Carroll the Cross and Noel Kelleher the rest.
Mr. McCormick an army man who lived in number 12 St. Lappan's trained the lads in the then beautifully wooded area of the Island House and at Martins cross of which many a ghost story was told in those days. From that first team that played on Sunday 8th of September John Byrne, Brother Kevin and John Daly were to continue playing well in to the seventies. They along with a number of other very dedicated people who would later join the Albion and form the backbone of teams to come for many more years.




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